When he got reborn in the martial arts era, Wang Teng slowly understood one thing.

You… can’t judge a book by its cover!


The old lady at the side of the road might be a martial arts master.
The butcher might be a formidable warrior that could clear a path for himself with a single knife… and a dumb-looking fatty could be a Force chef master.

The delivery man might be sending food to some people, but it might not be because his status was low.
It was because the person who needed him to send the food was too powerful!

Force chef master was a forward-looking occupation that could earn a lot of money.
Also, the martial warriors respected them very much.
Force chef masters were also the guests of many mighty martial warriors.

Thus, never look down on anyone, especially those people that looked ordinary.

Dan Taixuan’s dinner was sumptuous.
The food box had five layers.
One layer contained crystal-like, plump rice, while the other had refreshing and delicious light soup.
There was a film of faint glow on top of the soup.
The remaining three layers contained fish, meat, and vegetables…

It was a simple combination, but the taste and style were unique!

Every dish was glowing… it wasn’t an exaggeration.
They were really glowing.
Glowing food wasn’t just a joke.

Dan Taixuan ate the food happily.
Her speed was astonishing, but she wasn’t stuffing her face.
It wouldn’t make people feel that she was impolite.
Instead, she looked like a dining queen.
She didn’t lose her elegance and even gave people a pleasant feeling.
This caused an increase in appetite for the people beside her.

Well, at least when Wang Teng looked at her, he suddenly felt a little hungry.

This is weird, this is weird.
I just ate my dinner not long ago!

“Master, why is this food… glowing?” Wang Teng swallowed his saliva secretly as he asked the question in his mind.

“Because of Force!” Dan Taixuan replied casually.


“That’s right, the food made by Force chef masters are mostly made of star beast meat and spiritual herbs.
These ingredients have a common point—Force.
Using special cooking methods, the Force chef masters will activate the Force in the ingredients so that they will give the best effects in aiding cultivation.
Now, you should know why Force chef masters have to be martial warriors,” Dan Taixuan said.

“It’s because only martial warriors can feel the movement of Force,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“Speaking of Force chef masters, I have to show my respect to the Xingwu Continent.
They are able to advance this secondary career up to this stage.
This is rare,” Dan Taixuan praised sincerely.

“Master, are you sure that you’re not saying this because Force dishes are too delicious?” Wang Teng was too calm to be fooled by her.

“Oh, my stupid disciple, how can your master be someone like that?” Dan Taixuan evaded Wang Teng’s gaze and laughed strangely.

Wang Teng: …

Wang Teng felt his head hurt.
All he wanted to do now was stay away from this lady he had to call ‘master.’ Her every single sentence would stimulate him.
While it made him furious, he felt helpless too.

He forced himself to be patient and waited for Dan Taixuan to finish eating.

She got up and patted her stomach, which seemed as flat as before.
She burped and said, “I’m full and satisfied now.
Follow me.
Let’s have a friendly after-meal activity between the master and the disciple.”


Wang Teng suddenly stumbled the moment he stood up.
He said shyly, “I don’t think that’s good.”

“Hehe, you little fellow.
You’re really naughty.” Dan Taixuan gave a strange smile and walked into the house.

Wang Teng suddenly felt his head turning numb.
He started scolding himself secretly for being too talkative.
He hurriedly jogged and caught up with his master.
“Master, exercising right after eating is bad for your stomach.
Why don’t we rest for a while before starting?”

“Do you think that this small exercise will harm my stomach?” Dan Taixuan said with disdain.

Wang Teng followed Dan Taixuan to a spacious training room.

Dan Taixuan moved her limbs and said to Wang Teng, “There are suitable scriptures and battle techniques for everyone.
Hence, I will not teach you some things easily.
It all depends on your choice.
Also, nothing in this world is free.
If you want something better, you need to fight for it.

“But, from today onwards, I will suppress my ability and fight with you at your level.
This is to groom your battle experience and battle awareness.

“From what I see, these are the real necessary qualities of a martial warrior.
I have seen many martial warriors coming back from the battlefield.
Many of them don’t have amazing battle techniques or profound scriptures.
But, when they fight with those proclaimed talented martial warriors, they are able to win by a landslide.

“I don’t want you to become that kind of martial warrior who only has ability but no compatible battle power.
In the end, it’s nothing.

“I didn’t fight to my heart’s content yesterday, so let’s continue tonight.”

As she spoke, she suddenly shouted loudly.


Her domineering aura exploded instantly.
Surprisingly, she attacked first.
She stepped on the ground with her bare foot and seemed to have turned into an arrow as she stabbed Wang Teng’s heart with her hands that felt as sharp as a blade, bringing along a powerful gale with her.

Her first attack was aimed right at his lethal spot.
She showed no signs of holding back.

She’s so powerful! Wang Teng’s pupils constricted.
His reaction was swift as he took a step forward and tilted his body to evade the attack.
He aimed his fist at Dan Taixuan’s temple viciously.

But, the next second, she had already disappeared on the spot.
She appeared on Wang Teng’s left and swept her leg at Wang Teng without any mercy.

Wang Teng barely dodged the attack.
She was attacking him non-stop like a furious storm.
There was no interval in between.

Boom, boom, boom!

Wang Teng was struggling to cope with her.
He couldn’t retaliate at all.

He could feel that Dan Taixuan had indeed suppressed her power until his stage, but he was still unable to resist.

Extremely powerful!

So powerful that it felt unrealistic!

She really didn’t exert her full power yesterday night.

The corners of Wang Teng’s lips twitched.
He was dumbstruck.
To hell with multiple element Force, to hell with extreme speed, he had executed everything.
However… it was useless.

Dan Taixuan’s battle power had reached the peak of perfection.
It was so frightening that it made him feel helpless.

F**k, I’ll fight with my all!

Wang Teng was steadily losing his ground.
When his leg collided with Dan Taixuan, he felt numb.
He was determined.
He didn’t care if he could win her or not.
He just… fought with her forcefully.

Half an hour later.

Wang Teng laid on the ground.
His entire body was hurting, and he couldn’t stand up at all after the fight.

“Master, you’re too vicious!” He spoke in a hoarse voice.
His throat was dry.

Dan Taixuan smiled gently.
“My stupid disciple, your master is doing this for your sake.
I’m fighting with you.
In the future, you will meet all kinds of enemies, and they will give you a lethal blow immediately.
They won’t care if you’re hurting.
Aso, this is the only way to force out your potential so that you will grow continuously.”

Dan Taixuan wasn’t lying when she said this.
She was indeed doing this to force him to release his potential.
But today was just the first day.
Was there a need to be so inhumane?

This was definitely revenge!

This narrow-minded lady!

Wang Teng rolled his eyes and stared at the ceiling.
He expressed that he didn’t want to reply to his black-hearted master.

“Alright, alright, it’s alright.
I know what I’m doing.
On your way back, go to the logistics department to buy a bottle of Blade Jade cream and wipe it all over your body.
I promise that you will be alive and kicking tomorrow.
Then, you can continue this training of love with me.” Dan Taixuan chuckled.

After sending Wang Teng off, she stood alone in front of the door for a while.
Suddenly, a smile appeared at the edge of her mouth.

“I didn’t waste my trip back.
I wasn’t able to do this when I was his age!”

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