Chapter 214: Attacking The Black Wind Bandits At Night


The brown-haired man was slammed on the ground and lost his consciousness.

Wang Teng squatted down and smashed the brick on his head a few more times.

As expected, attribute bubbles emerged from his head.
Wang Teng smiled.



Fire Force*12



Fire Force*16

Wang Teng picked them all up.
In total, he received 12 points of Spirit and 14 points of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (32.4/100)

Spirit: Spirit (20.6/100)

Based on the ratio, his Enlightenment and Spirit increased by 1.4 and 1.2 points, respectively.

Also, he gained 28 points of fire Force.
Wang Teng’s fire Force increased once again.

Wang Teng got up and swung the brick behind his back to keep it.
He was preparing to kill the next bandit.

Suddenly, he saw the young dwarf called Wa Ke standing not far away.
He was looking at him with fear all over his face, which was covered with a mustache and a beard.

When he met Wang Teng’s gaze, he turned his head hurriedly and pretended that he didn’t see anything.

“What is this big guy doing?” Wang Teng felt speechless.
He shook his head, ignored Wa Ke, and ran towards another bandit.

Wa Ke heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed Wang Teng ignoring him.
He patted his chest to calm his small heart, which was palpitating furiously.

“This is so scary, too scary.
I’m lucky that I didn’t offend him.”

Around ten minutes later, all the bandits had been taken care of.

Lin Zhan and his team had joined the battle in time, so there weren’t many casualties on the dwarves’ side.
But, there were still a few dwarves who got killed.

The dwarves hiding in the stone fortress came out under the lead of Leader Ao Mu when they learned that the battle had ended.
Seeing their dead tribesmen, they were overwhelmed with sadness.
Faint sobs could be heard all around.

The people who got killed had dropped many attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng picked up all of them.

Wood Force*8

Earth Force*6

Blank Attribute*12

Water Force*5


His various elements of Force increased, and he also gained 38 blank attributes, as well as 56 points of smithery.

These attribute bubbles weren’t just dropped by the bandits.
Some of them came from the dwarves who got killed.

Wang Teng could only express his pity.

Leader Ao Mu was grieving.
He walked over with Ni Ya holding him and thanked Lin Zhan and his team.
“Once again, thank you for your help.
This time, if it wasn’t for you, our Red Leaves Tribe might have suffered serious losses.”

Wa Ke followed behind them.
His gaze flickered when he looked at Wang Teng.

“You’re welcome, Leader Ao Mu.
Please accept my condolences,” Lin Zhan sighed as he said.

Wang Teng kicked the brown-haired man and said, “I kept someone alive.
Do you want to question him?”

The bandits appeared without any warning.
We should question him.
If there are other bandits, we will be in trouble.” Leader Ao Mu nodded seriously.

“This fellow is a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He probably has some status among the bandits.
I hope that you can get some information out of him,” Wang Teng said.

“Wa Ke, bring this bandit down and question him in detail,” Leader Ao Mu commanded.


Wa Ke nodded.
He flipped the brown-haired man over.

Wang Teng: …

Everyone finally saw the badly swollen face of the brown-haired man.
It looked like a pig’s head.
Their lips twitched as they looked at Wang Teng with strange gazes.

“Cough!” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly as he said, “I hit him a little harder in case he wakes up.”

Wa Ke remained silent as he dragged the brown-haired man down.

Leader Ao Mu brought Wang Teng and his teammates inside the stone fortress while they waited for the result.
More than an hour later, Ni Ya and Wa Ke finished the questioning and came back.

Leader Ao Mu noticed their grave expressions, so he asked, “How is it?”

“They come from a bandit gang called the Black Wind Bandits.
Three days ago, they were entrenched on a mountain more than ten kilometers away and laid their eyes on us at that time.
They only acted today after they settled down,” Ni Ya said.

“Do you know how many people they have? What about their ability?” Leader Ao Mu probed further.

“Besides the ones we killed just now, there are around 30 to 40 bandits left.
He said that the strongest bandit is the head of the Black Wind Bandits.
He is a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Below him, there are two more 3-star soldier-level and around four 2-star soldier-level martial warriors.
The rest are 1-star soldier-level martial warriors or martial disciples,” Ni Ya replied.

“This… What is this powerful bandit gang doing in our area?” Leader Ao Mu stamped his stick on the ground as he sighed helplessly.

“Leader, we need to take immediate actions.
If we wait until they react, we will be dead,” Ni Ya said agitatedly.

