Chapter 185: Many Many Attributes

The actual combat training building in Huanghai Military Academy was stocked with all types of equipment.
It had different kinds of training rooms, including gravity rooms, machinery combat rooms, reaction testing rooms, and many others.

Once you became a martial warrior, you would have to face dangers all the time unless you chose not to walk on the actual combat path.

The dangers wouldn’t consider your feelings.
They could come from anywhere and appear in any form.

Thus, martial warriors had to train in multiple aspects.
The rooms in the actual combat training building were designed according to the different dangers.

Of course, there were pros and cons of the training room.

The benefit was that repeated practice could increase muscle memory to a great extent.

The disadvantage was evident, too: this kind of robotic practice was too rigid.
It wasn’t as flexible as a fight between two martial warriors.
During a fight, anything could happen.
Some martial warriors fought with their lives.
At that time, it would be a battle of who was the most vicious.
What would you do then? This robotic training wouldn’t teach you how to think on your feet.

Most of the freshmen were martial disciples.
Hence, the training building had assigned martial disciples’ training areas.
It was on the first floor.

When they reached there, Wang Teng separated from Hou Pingliang and his friends and went to the second floor.

Hou Pingliang and his friends felt emotional when they saw him entering the lift.

“All of us came out of the nine years of compulsory education.
Why is he so outstanding?” Song Shuhang sighed.

“Maybe our nine years of compulsory education was fake,” Lu Shu said.

Wang Teng: …

The atmosphere turned awkward as the students stared at each other speechlessly.

“Let’s go for our practice…”

When Wang Teng came up to the second floor, he noticed many students around him.
They were mostly second-year students.
They all frowned when they saw Wang Teng.

The fight did have a significant impact on him.

Among the second-year students, less than half, maybe around 40% of them, were unhappy with him.
They felt that those challenges were a humiliation, turning them into a joke in everyone’s eyes.

Now, when the other students and instructors in school talked about their batch, they would shake their heads uncontrollably.

Sometimes, when you were in the same batch, you would experience the same glory and humiliation, especially for major issues of principle.

Naturally, some people would be filled with a common hatred.

However, many second-year students didn’t care about this.
In fact, they looked down on Zhuo Tai’s actions.
If he hadn’t been blinded by his greed, this series of events wouldn’t have happened.

You couldn’t solely blame Wang Teng for what happened.

They had already knocked on his door.
Why wasn’t he allowed to retaliate? Wasn’t this a double standard?

Some people had their focus on missions.
Rather than participating in these unpresentable events, wasn’t it better to do more tasks and earn more school credits? The school credits could be used to level up their ability.
This was the right path.

They wouldn’t usually have internal strife.
At most, it was just usual challenges like duels to learn from each other by exchanging blows.
That was it.

The school didn’t forbid life or death battles because the martial warriors’ world wasn’t as peaceful as the environment in school.

Outside, your opponents or enemies wouldn’t care whether you were a student or not.
They would fight with all their might during a battle, and it was hard to stop punches.
Getting beaten to death during a battle was a normal thing.

In the life or death battle in school, even if there were casualties, there wouldn’t be too many people dying.
However, if the school sent all their students out at once, that would just be throwing them to their deaths.

The life or death battle was to let the students in school understand the fear of death.
The school hoped that they could change their mentality as early as possible so that when they went out, they would naturally be more careful.

Wang Teng didn’t care about the gazes of the second-year students.
He walked directly to the first training room that was right in front of the corridor.

Gravity room!

When Wang Teng wanted to enter the room, the system reminded him in a mechanical voice.
“Please scan your student card.
2 credits for one hour!”

Wang Teng: …

He realized that he was too naive.
It was impossible not to spend any credits.

The strength room was an entirely enclosed training room.
The entire training room was a gravitational field.
If he wanted to go in, he had to scan his student card.

Fortunately, Wang Teng had accepted more than ten challenges before this, so he had plenty of credits now.
He had more than a thousand school credits.
Wasn’t that enough to be a millionaire among the freshmen? Hou Pingliang and his friends kept eyeing his student card all the time.
They wanted him to treat them to the second floor of the cafeteria again.

In your dreams!

Once was already painful enough.
Did they think that he would treat them a second time?


However, he had to go into the gravity room.
Ah well, since it was two credits, he would just bear the pain and give the two credits.

There wouldn’t be any gains without losses.

Wang Teng took out his student card and scanned it on the system.

“Beep, student card!”

The door was unlocked.
Wang Teng wanted to push the door and enter, but he suddenly frowned.


This door was actually hard to push! At first, he only used his normal strength, but he couldn’t move the door at all.
He had to increase his power.

Wang Teng was a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior now.
His physical body had changed after the cleansing of the Force, so his strength had increased exponentially.

Also, during military training, there was strength training too.
The freshmen dropped many strength attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng would pick them up whenever he was free.

