Chapter 213: Picking Up The Smithery Skills Of The Dwarf Race

Ni Ya brought Wang Teng and his teammates around the dwarf tribe.
But, they didn’t see what they wanted to see.

Wang Teng asked, “I heard that the dwarf race specializes in smithery.
Can you take us there to take a look?”

“The leader guessed that you would ask about this.
He informed me to bring you guys over if you ask for it.
Follow me,” Ni Ya said.

She brought everyone to a stone fortress that was linked to the peak of the hill.
They walked all the way in, passing through a long corridor and walking down a flight of stone staircases…

After some time, the scene inside the fortress was laid out in front of Wang Teng and his teammates.

The middle of the hill had been emptied.
There were many stone rooms inside the hill, and they were linked by all kinds of strange machinery.
It gave people the feeling of a science fiction movie.

A red light was emitting out of the different stone rooms.
At the same time, the sound of metal clanging against each other was heard continuously.
It echoed in the heart of the hill like a symphony.

Lin Zhan exchanged glances with his team members.
They were in awe.

“I finally widened my vision of the world!” Yan Jinming exclaimed.

“Our dwarf race relies on smithery for living.
It has continued for a few thousand years already,” Ni Ya said proudly.

“Every race has its way of survival.
Since they are able to persevere for a few thousand years, they have probably developed this skill to a stage we can’t even imagine,” Lin Zhan said.

Wang Teng was attracted by the countless number of attribute bubbles below him.
He couldn’t shift his gaze away.

There were so many of them!

All the big and small bubbles were floating in the surroundings.
It was a magnificent sight!

The edge of Wang Teng’s lips curled up uncontrollably.

He picked them up.




The smithery attributes merged into Wang Teng’s body.
In an instant, smithery knowledge started popping up in his mind.

Even his body started to have some reaction.
There seemed to be some muscle memories instilled in his body.
Not only was his theory getting completed, but his practical ability was also getting more and more advanced too.

Smithery: 60/100 (small achievement)

This was his original number.
Now though, his attribute kept surging all the way until it exceeded 500.
His smithery changed from ‘small achievement’ to ‘big achievement’!

Smithery: 125/1000 (big achievement)

The most important thing was, this was the smithery skills of the dwarf race.

The smithery skills on Earth were brought over from the Xingwu Continent.
In the Xingwu Continent, the smithery skills of the dwarf race were the best of the best.

This meant that Wang Teng had learned the essence of the smithery skill in the Xingwu Continent.
Although this was just one of the many dwarf tribes, compared to the smithery skills on Earth, it was more profound, and the details were more perfected.

The attribute bubbles below had disappeared.
They were all picked up by Wang Teng.


Wang Teng couldn’t help but sigh.
He was extremely elated… This was a huge gain for him.

No one knew that Wang Teng had profited immensely.
Ni Ya briefly introduced the situation in the hill to them.
They knew that she was holding back and only let them see what was on the surface.
Naturally, she wouldn’t show them the details.
Lin Zhan and his team members were sensible people, so they didn’t probe further either.

At night.

The bonfire burned furiously on the hill where the dwarves lived.
It lit up the entire place.

A bonfire banquet was in progress.

The empty ground was exceptionally lively, and the air was rife with peals of laughter.

The special music of the dwarf tribe, accompanied by rough singing, drum beats, and the various unknown ancient musical instruments, cranked up the atmosphere.

The ladies of the dwarf race presented all kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat, and wine to them.
Lin Zhan and his team were dazzled by the variety, and their mouths kept salivating.

“Oh my god, this smells so good!”

Lin Zhan hurriedly pulled a barbecued pig throttle down and started eating it in large bites.

His other hand didn’t remain idle.
He was holding a large-sized cup with delicious wine inside.
He sniffed it slightly and closed his eyes to relish the feeling.
He took a huge swig of the wine.

“Ha~ Good wine!”

“F**k, Leader, you’re really fast.” Yan Jinming didn’t want to lose out.
He wolfed down the meat and drank the wine in large gulps.
His entire mouth was covered with oil.
The feeling was amazing.

Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue were more elegant.
They weren’t slow either, but they didn’t act like they hadn’t eaten something as good as this.

Wang Teng smiled and shook his head.
He released the little crow and tore a huge piece of barbecued meat to let it eat by itself.
Then, he poured a glass of wine and enjoyed the delicious wine while eating the barbecued meat.
He looked up at the sky filled with stars and suddenly felt that this kind of life was rather enjoyable.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you, right? The wines of the dwarf race are really good.” Yan Jinming placed his hand on Wang Teng’s shoulder and smiled.

