Chapter 174: Bestow Him With The Title Of A Dignified-Looking Person

When they came out of the dormitory, the students from battle class one kept glancing at Wang Teng with weird expressions.

You can’t judge a book by its cover!

The top scholar of the martial arts exam doesn’t know how to deck his blanket.

As expected, no one is perfect.

How does that saying go…

Oh right, when God closes one door, he opens another window.

They forgot if God really said this, but this was what they wanted to say.

…Wang Teng walked among the group with a black face.
He was incredibly embarrassed.
He didn’t expect that he couldn’t do such a simple thing!

Damn it!

7.15 am.
The instructor brought everyone to the cafeteria.

The teams from the other classes had arrived too.

Once everyone gathered, they entered the cafeteria together and started their breakfast.
Their every action seemed to be emphasizing the word ‘discipline.’

After they finished eating, they headed to the stadium.
Before anything, they stood at attention for 20 minutes.

The day of training started with standing at attention…

In the afternoon, after lunch, they had two hours of rest.

Wang Teng came to the stadium as promised.

The arena was a martial arts arena.
It was a place especially for martial warriors to fight.

Martial warriors were extremely powerful.
If the defense ability of the arena wasn’t strong enough, it would be damaged easily.

Thus, the materials used to make the arena must be strong and durable.
There were defense runes carved on the arena too.

If not, it would be damaged from time to time.
The maintenance fee was a piece of cake for these martial warriors, but it was too troublesome to repair it all the time.

There were already many people in the stadium.

There were older students and freshmen.

When Wang Teng walked over from afar, he saw the crowd gathered over there.
A cold smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

It was obvious that Wei Hua had spread the news of the battle.
If not, there wouldn’t be so many people coming to watch.

There were always some people who had extravagant hopes for his military title.

“He’s here!”

When Wang Teng’s figure appeared at the edge of the stadium, someone noticed him immediately.
Discussions were heard all around.

“He really came.
Youth knows no fear!”

“As the top of the freshmen batch and someone whom the instructors and president have high hopes in, how can he reject a battle when someone came to look for him personally?”

“Wei Hua just became a martial warrior not long ago.
Wang Teng was already a martial warrior during the university entrance exam.
Wei Hua might not be stronger than him.”

“In high school, he didn’t get to enjoy the university’s resources.
Be it is his scripture or his battle techniques, the difference is huge.
I don’t know how Wang Teng became a martial warrior, but he can’t be compared to a martial warrior groomed by our school.”

“You’re right…”

To these older students, the two candidates were both 1-star soldier-level martial warriors, but the grooming of the military academy was their greatest reliance.

In the martial arts era, it was widely acknowledged that university-groomed martial warriors had a higher status than self-taught martial warriors.

This was the domination of resources.

Before they entered university, Wang Teng’s method of becoming a martial warrior was most probably like those self-taught martial warriors.

Thus, they felt a sense of superiority when they faced him.

However, since Wang Teng was able to become a martial warrior at such a young age and gained the recognition of the instructors and president, he definitely had his merits.

It was hard to determine who would win today.

When Wang Teng came closer, the commotion disappeared gradually.

There wasn’t just a single arena in the stadium.
Wei Hua stood on one of the arenas, and his gaze landed on Wang Teng, who was walking below.

“You’re late!”

“I needed to go for military training.
Why don’t you talk to my instructor?” Wang Teng walked up the arena and stood opposite Wei Hua.

Wei Hua’s expression turned ugly.
He scoffed softly and kept quiet.

The instructors for the freshmen were mostly fourth-year seniors.

All of them had been freshmen before.
They knew how tough their fourth-year seniors were.

Talk to them? He wasn’t that bold.

“Let’s not waste any more time.
Since you’re here, let’s start.
Everyone here will be our witness.
If I lose, I will give 100 credits to Wang Teng.
But, if I win, his military title is mine,” Wei Hua said to the crowd below.

Cold smiles appeared on many people’s faces.
Some of them frowned uncontrollably too.

Many people had their eyes on Wang Teng’s military title.
Some of them were furious that they didn’t act earlier and let someone else gain the upper hand.
Others remained calm and indifferent.

“The martial arts club will be the judge for this battle.”

When everyone was silent and waiting to watch a good show, a cheerful laugh was heard from the crowd.

“The martial arts club!”

The spectators’ expressions changed.
They looked behind them.

The crowd saw two figures slowly walking towards the stadium from outside.
Everyone’s gaze was attracted to them, as though they had a spotlight on them.