“They have 4-star and 3-star soldier-level martial warriors among them.
Our tribe is not their match at all.” Wa Ke felt hopeless.

Leader Ao Mu hesitated for a moment.
He seemed to have made a decision.
He turned and said to Lin Zhan, “Martial warriors of the human race, can you help us one more time? If you’re able to destroy the gang of bandits and help us survive this life-or-death crisis, we will definitely give you a satisfying reward.
Also, you will gain our friendship.
If you want to forge weapons in the future, our Red Leaves Tribe will not reject you.
We will spare no effort to forge the best weapons for you.”

Lin Zhan and his team members’ eyes lit up.

The friendship of the dwarf race and the promise of forging weapons, honestly, they were moved.

However, Lin Zhan still hesitated for a while.
He said, “We need to discuss for a moment.”

“Yes, of course.” Leader Ao Mu nodded.
He led Ni Ya and Wa Ke out of the room to give them some space.

Outside the room, Ni Ya glanced at the closed door and asked impatiently, “Leader, do you think they will agree?”

“I don’t know.
I hope they will agree.
If not…”

Leader Ao Mu frowned and sighed.
He didn’t complete his sentence.

If not… what?

There was no need to continue.
Ni Ya and Wa Ke could already imagine the consequences.
They could only pray that Lin Zhan and his team would stay and not leave for good.

If they left, their tribe would most probably become history.
After all, it was too late to send another mission to gather other martial warriors.

In the room, Lin Zhan and his team members were discussing this issue.

“I feel that we can’t leave just like this.
The dwarf tribe will be fraught with grim possibilities,” Liu Yan said.

“But, we mustn’t underestimate the ability of the Black Wind Bandits.
Their head is a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
We don’t know if he is at the early stage, the middle stage, or the advanced stage.
Leader might not be able to win.
They also have other martial warriors,” Yan Jinming analyzed logically.

“The dwarves will be in a sad plight if we leave.” Yan Jinyue was a little emotional.
She couldn’t bear to leave the dwarves alone.

“Wang Teng, what do you think?” Lin Zhan looked at Wang Teng, who hadn’t opened his mouth yet.

“I can deal with the 4-star soldier level martial warrior,” Wang Teng said calmly.

His words were always astonishing!

The jaws of his team members dropped immediately.
They were stunned for a long time and didn’t know what to say.

“Are you sure?” Lin Zhan hesitated before asking.
He trusted Wang Teng, but he just found it a little unbelievable.

They were already dumbfounded when he reached 3-star soldier level.
Now, Wang Teng was telling them that his ability was on par with a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior!

Brother, are you trying to ascend to heaven!

“I will not fool around with my life,” Wang Teng replied.

“Good!” Lin Zhan instantly made his decision.
He understood Wang Teng’s intention.
He had agreed to fight.
Lin Zhan stopped hesitating and said, “We will help the dwarves!”

“Also, we don’t have to fight with them head-on.
If we sneak there now, we can catch the Black Wind Bandits off guard,” Wang Teng suggested.

“Good idea!” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“You are indeed a sly person!” Lin Zhan patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and praised him.

Wang Teng: …

After discussing the issue, Wang Teng and his teammates walked out of the room.

“Everyone, what did you decide?” Leader Ao Mu hurriedly came forward and asked.

“Leader Ao Mu, we can help,” Lin Zhan said, “But.”

Ao Mu had just heaved a sigh of relief when his heart tensed up again.

“I need to say some things first.
If things get out of control, we will retreat strategically,” Lin Zhan said.

“How can you do that?” Ni Ya immediately replied angrily.

Wa Ke wasn’t happy either.
He wanted to say something.

Leader Ao Mu waved his hand at them and smiled bitterly.
“Of course!”

“Don’t worry.
We are talking about the worst-case scenarios.” Lin Zhan finally smiled.
He consoled them, “We just discussed and realized that our chances of winning are high.”

Then, he told them about their plan to sneak an attack on the bandits.

“In that case, we do have a high chance of winning.” Ni Ya was elated.

“Let’s not delay matters anymore.
We will prepare and leave instantly!” Lin Zhan said.

“Okay!” Leader Ao Mu nodded his head firmly.

Everyone prepared at the fastest speed possible.
They brought along the brown-haired man, who was knocked unconscious by Wang Teng.
While the sky was dark, they hurried to the mountain that was taken over by the Black Wind Bandits.