The number was quite sizable.

Now, his strength had all turned into battle power.
Hence, Wang Teng didn’t know exactly how high his strength attribute was.

He slowly increased his force.
He felt that he only managed to push the gravity room’s door open after exerting more than a thousand kilograms worth of force on it.

This is a little interesting!

He needed more than a thousand kilograms of force to push the door open.
How heavy was the gravity in the room then?

When Wang Teng stepped foot inside, he instantly felt an immense pressure boring down on his shoulders and head.

This was a standard gravity room.
Most of the students trained here.
However, there were individual gravity rooms too.
You could alter the gravity according to your wishes as long as you could bear with it.

Of course, those required more credits.

Okay, this gravity doesn’t possess any difficulty for me. Wang Teng felt the weight pressing down on him and took some time to get used to it.
Then, he was able to walk around carefreely.

There were many students working hard in the gravity room.
All of them had a Force glow around their bodies.
They used their palm, fists, swords, or blades to practice their battle techniques.

In an instant, Wang Teng suddenly felt the atmosphere of the martial arts faculty first hand.

This was what a martial warrior should do.

Of course, his gaze was soon attracted by the rows and rows of attribute bubbles floating above the ground.

Wood Force*3

Fire Force*5

Earth Force*3

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth.
They were all Forces of the five elements.
It was a pity that there weren’t any mutated Forces, but he needed to learn to be content.

There were so many attribute bubbles…

He continued picking them up.

Water Force*2

Metal Force*1

Slowly, Wang Teng realized a problem. Damn it, they are all practicing Force battle techniques, but none of them dropped any battle techniques attributes.



Wang Teng felt depressed.
At first, when he saw so many people practicing Force battle techniques, he thought he would be able to pick up a few attributes.

In the end?

There was nothing! It was all his wishful thinking!

Obviously, Force battle techniques attributes wouldn’t drop so easily.
The system was raising its difficulty.
Damn it.

Wang Teng stayed in the gravity room the entire morning.

The number of attribute bubbles dropped by each person was limited.
They would drop bubbles when they were training, but it wasn’t an endless stream.

Wang Teng didn’t waste his time.
He practiced his battle techniques as he used his spiritual power to pull the attribute bubbles over and picked them up.

In the afternoon, he met with Hou Pingliang and his friends and went to the cafeteria to have lunch.
Then, Wang Teng went to another training room.

The machinery combat room.

When Wang Teng entered the machinery combat room, his eyes turned wide in shock.

At first, he thought that the machinery combat room was a place where he could fight with robots.
He didn’t expect the pieces of machinery inside to be rune dolls that looked like real humans.

Wang Teng suddenly remembered the steel dolls he saw in the Xingwu Continent.

This was obviously a rune technique passed down from the Xingwu Continent.
It was a good idea to use it for students’ training.

The rune dolls were made entirely of steel.
Their actions weren’t as agile as humans, but they were extremely resistant to hits.
Also, their explosive power was strong.
They were also able to initiate some Force attacks.
One could increase their experience when they fought with these rune dolls.

Wang Teng scanned the room.

Fire Force*2

Wood Force*3

Metal Force*1

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles happily.
Suddenly, he saw a student flying out after getting hit by a rune doll.
Two attribute bubbles dropped from the student.

Earth Force*5

Raging Bull Skill*1

Wang Teng: …

He was stunned for a moment.
Then, he was elated.

An earth Force skill scripture!

F**k, you can do this?

This operation is a little unexpected!

Wang Teng hurriedly picked up the bubble.
A little yellow figure appeared in his mind.

The figure bumped into a huge rock with his body, allowing his body to get beaten.
At the same time, the circulation route of the Force appeared in his body…

This was a physique training scripture!

Also, it was a dark-level high-class scripture!

Wang Teng looked at the muscular young man, who climbed up from the ground and continued attacking the rune doll in front of him.
The rune doll didn’t blink.
Its eyes were shimmering brightly.

The rune dolls had a good point.

They would only retaliate if someone attacked them.
Once the other party stopped fighting, it would remain still.

Now, when the muscular young man started attacking, the rune doll started moving too.

The muscular young man kept colliding with the rune doll.
He used his physical body to attack the doll and let the rune doll hit him directly.
Their fight resulted in frightening bangs.
Just the sound alone was enough to make someone feel the pain.

However, the young man gritted his teeth and didn’t make any sound.
He forcefully bore with the beatings of the doll.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim ‘Good fellow’ in his heart.

Then, he picked up the attribute bubbles dropped on the ground.

Earth Force*3

Raging Bull Skill*3

When luck came, it came in droves.

Wang Teng stood at the side and looked at him for a long time.
He watched until the young man couldn’t bear with it anymore and stopped voluntarily.

