Chapter 209: Red Leaves Dwarf Tribe

However, the three bullets suddenly changed their routes in midair.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Three blood flowers blossomed on the jackal’s body, one of them coming from its head.
The impact of the shots caused it to fly three meters back.
It slammed on the ground and lost its breath.

“This is?” Liu Yan was dumbfounded when she saw this scene.

Before this, she felt that Wang Teng’s gun skill was a little weird.
At that time, she didn’t see it clearly, but she saw everything now since she took special notice of it.

The three bullets didn’t change their route.
They were supposed to move in that direction.

Wang Teng had used his frightening calculative ability to predict the escape route of the jackal.
Thus, when it dodged, the bullets hit its vital points directly.

“Gun Kungfu!”

Liu Yan thought of these two words.
She wasn’t able to remain calm anymore.

To all the martial warriors who used guns, Gun Kungfu was the most powerful battle technique they could have.
Many people would scramble for it.

Liu Yan was no exception.

Once the leader of the jackals died, the other jackals were at a loss.
They were routed easily.
The remaining three jackals noticed that the situation wasn’t right, so they stuck their tails between their legs and escaped in a flurry.

Wang Teng used his spiritual power to pull the attribute bubbles they dropped and picked them up.

He received in total:

Blank Attribute*30

Earth Force*38

“Did you use Gun Kungfu just now?” After the battle ended, Liu Yan grabbed Wang Teng’s hand excitedly.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng didn’t hide it.
He nodded his head in agreement.

“Gun Kungfu!”

Lin Zhan and the others couldn’t help but look at him when they heard this.

It was obvious that they had heard of the renowned Gun Kungfu before.
They were astounded that Wang Teng had grasped this gun battle technique.

“Where did you learn it from?” Liu Yan was even more excited when she saw him admitting it.
She asked him again.

Hence, Wang Teng told them the process of how he learned Gun Kungfu.
Of course, he hid the part about him picking up attributes.

What do you mean by picking up attributes? I’m a one-in-a-million genius.
I can grasp anything I learned.

After Lin Zhan and his team members heard his story, they remained silent for a long time.

“Your experience is a little…” Lin Zhan and the others realized that they couldn’t find any phrases to describe it.


“God of Guns? Why hadn’t I heard of this person before?” Liu Yan was a little anxious and doubtful.

“I don’t know.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He didn’t understand the person either.

“It’s a pity that your gun skills are taught by the other party.
If not, I wanted to buy it from you.” Liu Yan shook her head in pity.

Wang Teng nodded.
Although the other party was a mental patient, Wang Teng wouldn’t pass his Gun Kungfu knowledge to other people without his consent.

“You can try my method,” he said.

“Forget it.
I can’t be as shameless as you.” Liu Yan rolled her eyes.

“How am I shameless? This is called strategy.” Wang Teng felt helpless.


At approximately 3 pm, Wang Teng and his teammates finally reached Red Leaves Hill.

Wang Teng looked at the scenery outside the window, and a flash of amazement flashed past his eyes.
A small hill entered his vision.
It was surrounded by low trees covered in red leaves.

There were patches of fields on the hill too, covered with golden crops.
Many short figures were hard at work in the field.

There were tall and huge rocks erected around the hill in a strange style.
There were also buildings built on the hill, and they had merged with the hill.
The entire scene looked magnificent.

“This is the Red Leaves Hill!”

Lin Zhan parked the vehicle and asked everyone to get down.
They then headed to the hill.

“You are?” A small and dainty young female dwarf appeared on a tree.
She looked at them with vigilance.

“Hello, we are martial warriors from the Jixin Martial House in Yong City.
We came to help you clear the Gale Mantis.
This is the proof of our mission.” Lin Zhan took out a scroll.

This kind of ancient mission delivering method wasn’t popular on Earth anymore.
However, the Xingwu Continent continued to use it.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The lady’s figure flashed, and the scroll in Lin Zhan’s hand landed in her hands.
Then, she appeared on the branch again.
She opened the scroll and took a look at it.
Her expression softened, and she nodded.
“Follow me, martial warriors from the Jixin Martial House.”

She leaped down the tree and led the way into the mountain.

Lin Zhan and the others followed her.

This was the first time Wang Teng came in close contact with a dwarf.
He couldn’t help but observe her secretly from the back.
Her hair was tied into numerous pigtails, similar to the dreadlocks hairstyle on Earth.
She was wearing leather armor.
It was simple and practical.
It seemed to have a good defensive ability too.
It worked in the same way as the battle uniforms they were wearing.

She was also carrying a bow and arrow on her back with a dagger tied around her thigh.
There were no large weapons, so she appeared light and agile as she walked.

Along the way, they met many other dwarves, who all sized up Wang Teng and his teammates curiously.
They greeted the dainty female dwarf.

“Ni Ya, who are they?” some dwarves asked directly.

“They are martial warriors from the Jixin Martial House.
They came to help us clear the Gale Mantis,” the dainty little dwarf, Ni Ya, explained.

Then, these dwarves started discussing among themselves.

“They are martial warriors from the Jixin Martial House!”

“Did they come from the world behind the dimensional rift? They look the same as the human race on our Xingwu Continent.”

“I don’t care who they are.
I will treat them as friends if they are able to clear those damn Gale Mantis…”

Wang Teng listened to their conversations and noticed that many dwarves didn’t ostracize them.

Maybe to the normal people, they wouldn’t bother about the Xingwu Continent or the Earth as long as it didn’t affect their everyday lives.

However, what made Wang Teng curious was the huge difference in the appearance of these dwarves.

Along the way, they saw many dainty and pretty little dwarves.
However, they also saw many extremely muscular ones.
They looked like the short version of bodybuilders.
Whether it was a male or female, they all looked like this.

Wang Teng asked Lin Zhan about this in a low voice.

Lin Zhan looked at the dainty little dwarf in front of them and moved his lips slightly.
His voice entered Wang Teng’s ear.
“Ethnic difference.”

Ethnic difference! This difference is quite huge. Wang Teng wondered to himself.
He didn’t probe further, though.

Ni Ya brought them to a building on the hill that had actually merged with the hill.
An old dwarf with white hair greeted them.
“Welcome, my guests who have traveled a long distance.
I am the head of the Red Leaves Tribe, Ao Mu.”

“Nice to meet you, respected tribe leader of the Red Leaves Tribe.” Lin Zhan walked forward and greeted him.

“We know your intention of coming.
Thank you for your arrival.
Do you need to rest first?” Ao Mu asked.

“No need.
We have rested enough along the way.
We can go and hunt Gale Mantis right away,” Lin Zhan said.

“In that case, I will ask Ni Ya to gather the soldiers in our tribe to go with you.
They are quite strong, and they have fought with the Gale Mantis before.
They have some understanding of the Gale Mantis,” Ao Mu said.

“Okay.” Lin Zhan had no reason to object.
They did need to have some information about the Gale Mantis first.

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