Chapter 198: A Dish That Lights Up!

There were only a few minutes left until the end of the lesson.
Some students wanted to look for the instructor to ask some questions, but they realized that he was staying at a particular corner of the classroom.

“What is the instructor doing?”

“Huh? Isn’t that Wang Teng?”

“He actually came to observe? The instructor is looking at him drawing runes?”

“Hehe, based on the instructor’s expression, there seems to be a problem.”

The students that hadn’t noticed Wang Teng at the start finally saw him now.
They couldn’t help but start discussing among themselves.

Now, many of the freshmen had recognized Wang Teng’s ability, but some of them still detested him.
Hence, it was normal for them to say these words of jealousy.

Ring, ring, ring…

When the bell signaling the end of the lesson rang, Lin Yisheng shuddered.
He regained his senses abruptly.
Looking at Wang Teng again, he was a little flabbergasted.

He has grasped the 30 basic runes already.
I don’t see any mistakes at all.
These 30 runes are the foundation, but the mystery of runes isn’t like what it seems.
Most people won’t be able to grasp it in a month.

Is this fellow a beginner, or has he learned it before?

If he’s a beginner, his talent in this area won’t be any lesser than his talent in martial arts, even if it can’t be compared with it.

The thoughts in Lin Yisheng’s mind kept churning.
For a moment, he couldn’t make up his mind.


Wang Teng felt a little scared by his continuous staring, so he called the instructor in a soft voice.

“Huh?” Lin Yisheng snapped back from his thoughts.
His expression changed, and he said in a gentle tone, “Wang Teng, why did you call me? Do you not understand anything? If you don’t understand something, you can always ask me.”

“No, erm… the lesson has ended.
Can I leave?” Wang Teng asked.

“Oh right, the lesson has ended.
You can leave.” Lin Yisheng reacted and laughed, “Wang Teng, if you are interested, you can come and listen to my lessons more often.
Are you able to hear me clearly at the back? Why don’t I save a front seat for you?”

“There’s no need for that.
I can hear you clearly.
In the future, I will come and listen to your lessons often.
Then… I will leave first?” Wang Teng was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

“You can leave.” Lin Yisheng smiled and nodded.
He looked delighted with Wang Teng.

Everyone: ??

The whole class was confused, especially those who felt that Wang Teng would get into trouble.
They were even more stunned.

Instructor, did you take the wrong script?

Or did you recite the wrong phrase?

What is the meaning of this harmonious student and teacher relationship?

No one could wrap their heads around the scene just now.
Wang Teng didn’t understand either.

He only heaved a long sigh after he walked out of the classroom.
He felt that the instructor was a little over-enthusiastic.
Could it be that he had some intentions towards him…?

What should I do? I feel that I’m being targeted.

Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.
He walked towards the cafeteria along with the crowd.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng finished his battle faculty lesson and headed to the classroom with an ongoing lesson in the dan faculty.
He sneaked in once again.

The classroom in the fan faculty was different from those of the rune faculty.

The dan faculty was based on alchemy, so their classroom looked more like an alchemy laboratory.
There was a furnace in front of each seat and all kinds of forceps, pestles, and other tools beside it.
The fire below the furnace was burning, so the students could use it to practice at any time.

This allocation caused this place to look like a chemistry laboratory.

When he saw this classroom for the first time, Wang Teng found it quite interesting.
He couldn’t help but remember the book he had read in his past life, ‘Harry Potter.’ The potion classroom in the book had the same style as this room.

Wang Teng found a corner and sat down.
He tried his best to make himself less conspicuous.

However, there were very few students in a single dan faculty class.
It was easy to tell that there was an additional person.

Also, Wang Teng wasn’t an ordinary male protagonist.
He still had some presence.

The instructor of this lesson in the dan faculty was called Sha Zhuxiu.
The moment he entered the classroom, he noticed Wang Teng.
He was slightly stunned.
Then, he smiled and said, “We have an additional student in our class today.
It looks like my class is quite popular.
Even a student from another faculty came to observe the class.”

“Teacher, he’s Wang Teng from the battle faculty,” a lady raised her hand and said.