It was a lady and a man.
The man was handsome, and the lady was pretty.
They appeared confident with striking auras.

“Third-year Senior Sister Yang Lin and Senior Brother Chen Su!”

“It’s them.”

“Why are they here? Do they want the military title too?”

“That’s impossible.
Their ability has exceeded that of a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
They don’t have the chance to challenge Wang Teng.”

“Also, they seemed to have military titles already.”

“Do they want to invite Wang Teng into the martial arts club?”

The two of them walked below the arena.
The man called Chen Su smiled slightly and said, “Let us be the judge.
What do you think?”

“I have no objection,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

Wei Hua laughed awkwardly and said hurriedly, “It’s my honor to have seniors as my judges.”

Yang Lin and Chen Su nodded.

“Let’s start.”

“I’m using a blade.
What’s your weapon?” Wei Hua took out a blade from behind his back and asked.

“Oh… I’m using this.” Wang Teng thought for a moment.
He searched in his pocket and took out a golden brick.

The scene was engulfed in an eerie silence.

At first, many people were secretly looking at Yang Lin and Chen Su.
But, at this moment, all their gazes were alternating between Wang Teng’s face and the brick.

Are you serious about using a brick as your weapon?

Also, that was a bright and golden brick.
Was it made using gold?

“Hey, isn’t anyone curious about where he took the brick from?” someone asked awkwardly.

“Did he hide it there?”

A few people scanned Wang Teng’s lower half of the body with strange gazes.

“Cough, Junior Brother Wang Teng, are you sure you want to use this ‘golden brick’ as your weapon?” Yang Lin couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes!” Wang Teng looked at the brick in his hand and even weighed it.
He felt that it was very comfortable in his hand.
He asked curiously, “Can’t I?”

Chen Su secretly glanced at the lower part of Wang Teng’s body when he heard the discussions around him.
He said, “That’s not it.
I just felt that your weapon is a little unexpected.”

“Don’t you think that this weapon is amazing?” Wang Teng asked seemingly seriously.

Everyone: Hmph, as long as you’re happy.

“Wang Teng, are you looking down on me? Why are you using a brick as your weapon?” Wei Hua glared at Wang Teng.
His expression was ugly.

“I didn’t.
My weapon has always been a brick,” Wang Teng replied humbly.

“I don’t believe you.

“You’re too arrogant.
Today, I’ll teach you what it means by there’s always someone better than you.”

Wei Hua stomped his feet on the ground and charged at Wang Teng.
He activated his earth Force, and the battle blade in his hand formed an arc in the air.

“Good move!”

Wang Teng shouted pretentiously.
He waved his brick to receive the attack.

He tilted his body and smashed the brick at the side of the blade, knocking it away.
He then abruptly rushed forward.
He aimed the brick at Wei Hua’s face.

Wei Hua’s expression didn’t change.
He twisted his blade quickly and forced Wang Teng to defend himself.
The brick and the blade collided again.


Force exploded when they collided.
The huge impact formed visible airwaves, forcing the two people apart.

The next second, they stepped on the ground and shot towards each other again.

“This Wang Teng seems quite powerful!”

The people below turned slightly serious.
They looked at the two youngsters fighting back and forth in the arena.
They compared the difference in ability between the duo and realized that they seemed on par with each other.

Many people were shocked by this.
Wei Hua was a second-year student.
He had been through more than a year of polishing, yet he was still roughly the same as a freshman.

Was Wei Hua too weak?

Or was Wang Teng too strong?

No matter what it was, it was embarrassing for an older student.

Those people that wanted to see Wang Teng losing didn’t feel good.

The more powerful Wang Teng was, the more obvious the difference between them would seem.
Everyone here was a talented individual in their high school.
No one wanted to be placed beneath others.

However, some students accepted this fact readily.
When they saw that an older student wasn’t able to defeat Wang Teng, they suddenly felt honored.

Wei Hua got more and more anxious as he fought.
Wang Teng’s ability was higher than expected.
Challenging a freshman who just entered university wasn’t a glamorous thing.
If he lost, he would be greatly embarrassed.
How would he raise his head in school in the future?

The two parties exchanged blows many times, but no one was able to gain an advantage.
Of course, Wang Teng purposely hid his abilities.
If he were serious, Wei Hua wouldn’t be able to withstand a single punch from him.

This should be enough. Wang Teng thought to himself.

At this moment, Wei Hua suddenly widened the distance between them.
Then, a strong yellow glow appeared on the blade of the battle blade.

“I don’t believe that you will be able to handle this attack.” He gritted his teeth and exerted all his Force into the blade glow.
He released the attack.