“You better release me.
If not, my boss will not let you off.” The brown-haired man was tied up using a tailored strong rope.
He was being carried by Wa Ke, and his face was covered with bruises.
However, he remained fierce and ruthless as he threatened them in a muffled voice.

“Do you want to have another taste of this brick on your head?” Wang Teng silently took out the gold brick calmly.

The brown-haired man: …

To hell with the brick on my head!

Are you a devil?

Wa Ke’s face twitched.
He secretly moved further away.

Lin Zhan and the others felt their lips twitching.
They also looked at Wang Teng with weird gazes.
What did he mean by ‘in case he wakes up’? He had clearly done it on purpose just now, right?

But, the effects were extremely good.
The brown-haired man felt the back of his head and his face hurting again, so he shut his mouth obediently.

Half an hour later, everyone arrived at the mountain where the Black Wind Bandits were.

“Lead the way!” Wa Ke put the brown-haired man down and said coldly.

“Are you attempting to sneak an attack on them?” The brown-haired man finally understood what they wanted to do.
He was flabbergasted.

“Shut up! Do what we ask you to do.
If we don’t ask you to speak, keep quiet.” Wang Teng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.

“You!” The brown-haired man was furious.
But, because of Wang Teng’s strength and threat, he didn’t talk back.
He could only shut his mouth and lead the way.

Sometime later, they came to the area where the Black Wind Bandits had set up their base.
Mind you, the speed of the martial warriors was swift.
In just three short days, they had already set up a camp on this barren mountain peak.
Normal people would not be able to build this base in half a month.

Wang Teng and the others hid in the dark.
From afar, the Black Wind Camp was brightly lit.
The noise and clamor floated out from within, including all kinds of vulgar and coarse words.

“They haven’t rested yet.
It’s not a good time to act,” Lin Zhan whispered.

“Let’s give them some additional ingredients.” Wang Teng played with an ordinary-looking plant in his hand as he smiled.

“You have an idea? Stop hiding it and tell us quickly,” Lin Zhan asked immediately.

“Hehe, see the plant in my hand?” Wang Teng asked.

Lin Zhan and the others finally noticed the plant in his hand.

“What is this?”

“This is Sleepy Herb.
I picked it up along the way.
Its juice is colorless and odorless, and it has a powerful illusion effect.
It’s one of the most important herbs in making knockout potions.
Although its effect isn’t as good as the pills, it’s enough to let those bandits suffer,” Wang Teng explained.

“You’re really sly!” Lin Zhan and the others looked at one another and stuck out their thumbs.

Wang Teng: …

Are you complimenting or slandering me?

“This idea is not bad.
But, how are we going to put them into the bandits’ food?” Lin Zhan asked.

“Leave it to me.
I’ll settle it,” Wang Teng said.

Lin Zhan hesitated for a moment before replying to him.
“Be careful.”


Wang Teng nodded and moved his body.
He disappeared in the dark, silently sneaking towards the camp.

Wave Invisibility!

The skill he just received was put to use now.

Wang Teng had added 100 blank attributes to his Wave Invisibility.
Instantly, this skill moved from foundation to small achievement stage.

Wave Invisibility: 1/500 (small achievement)

The next moment, Wang Teng merged with the wind.

At the same time, he used the beginner stage dark talent he received from the dark Force to cover his body with dark Force.

Double security!

The dark Force allowed him to merge with the darkness around him.
Wave Invisibility skill allowed him to hide the fluctuations of his Force.

Even if a general-stage martial warrior came now, he wouldn’t be able to discover Wang Teng’s presence.

He sneaked all the way into the Black Wind Camp.
No one noticed him along the way.

Some bandits were gathered on the empty ground in front of the camp.
They were gambling, with a few jars of wine in a corner not far away from them.
Wang Teng silently floated over and exerted strength on his finger.
He crushed the Sleepy Herb into powder and dissolved it in the wine.
Then, he retreated safely.

Lin Zhan and the others waited anxiously.
Suddenly, Wang Teng walked out of the dark.

“Sigh… it’s good that you’re alright!” Lin Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.
He was afraid that Wang Teng would fail and accidentally get caught by the bandits.

“Everything went smoothly.
Let’s wait for the herb to take effect,” Wang Teng smiled gently and said.

“Good fellow.
You’re amazing!” Lin Zhan and the others smiled and praised him.

However, Wang Teng and his teammates didn’t know that there was another bunch of people lying in ambush and waiting to attack!

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