“Oh, so you’re Wang Teng,” Sha Zhuxiu was stunned as he spoke in enlightenment.

“I’ve heard about your matter before.
I heard that your observer right is acknowledged personally by President Peng.
In that case, I have nothing to say.
I hope that you can adhere to the rules of the class.
Alright, let’s start the lesson.
I’ll talk about the differentiation of spiritual herbs today…”

Sha Zhuxiu nodded at Wang Teng and then started talking without any stop.
Many bubbles of different sizes appeared out of his mouth.

He picked them up.

Spiritual Herb Differentiation*2

Spiritual Herb Differentiation*1

Spiritual Herb Differentiation*3

The first lesson ended.

Spiritual herb differentiation: 31/100 (foundation)

After the lesson, Sha Zhuxiu noticed that Wang Teng had already left.
He had remained really quiet the entire lesson and didn’t have any presence.
He shook his head uncontrollably.

“It should be just on the spur of the moment.
I wonder if he will come again next time.”

At 7 pm, Wang Teng came to the staff dormitory.

The student dormitory of Huanghai Military Academy was already magnificent enough, much less the staff dormitory.

Along the way, the environment was quiet and peaceful.
All the buildings were like villas, and the trees were well-arranged.
Wang Teng even felt that these houses were on par with the villas in Deer Garden.

It was a little inappropriate to call these villas dormitories, though.

As the principal, Dan Taixuan received the best treatment for her living conditions even though she wasn’t at school most of the time.

Wang Teng pressed the doorbell in front of the door.

Dan Taixuan opened the door.
She was yawning in her pajamas.
Her hair was a little messy, and she looked half-asleep.

“You’re here!”

She glanced at Wang Teng once and then ignored him.
She turned and walked into her house.

“Come in.
Close the door on your way.”

As she spoke, she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water.
She then gulped it down.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He closed the door and walked into the house.

Dan Taixuan didn’t attend to him, so Wang Teng could only stand there awkwardly.
He didn’t forget to size up his surroundings secretly.

There were many facilities in the room, but there weren’t many signs of living.
It looked like a house that just got renovated, besides the takeout meal that was half-finished on the table.

She looks like a homebody! Wang Teng complained secretly.

“Have a seat.” Dan Taixuan finished her water, but she showed no intention of pouring it for him.
She was talking to him casually as she sat on the sofa.
She took the phone off the table and pressed a button.
A call was made.
She spoke to the person on the other end of the phone, “Get some food for me.”

Wang Teng sat down on the sofa beside her.
He was too tired to complain anymore.

When he saw Dan Taixuan’s appearance, he guessed that she just woke up after a day of sleep and hadn’t even eaten.
Hence, he could only wait for her to finish eating before talking about the main topic.

“Your master hasn’t even eaten any food.
Do you want me to teach you with an empty stomach?” Dan Taixuan seemed to know what he was thinking, so she said to him with a pitiful expression.


Continue acting!

Wang Teng mocked her in his heart.
However, on the surface, he gave a smile and said, “Master, you misunderstood me.
How can I be someone like that? You must fill up your stomach before teaching me.
If not, I will feel guilty.”

“As expected of my beloved disciple.
You know how to take care of your master.” Dan Taixuan was touched.

“Haha.” The corners of Wang Teng’s lips twitched.

This drama king!

“Anyway,” Dan Taixuan leaned on the sofa and said calmly, “I understood most of your ability.
You can’t be compared with your peers; you are already ahead of them.
This is your advantage.
Don’t slack off, though.
What you need to do isn’t to lead.
You need to surpass your peers and the talented martial warriors in the younger generations.
They aren’t your competitors.
You must be far-sighted.
Don’t keep your targets within the school.

“Your master is invincible among my peers.
I can even beat the older warriors until they cry for their mums.
As my disciple, you don’t have to be stronger than me, but you mustn’t be weaker.”

Wang Teng gave a bitter smile when he heard this.
His master was a little scary!

Invincible among her peers!

Is she boasting, boasting, or boasting?

