After sending Dan Taixuan off, Wang Teng stood in the living room and looked at the mess around him.
He shook his head uncontrollably.

This crazy woman!

She actually fought in his house directly.

Fortunately, it was only the living room.
If she had destroyed the entire dormitory, he wouldn’t have a place to sleep tonight.

“I’ll ask the school to repair the room tomorrow.”

Wang Teng ignored the scene and turned his gaze to the attribute bubbles floating on the ground.

These attributes were dropped when Dan Taixuan fought with him.

Just now, Dan Taixuan was still here, so Wang Teng didn’t dare to move rashly.
He had exposed too many things today.
He must not let her know about his ability of picking up attributes.

After all, Dan Taixuan was a general-stage martial warrior, and Wang Teng had no understanding of what they had up their sleeves.

Although she might not be able to think of this bug no matter how hard she worked her mind, Wang Teng still didn’t want anyone to notice any traces.

Now, Dan Taixuan had already left, so Wang Teng didn’t have to worry anymore.

He swept everything up with his spiritual power.

He picked them up.

Wind Force*20

Metal Force*18




When he saw the content of the last attribute bubble, Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

Black-hearted attribute?

Why was there such an attribute?

How black-hearted was Dan Taixuan to be able to drop black-hearted attributes? Also… system, are you sure you’re not kidding?

Anyway, they only had a short exchange of blows, but she had dropped so many Force attributes.
As expected of a general-stage martial warrior.

If he beat a general-stage martial warrior, he would drop many attributes, right?

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the ability.
He would only be beaten to death!

He chanted twice, “He who knows not, fears not.”

Then, Wang Teng hurriedly threw this deadly thought out of his mind, as far away as he could.

Oh right, my crow egg.
I wonder if I hit it during my fight just now.
Please be safe. Wang Teng suddenly remembered his egg.
He hurriedly placed his backpack on the sofa and took out the crow egg.
He examined it carefully.

What a close call.
Luckily, it isn’t spoiled.

Wang Teng scrutinized the egg and heaved a long sigh of relief.

Then, he went into his bedroom and placed the crow egg down safely.
He opened the incubator he brought back and continued incubating it.

He took his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up.

More than ten minutes later, Wang Teng wiped his head and walked out.
He dried his hair and was preparing to rest.
He glanced at the crow egg on the incubator subconsciously.

A crack suddenly appeared in his vision.

Oh my god!

It… cracked!

Wang Teng’s eyes widened, and he hurriedly moved forward.

There was really a crack!

It was pretty obvious.
It went from the right to the left, covering one-third of the egg.


A faint, crisp sound was heard.

Another crack gradually appeared under Wang Teng’s gaze.


This time, the crack was louder than the one before.
After that, more than ten finer lines started appearing abruptly around the huge crack.

“It’s… hatching?!” Wang Teng was stunned.
To be honest, he was a little dumbfounded.

Nothing had happened to it for a long time.
Today, the moment he shifted it to his dormitory, it started to hatch.

Was this a coincidence?

However, this was a good thing.
He had waited for so long, and it was finally going to hatch!

Wang Teng stared at the crow egg without blinking.
As time went by, he saw more and more cracks on the egg.

But, the little fellow inside didn’t want to come out.

Wang Teng decided to sit cross-legged on the ground and stared straight ahead with his hand supporting his chin.

Time passed slowly.
After more than two hours, the crow egg suddenly vibrated.
A piece of eggshell dropped to the floor.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He immediately became attentive.

The little thing inside was pushing itself against the top of the crow egg.
Pieces of eggshell kept dropping.


An ugly head emerged from the egg abruptly.

Wang Teng: …

Oh my god, this little thing is quite exquisite!

Only the head of the little crow was revealed outside in front of him.
Its body was still in the shell.
It looked at Wang Teng and gave a child-like chirp.

Wang Teng didn’t help it and allowed the little crow to struggle on.
In the end, after laboring for half a day, it finally crawled out of the shell.

It had to be said that the descendants of the star beasts were different from normal animals.
The little crow in front of him wasn’t small at all.

Its body was almost as big as a hen.
There were even feathers on its body already.
The descendants of a normal animal wouldn’t be like this.

“Caw, caw…”

The little crow laid on the ground and cawed.
It then flopped towards Wang Teng.

This little thing is black, fat, and seems a little stupid.
I can’t see any hint of the magnificence of the giant crow from it. Wang Teng picked it up while passing judgments in his heart.
The crow and the human stared at each other.


“Stop cawing.
I don’t understand crow language,” Wang Teng said helplessly.



The little crow continued cawing.
It was so noisy that it gave Wang Teng a headache. Is it hungry? But I don’t know what you eat.

Oh right, I can ask Lu Zhiqing.
I wonder if she’s asleep? It’s really late.

Wang Teng hurriedly took out his phone and contacted the pretty little lady from the pet shop.

Wang Teng: Are you there? Are you asleep?

Five minutes after he sent the message out, Lu Zhiqing replied to him.

Lu Zhiqing: Yes, I went to take a bath just now.
What’s the matter?

Wang Teng: My crow egg hatched.
However, I don’t know what it eats.

He also sent the photo of the little crow over.

Lu Zhiqing: It hatched! Congratulations!

Lu Zhiqing: It’s a little big!


Lu Zhiqing: I’ve checked the relevant information before.
You can try feeding it with mutated beast meat.

This was the first time Lu Zhiqing saw a crow star beast.
She was astounded and sent three messages continuously.


Wang Teng thought for a moment.
He didn’t have any mutated beast meat on him.
But, he did have a piece of snake star beast meat.

Wang Teng: Can I use star beast meat?

Lu Zhiqing: Yes.
The effect of star beast meat is better than mutated beast meat.
Your little crow is the descendant of a star beast, so it should be able to withstand the energy in the star beast meat.

Wang Teng: Okay, I understand.
Thank you!

Lu Zhiqing: You’re welcome.
Bring the little crow to my shop when you’re free and let me take a look.

Wang Teng: No problem

Wang Teng ended his conversation with Lu Zhiqing.
He took out the piece of star beast meat from the snake he killed in the afternoon.
He took it out from his space ring.

“Caw… caw…”

The little crow started cawing restlessly the moment it smelled the star beast meat.
It started flopping on the ground and wanted to pounce on the star beast in Wang Teng’s hand.

“You’re really hungry.
Don’t be impatient! I will give it to you.” Wang Teng cut a small piece of star beast meat with his battle sword and placed it beside the little crow’s mouth.

The little crow’s speed was astonishing.
It stuck its neck out, and the piece of meat in Wang Teng’s hand vanished.
Then, its neck hardened, and it swallowed the meat.

“Caw, caw!”

After finishing a piece of meat, the little crow continued staring at the star beast meat in Wang Teng’s right hand.
It kept cawing at him.

“Oh, you’re a foodie!”

“Forget it.
I planned to bring this meat back and eat it myself.
I will give you this benefit then.” Wang Teng shook his head and smiled.
He continued cutting the star beast meat to feed it.

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