“Brat, don’t you know that you can’t look at a person when he’s cultivating?” The muscular young man turned around and looked at Wang Teng.
He spoke to him with a smile.

“Oh, I really didn’t know that,” Wang Teng replied casually.

Cheng Wu didn’t mind.
Actually, no one was able to see anything from this kind of training.
If he had something to hide, he wouldn’t have chosen to train in a public training room.
He chuckled and said, “Good fellow.
You are really gutsy.
You even dare to talk back to an instructor.”

The muscular young man was Cheng Wu from the martial arts club.

“You are?” Wang Teng felt that the other party seemed to be quite familiar with him, so he asked him in confusion.

“I like your temper.
Let’s be friends.
I’m Cheng Wu from the martial arts club.
I’m in my third year, and I’m a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior,” Cheng Wu smiled and said.

Cheng Wu! Wang Teng repeated in his heart.
He smiled and wanted to introduce himself, “I’m Wang Teng…”

However, Cheng Wu interrupted him directly.
“I know.
You are the king of the freshmen.
There’s no need to introduce yourself.
You are really famous now.
I think that everyone in school knows who you are.”

“I think I’m notorious,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Hahaha, you are indeed interesting.” Cheng Wu laughed and punched Wang Teng.
Wang Teng didn’t evade, though.
This caused Cheng Wu’s eyes to light up.
He said outrightly, “You are not notorious.
However, powerful people will gain respect and fear from others.
You are the most powerful one among that bunch of weaklings, so there will be people who don’t like you.
The path of becoming strong is like this.
Look at me.
Many people hate me, but unfortunately, they can’t do anything.
In the end, your own ability is the most important thing.
Whether other people scold or dislike you doesn’t matter at all.

“Alright, I’m leaving.
Your application to the martial arts club should have been accepted.
Once you enter the martial arts club, you won’t be an outsider anymore.
I will wait for you to become stronger.
At that time, let’s have a duel.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left without any hesitation.
From his way of doing things and the way he spoke, it wasn’t difficult to see his temper.

This Cheng Wu seems like a rough-looking and happy-go-lucky young man, but he’s actually broadminded and open-hearted.
He’s stronger than people like Zhuo Tai.

But, if he knew that I secretly learned his Raging Bull Skill, would he get angry at me? Wang Teng wondered with a weird expression on his face.

He continued walking around the training room.
Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to get any other battle techniques or scriptures.
He only picked up Force attributes.

Two hours later, Wang Teng went to the reaction testing room.

“Beep, student card!”

He entered after scanning his card.

The appearance of the reaction testing room widened Wang Teng’s perspective again.

Without a doubt, this was a place to practice your speed, footwork, and reaction speed.

There were many sections in this area, and people were already training.
There were many wooden posts erected in the sections, all arranged in different arrays, including quincuncial stakes, Eight Trigram stakes, Jiugong stakes, and many more.
There were all kinds of difficulty levels.

These stakes were the inheritance left by their ancestors.
After entering the martial arts era, this inheritance suddenly had great uses.

Wang Teng observed the stakes.
He noticed that these wooden posts weren’t stuck to a single spot.
There was probably some device under the ground that allowed the wooden poles to keep changing positions.
This increased the difficulty to a whole new level.

There were even plastic bullets shooting out from the front.
Once the student got hit, the device would record it and use the number of bullets that were hit to evaluate the reaction level of the student.



A huge number of speed attributes were dropped on the floor.
Wang Teng used his spiritual power to gather them all and pick them up.

In an instant, he felt his body turning lighter.

Let’s play one round. Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He walked to an empty wooden posts section.

“Jiugong stakes! Difficulty?”

The difficulty was split into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and nightmare levels.

Wang Teng chose the advanced level.
The wooden posts started spinning instantly.
He took a deep breath and stepped into the section.


He didn’t use his Steps of Gale.
Instead, he executed his basic footwork, and his entire body started flying.
He shuttled back and forth between the wooden posts, leaving only his lingering shadows.

A plastic bullet was suddenly fired out of the wall in front of him.
Wang Teng had to be aware of the changes in the wooden posts while dodging the high-speed bullets.

More than ten minutes later, Wang Teng walked out of the Jiugong stakes.

The advanced level is still alright!

He passed the level successfully.
While clearing the level, he didn’t touch a single wooden post.
However, he got hit by three bullets.
His reaction ability was evaluated to be 94 points.

Wang Teng didn’t use his real strength, so he felt that this result was expected.
However, the students that walked past him were stunned.

“This is… Wang Teng!”

“This fellow managed to get 94 points for the advanced-level Jiugong stakes.
Oh my god!”

“F**k, is he still a human…”

You couldn’t blame them for kicking up a fuss.
The advanced level was hard to begin with.
The highest record by the 2-star martial warriors in school was 91 points.
Wang Teng broke the record just like that.

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