“Ah… So powerful! Looks like I need to be serious.”

Wang Teng shouted pretentiously.
His expression seemed a little stern.
Ice blue Force congregated on his palm as he slapped his palm at the huge yellow blade glow.


The blade and the palm collided.
Force exploded at the center region and spread to its surroundings.

“Pfft!” Wei Hua spat out a mouth of blood.
He was stunned by the result.
However, he still couldn’t help but retreat.

At this second, his pupils constricted.
He saw a black figure breaking through the airwaves and dashing towards him.

Wang Teng came in front of Wei Hua in a blink of an eye.
He raised his brick and aimed it accurately at his head.


One shot, one kill!

Wei Hua felt his vision turning black.
He staggered, but he persevered and didn’t fall.


As expected of a martial warrior.
He has a high resistance to attacks.

Wang Teng was slightly surprised.
He raised his brick and whacked it on Wei Hua again…

When the airwaves in the arena subsided, everyone finally saw the situation.
Wang Teng was panting furiously, and his clothes were in a mess.

They looked at his feet.
A figure was lying flat with his face on the ground.
He couldn’t get up anymore.

“Pant… he’s so strong.” Wang Teng panted as he emphasized once again.
His expression was solemn, as if he had met his arch enemy.

However, he was actually picking up the attribute bubbles around Wei Hua.

Earth Force*12

Intermediate Stage Earth Talent*5



F**k, this is good stuff!

The students in Huanghai Military Academy were indeed gifted.
Look at the attributes they dropped.

He even dropped the intermediate stage earth talent.

There were 8 points of spirit and 10 points of enlightenment.
It was quite a lot.

People with higher talent would drop more attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng was secretly delighted when he saw his gains.

The crowd below the arena was stunned.
The battle just now was terrific.
At the same time, both parties’ abilities were not to be underestimated.

Wang Teng was even more impressive.
He managed to defeat the second-year student, Wei Hua.

Yang Lin and Chen Su immediately jumped into the arena to inspect Wei Hua’s injury.
It was nothing serious.
He was fine except for the… huge bumps on his head!

The two of them looked at Wang Teng’s gold brick with a strange gaze.
Suddenly, they felt that this junior had a weird sense of humor.

“I will give respect to all the talents that lose to me.
I will bestow them with horns!” Wang Teng explained seriously.

…The corners of their lips twitched slightly.
Even with their many years of studies, they were unable to find a word to describe Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

The audience below heard his words and looked at the huge bumps on Wei Hua’s head.
In an instant, they could almost see the thick black aura gushing out of Wang Teng’s body.

If you cut this person’s heart, it must be black!

Wang Teng looked down on everyone. Hmph, since you want to create trouble for me, you must be prepared for my special attention.

“Seniors, I won this battle, right?” he asked the two of them.

The two exchanged glances with each other.
Chen Su nodded.
“Yes, you win!”

“That’s good.
I’ll have to trouble you to monitor him for me.
Don’t let him run away from his 100 credits,” Wang Teng said.

“Don’t worry.
Since the martial arts club has interfered in this matter, no one will be able to run away from the agreement.” Yang Lin and Chen Su were speechless.
This Wang Teng was a money lover.

“Thank you.
I have military training in the afternoon, so I will go and rest now.
Can someone send this Senior Brother Wei Hua to the infirmary? If he has any side effects, I’d have greatly sinned,” Wang Teng staggered down the arena as he spoke.

Everyone: …

Since you know that hitting the head will have repercussions, why did you still do it?

The crowd again looked at the bumps on Wei Hua’s head.
It was painful just thinking about it.

Wang Teng walked down the arena while holding his waist.
He kept muttering, “Oh, my waist.
Senior Wei Hua is too powerful.
He’s so powerful.
I almost lost.”

His voice was loud, as if afraid that other people couldn’t hear him.

“Erm… Wang Teng, do you want to go to the infirmary?” Yang Lin couldn’t help but ask when she saw his state.

“There’s no need for that.
I’ll be fine after a rest.
Ouch… my palm.
That attack at the end was really powerful.
I almost couldn’t handle it.” Wang Teng emphasized how powerful Wei Hua was again and how he almost lost.

Everyone looked at his back view as he walked away.
Their gazes flickered, and they couldn’t help but feel happy.

Comparing their ability with Wei Hua’s, if they challenged Wang Teng, they had a high possibility of winning…

Only a few people found it strange, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Why was Wang Teng emphasizing how strong Wei Hua was? Was he sympathizing with him?

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