“You killed a few four-element martial warriors?”

Wang Teng’s heart pounded furiously and his head turned numb.
He had a deeper understanding of his principal again.

Not only was she evil, but she was also brutal!

Damn it, based on what she said, he would be one of her targets too.

It was too scary!

He trembled uncontrollably!

Wang Teng instinctively shifted away from her a little.
He tried his best to keep a distance from this frightening and vicious lady.

“You seem scared of me?” Dan Taixuan seemed to understand what he was thinking.
A chilling smile appeared on her beautiful face as she spoke in a composed tone.


“Ha… Haha, principal, you are mighty and unsurpassed in your generation.
I… admire you and am in awe!” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

Damn it, if I could beat you, I wouldn’t need to swallow this humiliation and force myself to smile and bow down in front of you…

“Oh, not bad.
You have a glib tongue.” Dan Taixuan gave him a look of acknowledgment.
There was a faint and mesmerizing smile at the edge of her lips.
Suddenly, she said.” Okay, let’s not waste time.
Kneel and kowtow to me.”


Wang Teng was stunned.

We are just talking.
Why do I have to kneel and kowtow?

Does she want me to beg for mercy?

This woman is indeed ruthless.

Should I kneel or not?

Although they say that a man shouldn’t kneel in front of others, there was another saying that a man could take temporary setbacks.

Educated people were amazing.
They say everything.
Whether you go forward or back, it made sense.

If he kneeled, he would seem a little timid.
But, if he didn’t… based on how vicious she was, he might really get beaten to death!

What should he do?

This is very urgent! I need an answer immediately.

Maybe I should just kneel? If dignity is an attribute, I can just pick it up and get my dignity back… right?

Dan Taixuan noticed that Wang Teng was in a dilemma, and his expression kept changing.
She snorted.

“Why? You’re not willing to? As a general-stage martial warrior, don’t I have the right to be your master?”


Wang Teng was dumbfounded once again.
Then, he finally reacted.



This lady was unreasonably powerful.
Also, based on what she said, she was a general-stage martial warrior.

She had no problem being his support.

He could accept acknowledging a general-stage martial warrior as his master.

Also, he had exposed most of his ability already.
He couldn’t beat her, so the next best method was undoubtedly to turn her to his side.

Yes, a teacher would be on his team.

Many thoughts went through his mind.
Wang Teng wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.
“Oh, you’re talking about being my master? You should have told me earlier.
If you had said that, I would have kneeled immediately.”

“You’re a little mischievous!” Dan Taixuan glanced at him sideways.

“I don’t have the guts.” The cold sweat on Wang Teng’s forehead started pouring down again.

“Are you kneeling or not?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Erm, principal, it’s the 21st-century martial arts era now.
Shouldn’t our way of acknowledgment keep up with time too?”

Since there were no threats to his life, Wang Teng thought about it and didn’t want to kneel anymore.

“Oh, what do you want?” Dan Taixuan looked at him with interest.

“Why don’t I offer you a cup of tea and make a meal for you? This is a display of my sincerity as your disciple,” Wang Teng said carefully.

Dan Taixuan shook her head and laughed.
“Alright, don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking.
If you don’t want to kneel, you don’t need to.
Indeed, this routine isn’t popular anymore.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Wang Teng nodded frantically.
Then, he ran to make a cup of tea and carried it over.

“Master, have some tea!”

“Not bad.
It looks very proper.” Dan Taixuan nodded.
She took over the teacup and took a sip of the tea.
“As for the meal, you can keep it on my tab.
My requirement is really high.
When you reach the master level as a Force chef master, I’ll consider whether I should eat your dishes.”

Wang Teng: …

This stupid, arrogant person!

“Sure, Master~” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“Stop fooling around!” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes at him.
She continued, “Honestly, I have never had a disciple before.
In the past, many people persuaded me to accept a disciple to play with.
I rejected them for all sorts of reasons because I find it troublesome.

“This time, Old Peng urged me to come back, telling me that a rare genius has appeared in our school.
He guaranteed that I would be satisfied, so I came back reluctantly.

“However, you indeed didn’t disappoint me.
You even gave me a pleasant surprise.
I like your temper too, so I don’t mind taking you as my disciple.

“All these years, those old fellows kept boasting about their disciples in front of me.
Now it’s my turn to boast.
Little brat, don’t disappoint me.
If you embarrass me… Hmph, I don’t think you want to know the consequences.”

Then, she gave Wang Teng a knowing gaze.

Wang Teng’s heart shuddered.
Suddenly, he had a bad premonition.
He felt that his entire body was engulfed in her evil intention.

He asked carefully, “Master, who are the old fellows you’re talking about? How powerful are their disciples?”

“You won’t know even if I tell you.
You just need to know that they are all at the general stage.
As for their disciples… Let me think.
The most powerful one should be at the 6-star soldier level.
However, it has been six months since I saw him.
It’s hard to say where he is now,” Dan Taixuan said calmly.

6-star soldier level!

And this was his ability half a year ago!

Wang Teng felt that he could only laugh at himself.
All he did was acknowledge a master.
He didn’t know that there would be so many troubles.
Can I not acknowledge her as my master?

Is it too late to regret?

“It’s too late to regret,” Dan Taixuan saw through Wang Teng’s thoughts and replied with a smile.

Wang Teng: …

“It might be a little difficult to be my disciple, but there are benefits too.
In the future, no one will dare to bully you easily.
I’ve heard of Chen Xiangming’s matter.
Although he’s an exception in our school, many similar matters have happened outside.
After being my disciple, if anyone dares to take advantage of their seniority, I will beat them to death for you,” Dan Taixuan said.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

Listen, listen, this is what she should be saying!

After being in this industry for such a long time, I finally found a thick thigh.

“If I cause trouble in the future, can I use your name?” Wang Teng asked.

“I know that you’re a mischievous person.” Dan Taixuan glared at him.
However, she said nonchalantly, “But, I like it.
If you have any trouble, use my name.
Those that are afraid of me won’t dare to look for me.
As for those that aren’t, it will be useless if you tell them my name.”

Wang Teng: …

He felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint it!

“Alright, that’s all for today.
Report to my place tomorrow.
As your master, I have to teach you some things.” Dan Taixuan stood up and stretched her body.
She yawned as she walked to the door.
“Yawn~ I really miss my bed.
I rarely come back, so I must have a good sleep.”

Wang Teng got up and sent her to the door.

“Master, have a safe trip home.
Master, take care of your steps.
Master, be careful since it’s dark…”


A furious fist landed on Wang Teng’s head.

His eyes teared up.
When he raised his head, Wang Teng couldn’t see Dan Taixuan’s figure at all.

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