“This is indeed good wine.” Wang Teng raised his cup and cheered with him.
The two of them finished their wine in a single gulp.

“Are you satisfied with the wine and food prepared by us?” Ni Ya walked over.
The dwarf called Wa Ke followed behind her.

Wang Teng had realized that this fellow liked Ni Ya.
That was why he felt unhappy when he saw Ni Ya chatting with him at the start and hurled abrasive remarks at him.

But, after he witnessed Wang Teng’s ability, he became more obedient.
He didn’t dare to offend him anymore.
He had probably also noticed that Wang Teng had no thoughts towards Ni Ya.

Lin Zhan and Yan Jinming raised their thumbs when they heard the question.
Unfortunately, their mouths were stuffed with food, so they couldn’t say anything.

Ni Ya and Wa Ke burst out laughing when they saw their appearance.
There was no better proof than their actions.

“Eat more…”

Before Ni Ya could finish her sentence, a loud drumming sound was heard.
It drowned out all the other noises.

The surroundings immediately turned quiet!

“What happened?” Wang Teng and his teammates’ expressions changed slightly as they stood up.

“Enemy attack!”

Ni Ya’s expression changed entirely.
She turned and rushed down the hill.
Wa Ke followed closely behind her.

The entire place was in a mess.

“Quick, quick, hide in the stone fortress!” Leader Ao Mu’s voice sounded and echoed throughout the area.

The bonfire was destroyed by all the kicking.
The food and the wine spilled on the ground, but the dwarves couldn’t care less about this.
They quickly rushed towards the stone fortress.

“Let’s go.”

As Lin Zhan spoke, he dashed towards Leader Ao Mu.
Liu Yan and the other team members quickly caught up with him.

“Leader Ao Mu, what on earth happened?” Lin Zhan took the chance and asked.

“Bandits!” Leader Ao Mu said with a serious face.

“Bandits?” Lin Zhan and his teammates were surprised.
They were puzzled as they asked, “Why are there bandits here?”

“I don’t know either.
It has been many years since bandits appeared in this area,” Leader Ao Mu replied.

“I wonder how powerful those bandits are,” Lin Zhan said.

Leader Ao Mu looked worried.
He hesitated before saying, “If my tribesmen can’t defend themselves, may I ask for your help…”

Lin Zhan and his team members exchanged glances before replying to him.
“Don’t worry.
Since we’ve encountered them, we won’t sit back and do nothing.”

After he finished speaking, more than ten figures charged out from the dark.

“Kill, kill everyone! Snatch their money!”

Ruthless peals of laughter rang out from all around.
These people killed whoever they saw.

Ni Ya and her friends were a few steps behind them.
When they saw their tribesmen getting killed, their eyes turned red, and they pounced on the bandits with an angry cry.

Lin Zhan, Wang Teng, and their friends couldn’t bear to see the dwarves getting killed.
Hence, they joined the battle.
The longer they waited, the more harmless dwarves might get killed.

The few of them were like tigers entering a flock of sheep.
Immediately, seven to eight bandits got killed.

Wang Teng killed a 1-star soldier level bandit with his fist.
Suddenly, he felt a strong wind attacking him from the back.

He saw a vicious-looking man with brown hair standing not far away.
The man slashed his blade at him.
The blade gave off a scorching heat as it appeared in front of him in an instant.

Steps of Gale!

Wang Teng executed his footwork and turned into a series of lingering shadows.
He tilted his body to dodge the attack.

The brown-haired man’s expression changed slightly when he saw Wang Teng dodging his attack successfully.

3-star soldier level!

Wang Teng gauged the other party’s ability after glancing at him with his Spiritual Sight.

Then, upon evading his opponent’s attack, he stomped on the ground forcefully without wasting a single second.
The impact formed shock waves as he shot towards the brown-haired man.

“Idiot!” When he saw Wang Teng charging over empty-handed, the brown-haired man smiled coldly.
He welcomed Wang Teng’s attack without dodging.

Wang Teng’s body suddenly disappeared in front of him.
By the time he appeared again, he was behind the brown-haired man and was holding a gold brick in his hand.
His expression was holy as he smashed the brick down.


The brown-haired man felt excruciating pain on the back of his head.
His vision turned black, and he fell forward uncontrollably.
This was a perfect ‘wild goose descending on the sandbank’ move.

Before he lost his consciousness, he heard this sentence.

“You are the idiot!”

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