Chapter 215: A Final Desperate Fight

As time passed slowly, the noise in the camp dwindled gradually.

Wang Teng exchanged glances with the others.
He said, “The herb must be taking effect.
Let’s act quickly.
If not, those that haven’t fainted will definitely notice something amiss.”


Lin Zhan and the others were delighted.
They nodded and sneaked into the camp.

“Finally, we can take revenge for our dead tribesmen.” Hatred flashed past Ni Ya’s eyes.
She clutched the dagger in her hand and followed them closely.

This time, the Red Leaves Tribe had sent almost all of their battle power.
Only one martial warrior was left to guard the tribe.
They had made up their mind to destroy the Black Wind Bandits.

They knew that if the Black Wind Bandits didn’t die, they would be annihilated.

At the entrance of the camp, two bandits were on sentry duty.
However, they were obviously in a bad mood.
They kept complaining.

“Damn it, they are having good food and drinks inside, but we have to guard the camp.”

“What can we do? We were unlucky and lost when we were drawing lots.
Let’s guard the camp properly tonight.”

How unlucky!

“Huh? They became quiet so early today…”

One of them noticed something amiss.
Before he could finish speaking, a cold breeze blew past.

“Oh my god, the wind tonight is a little cold!” One of the guards complained.
He sniggered and said, “Who knows? Maybe they got weak.”

At this moment, a black figure suddenly dashed into the sentry post.
The sharp and cold light slashed the throats of the two bandits at the speed of lightning.

Who are you?!

The two bandits didn’t even have the time to voice their thoughts.
They clutched their necks and fell to the ground.
After twitching a few times, they lost their breaths.

The black figure checked their pulse and heartbeat and confirmed that they were dead before he finally stood up.

The torch at the side shone on her face and revealed her appearance.
It was Ni Ya.

She waved to the people outside.
A few black figures shot in and appeared in the sentry post.
They gathered around Ni Ya and entered the camp silently.

In the empty ground within the camp, the bandits who were gambling in high spirits a moment ago were all lying unconscious in various positions on the ground.

When he saw this scene, Wang Teng was slightly shocked and a little surprised.

The effect of the Sleepy Herb was so strong? Did it knock everyone out?

In that case, they were able to capture all the bandits in one go without any effort.

Lin Zhan and the others were stunned too.

At the start, they imagined that the difficulty of this mission would be really high.
Yet, now, before they acted, all the bandits were down.
It felt unreal.

“Let’s act quickly.
Changes might happen if we act too late.” Ni Ya held her dagger and walked forward impatiently.

The dwarves hated these bandits to the core.
They couldn’t wait to kill all of them.
This was such a good opportunity, so what were they waiting for?

“Be careful.
They might be tricking us,” Wang Teng frowned and reminded her.

“Don’t worry.” Ni Ya waved her hand nonchalantly.

However, she wasn’t stupid.
She remained vigilant in her heart as she quickly came in front of a bandit.
She slashed the bandit with the dagger.
A cold glint of Force glow flashed past.

The bandit died peacefully in his sleep.

“It looks like we overestimated the intelligence of the bandits!” Wang Teng and the others were guarding against any sudden changes.
When they noticed that no accidents happened, they sighed softly and went forward together.
They started reaping the lives of the bandits mercilessly.

These bandits were evil people whose hands were stained with the blood of many innocent lives.
Thus, they felt no pressure when killing them.

However, when Lin Zhan was preparing to kill a middle-aged bandit, the other party suddenly pounced up.
A cold glint of light that looked like a poisonous snake sticking out its tongue stabbed towards his heart viciously.

Lin Zhan was still on his guard, but he didn’t expect someone to pretend to faint while seeking an opportunity to retaliate.
He was in a flurry for an instant.

Fortunately, he was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
His speed and reaction speed were both great.
His gaze froze, and he reacted within a split second.

He knew that the distance was too close, so he couldn’t dodge the attack.
Thus, he just tilted his body slightly and moved his vital points away.


The dagger stabbed into his body.

The bandit gave a hideous smile.

However, Lin Zhan didn’t back down.
He held his battleax with the other hand and slammed it down ferociously.

“No!” The hideous smile on the bandit’s face froze.
He gave an angry and regretful roar.
The effects of the herb remained in his body.
He was a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, so he didn’t lose his consciousness immediately like the other bandits.
But, he was still affected.
His actions were slow, and he couldn’t evade the attack.


His head was smashed into a pile of minced meat!

Lin Zhan was indignant when he attacked, so he didn’t show any mercy.
In fact, he couldn’t.
He needed to kill the bandit in one move.

This accident happened within a few breaths, and everyone’s expression changed tremendously.
However, they could only watch Lin Zhan getting hurt.



Yan Jinming and Liu Yan exclaimed in shock.

At this moment, another bandit leaped up and charged towards Yan Jinyue, who was closest to him.


The bandit’s expression was savage.
He looked like an evil wolf lunging at its prey.
He was extremely ferocious.

Yan Jinyue’s beautiful face turned pale.

“Get off!” Wang Teng reacted the fastest.
He pulled Yan Jinyue back and punched the bandit with his fist.

Blue ice Force erupted from his fist.
The power of his punch shot forward and flung the bandit a few meters back.
Fresh blood kept flowing out of the bandit’s mouth.
He was dumbstruck.

This script wasn’t right!?

He wanted to take Yan Jinyue as his hostage when his comrade jumped up, ambushed them, and attracted their attention.
He wanted to use her to force Wang Teng and the others to listen to them.

His plan was great, and Yan Jinyue also got frightened by him.
She wasn’t able to react in time and was about to land in his hands.
Once he got hold of her, he could do anything to them.

However, Wang Teng, who was at the side, reacted instantly and defeated him in a split second with his punch.

He was unwilling to admit defeat.
His face turned red from frustration.
Before he took his last breath, he shouted two words.

“Enemy attack!”

Suddenly, noises were heard from the other end of the camp.

The camp wasn’t very big.
Some bandits who were resting inside took their weapons and dashed out.

“Who is it?”

“What is happening?”

When they saw the situation outside, their expressions changed entirely, and they shouted furiously, “Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

The remaining bandits charged towards them together.

Things had already reached this state, so Wang Teng and the others knew that they couldn’t continue their ambush plan anymore.

Lin Zhan ignored the injury on his body and yelled in his deep voice, “Kill!”

No one hesitated.
They executed their skills and shot towards the bandits.

The two bandits who tried to ambush them were the 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.
They were already dead, so the remaining bandits were only 1-star or 2-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Some of them were even martial disciples.
They weren’t Wang Teng and his teammates’ match.

In the blink of an eye, they killed seven to eight bandits.
Cries of agony and shouts intertwined in the air.

Ni Ya and the dwarves were held back by a few 2-star soldier-level bandits.
They couldn’t kill them for some time.

Wang Teng waved his sword, and his sword glow flashed a few times.
He helped the dwarves kill the bandits…


Suddenly, the door of a house in the middle exploded.
A black figure charged out with a powerful aura.

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