Chapter 204: The Direction Of Development Of The Wang Family

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Wang Teng came home, so Li Xiumei cooked a table of dishes again.

Actually, it hadn’t been long since he came home the last time.
But, before Wang Teng went to university, he never left home for such a long time.
Hence, to Li Xiumei, even if it was just a week, she found it very long.


The family of four finished their dinner and sat in the living room to chat casually.

Doudou didn’t even watch her favorite cartoon.
She was playing happily with the little crow.

“A few days ago, Doudou’s relatives came.” Li Xiumei suddenly brought up this topic.

“Oh!” Wang Teng asked curiously, “What did they say?”

“They want to take Doudou back.” Li Xiumei shook her head speechlessly as she recalled something unhappy.

Wang Teng knew that this would happen.
“What are your thoughts?”

“Doudou doesn’t want to go back with them, and we don’t want this child to land in the hands of those unscrupulous people either,” Li Xiumei replied.

“Wang Fugui and his relatives are horrible people,” Wang Shengguo interrupted and said.

“It looks like I have an additional younger sister now.” Wang Teng smiled.
Then, he asked, “Do you need me to act?”

“You are looking down on your father.
Those people are just good-for-nothings.
If I can’t even handle them, my years of experience would have gone to waste,” Wang Shengguo said.

“Look at how proud you are.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at him.
She continued, “In the past, I heard Doudou’s mother saying that Wang Fugui’s relatives are all ignorant and incompetent.
However, they are close with the mafia.
You must be careful of them playing tricks behind your back.”

“You reminded me in time.
I need to be careful of them,” Wang Shengguo frowned and said.

“You are staying in Deer Garden now, so they won’t dare to create trouble here.
If they want to harm you, they will do it outside.
At that time, I will take care of it,” Wang Teng said.

Wang Shengguo didn’t say anything.
He knew that if Wang Teng went to settle these things, the result would be better.
The status of martial warriors wasn’t a joke.

Thinking of this, Wang Shengguo felt relieved and unwilling.
The feeling of getting surpassed by his son wasn’t good.


“Doudou, come!” Wang Teng called Doudou, who was playing happily with the little crow in the living room.

“What’s the matter, Brother Wang Teng?” Doudou ran over.
There was perspiration on her forehead.

Wang Teng helped her wipe her sweat.
Then, he smiled and said, “I will be your brother from now on, okay?”

“Aren’t you my brother already?” Doudou tilted her head and asked.

“It’s different.
In the future, you can call me brother directly.
You don’t have to call my name,” Wang Teng replied.

“If I don’t need to call your name, you will be my true brother, right?” Doudou thought for a moment and asked.

Wang Teng looked at her big black eyes and said, “That’s right.
Doudou is so smart.
Brother Wang Teng will be your real brother.
I will help you beat the bad people away.
What do you think?”

Doudou looked at Wang Teng seriously.
She then gave a wide smile, and a faint dimple appeared on her round face.

She pushed her head into Wang Teng’s chest and hugged him tightly.

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo smiled uncontrollably.

“This child has an affinity with Little Teng,” Li Xiumei said.

Wang Shengguo exclaimed, “You’re right.
I didn’t know that our son had this side.”

From this moment onwards, Doudou officially became a member of the Wang family.
Doudou seemed to feel a slight change too.
She was smiling a lot more now.

Wang Teng put down Doudou and let her play on her own.
He started chatting with Wang Shengguo while Li Xiumei peeled apples beside them.

“Son, do you think our company has a chance to enter the martial warriors’ industry?” Wang Shengguo hesitated for a moment before asking.

Wang Shengguo was slightly surprised.
He glanced at Wang Shengguo.


His father’s ambition wasn’t small!

But he was right.
He was at his prime age.
You couldn’t let him stay at home and be unemployed, right?

Also, he had always been ambitious.
In the past, before Wang Teng became a martial warrior, he had already thought of expanding his own company.
But, he lacked an appropriate chance, so it was hard for him to break through.

Now that Wang Teng had become a martial warrior, he started to get restless again.

Wang Teng pondered for a moment before smiling.
“Dad, there will be chances naturally…”

“Really!” Wang Shengguo’s eyes lit up.
He immediately got excited.

“Why are you so anxious? Can you let our son finish his sentence?” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at him and passed a peeled apple over.

Wang Shengguo chuckled.
He thought that the apple was for him and wanted to take it.
However, Li Xiumei slapped his hand away mercilessly.

“Move, this is for our son.
There’s none for you.”


Wang Teng burst out laughing.
He took the apple and ate it under Wang Shengguo’s bitter gaze.

In this martial warriors’ era, due to the nourishment of the Force, changes had also started to occur to the different fruits on Earth.
Some became plumper and sweeter, while others couldn’t be eaten anymore.

Fortunately, apples were still edible, and they were more delicious than before.
If this variety existed in his past life, the other types of apples wouldn’t have any market at all.

“Son, what chance were you referring to just now?” Wang Shengguo couldn’t control his curiosity.

“Dan medicine, weapons, and even rune items…” Wang Teng didn’t hide anything.

The country wouldn’t allow ordinary merchants to sell these items.
However, Wang Teng recognized Dan Taixuan as his master.
This background was definitely enough.

It wouldn’t be a problem if he asked her to be the mediator and then got some official credentials.

As for the supply of goods, he had recently started learning alchemy and smithery and had been making incredible progress.
He believed that not long after, he would be able to start making them on his own.

He couldn’t make high-class dan and weapons but could start making lower-grade items first before expanding slowly.
Then, they would grow their business.

By then, Wang Teng would have enough ability to support the progress and development of the Wang family.
He wouldn’t need other people’s help anymore.

Also, as the company expanded, the Wang family could hire more alchemists and blacksmiths.
Then, he would be able to wash his hands clean…

Wang Teng and Wang Shengguo chatted for a long time.

The things he revealed made Wang Shengguo extremely excited.
Even with his composure, he felt a little restless.
He wanted to get up immediately and start moving.

He didn’t expect Wang Teng to have so many connections.
He had a hand in alchemy, weapons, and rune items.
The Wang family was going to soar!

“There’s no need to hurry.
After I get the license, you can start working on it,” Wang Teng said to calm his father down.
He found it funny.

“Okay, okay, I’m not anxious, I’m not anxious,” Wang Shengguo said happily.

“Also, I feel that we should do it one at a time.
Dan and weapons can make a lot of money.
If we do both at the same time, it’s very easy for others to get jealous.
In the entire country, the piece of cake is only this big.
However, many people are eyeing the cake.
They are the real giants.
If we attract their attention, I’m afraid that… we will be doomed eternally.

“All in all, if you want to start a company in this martial warriors’ era, you need to have the ability.
If my ability is not enough, I will just be paving the way for others,” Wang Teng said.

Wang Shengguo’s back was covered with cold sweat when he heard what Wang Teng said.
He calmed down and said with a bitter smile, “You’re right.
I’m older than you, but I’m not as thoughtful as you.”

“Of course, I’m referring to when we become big.
At the start, those giants won’t take notice of a small company like us,” Wang Teng smiled and consoled him.

“Seriously!” Wang Shengguo immediately felt that he was tricked. This fellow knows how to play the game really well~


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