Dan Taixuan pretended that she didn’t see his expression.
She continued, “However, just as we need to eat our food mouth by mouth, we also need to walk step by step.
You mustn’t hurry when it comes to martial arts.
We have many talents in our third and fourth years.
Your path will begin within our school.
I’ll give you a target.
From tomorrow onwards, you will challenge one top 100 students until you reach the very top!”

“Master, you are making me a target for all.
I will definitely become the public enemy of the school if I challenge one person a day with my identity as a freshman.
They will hate me to death.” Wang Teng was speechless.

“What are you afraid of!” Dan Taixuan scolded him.
“So what if you become the public enemy of the entire school when you defeat them? They will only respect you and be afraid of you!

“Powerful people will only be friends with powerful people.
They don’t lack friends.”

“Alright, everything you say is right.” Wang Teng could only nod in reply when he saw her getting angry.

Well, he was the one who recognized her as his master!

How did that saying go? Masters and ladies are hard to raise.

Furthermore, the person in front was his master as well as a lady.
He couldn’t afford to provoke her!

Anyway, he wasn’t afraid of anything.
He just felt that there was no need to do this.
This wasn’t the only path to become strong.
They were all schoolmates.
Why did they have to become enemies for nothing? It wasn’t good.

By now, Dan Taixuan had realized the situation too.
Wang Teng wasn’t someone afraid of trouble.
If not, he wouldn’t have tricked all the second year students and even dared to speak up to the instructor.

“I know what you are thinking.
However, challenges between martial warriors are common.
Most people will not hate you for their loss unless he’s a narrow-minded person.
If you are not as powerful as the other person, it’s natural that you will lose.
They can just train harder for three or five years and challenge the person again.
Hence, I have to say that you’re overthinking,” Dan Taixuan said.

Wang Teng knew that she was doing it for his sake when he saw her explaining to him so patiently.
He nodded and said, “Master, I understand.”

“Alright, alright.
There’s no need to be so stern.
I’m your master.
Why will I harm you?” Dan Taixuan smiled and waved her hands blatantly.

…Wang Teng felt that she was unreliable.
It would be hard for him to feel at ease with a master like her.

The doorbell rang at this time.

“Little Tengzi, open the door,” Dan Taixuan commanded him.

Wang Teng: …

To hell with Little Tengzi!

My name is not Little Tengzi.
You are Little Tengzi.
Pfft… I don’t care what your name is.
You just can’t call me Little Tengzi!

Wang Teng almost fainted in anger.
He had the feeling that he was going to fall into this lady’s hand.
Once again, he questioned whether it was a mistake to recognize her as his master.

“Hurry up.
Your master is hungry!” Dan Taixuan urged him when she noticed that he didn’t move for a long time.

Wang Teng pulled a long face.
He kept muttering, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t beat her, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t win her…” as he walked to the door and opened it.

A fat person stood outside the door.
When he saw Wang Teng on the door, he was confused.
He thought that he had knocked on the wrong door, so he turned his head to look at the house number.

Honestly, he looked a little clumsy and cute!

“This is the right location.
You can give me the food,” Wang Teng said.

“Oh, okay!” The fatty looked at the house number and confirmed that he came to the right house.
He then passed the food boxes in his hand to Wang Teng.

He didn’t ask anything, just watching Wang Teng as he closed the door.
Then, he stood outside and contemplated for a moment while touching his chin.

Then, his eyes lit up.
He punched his right palm with his left fist and nodded to himself.
He seemed to have understood something.

As for what he understood, who knew!

When Wang Teng placed the food box on the table, Dan Taixuan opened them excitedly.
An intense fragrance permeated throughout the room.

“It smells so good!”

“How can it smell so good?”

Wang Teng’s gaze got attracted by the food uncontrollably.

Golden rays shone brightly!

It was so glaring!

He was going blind…

Could it be that this was the legendary shining food?

Wang Teng was stunned.
Did something strange enter the story?

This was a martial arts story, not a master chef story!

When she saw Wang Teng staring as though he had seen a ghost, Dan Taixuan smiled and said, “See? This is the work of a Force chef master.
If you want to cook for me, you need to have this standard.
Did you see the person who sent the meal? He’s a Force chef master!”

Wang Teng: …

That clumsy and cute fatty was a Force chef master?

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