Chapter 170: Five Faculties

Wang Teng went back to this dormitory and arranged the items.
Then, he logged in to the school’s official website to check out the five faculties.

Huanghai Military Academy’s official website could only be seen using the school’s internal network.

There were detailed explanations of the various faculties as well as the instructors on the site.

Wang Teng read through the site carefully.
Gradually, he had a better understanding of the five different faculties.

The battle faculty mainly groomed the student’s combat ability.
The martial warriors that came out of this faculty were the strongest and the main force on the battlefield.

That was why it was called the battle faculty.

The students of the battle faculty had to face more dangers, and its death rate remained at the top of the five faculties.

If one chose the battle faculty, they had to be prepared to die.

This wasn’t just the case in Huanghai Military Academy.
It was the same for the other universities too.

This was the norm.
The battle faculty groomed battle machines.

The command faculty nurtured talented commanders.

There must be a commander in a war.
They were the brains.
Without the brain, all the soldiers would be in a state of disunity.
They would be fighting their own battles, and they wouldn’t be able to cooperate to unleash their greatest power.

The forge faculty, as its name suggested, trained forging talents.

The smithery on Earth came from the Xingwu Continent.
It became what it was today after they merged it with the Earth’s smithery progress.

Certain uniqueness of smithery was something that technology could achieve.

Even for weapons like Force guns, the higher the price, the higher its requirements for materials.
Only blacksmiths were able to forge such weapons.

In this martial warriors’ era, weapons were a necessity.
Martial warriors were only able to unleash their true power if they had a suitable weapon.

Because of all these reasons, smithery became more and more important.
That was why the smithery faculty was formed.

Dan faculty groomed talented alchemists.
They specialized in teaching their students alchemy.

To a martial warrior, dan medicine was a vital resource.
It could be used for healing purposes and cultivation.

High-class dan medicine was able to regrow dead cells and bones.
Modern medicine couldn’t be compared with it.

Hence, the importance of the dan faculty was obvious.

The last faculty was the rune faculty.

Rune study was a profound knowledge.
It included many things and covered many areas.
It could be used in almost everything.

In forging, the making of dan medicine, arrays, and many more.

Of course, students not from the rune faculty would be required to learn some rune knowledge, too, in case they needed somewhere in life.

Actually, the subjects taught in the different faculties would overlap with one another.
This was the same as regular universities.
For instance, science courses required one to learn advanced mathematics and physics.
This was the basic knowledge needed in all the specialized courses.

Rune studies had a similar existence in the martial arts course.

But rune study was very profound.
If you didn’t study it in-depth, it was very hard to get somewhere.
That was why they needed to form a faculty.

This was the basic information of the five different faculties.

They heard that some universities had Force chef faculty and plant faculty in addition.

However, these faculties weren’t common.
Huanghai Military Academy didn’t especially form a faculty for these specializations.

Of course, if the students wanted to learn, they could.
Huanghai Military Academy had related elective courses they could take as an interest.

All in all, the martial warrior universities were used to serve martial warriors.
This era would ultimately belong to martial warriors.

Also, all the instructors from the different faculties were introduced, like their levels and their specialized weapon’s level.

After Wang Teng read through everything, he knew what to expect.
Of course, he had to see the person face to face first tomorrow to make his decision.

After all, everyone’s personality was different.
If the instructor was difficult to interact with, no matter how strong he was or how well he taught, it was all useless.

But, can I choose all the five faculties?

Wang Teng seemed to have thought of something.
He touched his chin as he wondered to himself.

All he needed to do was to pick up attributes.
He could do it anywhere!

Capturing all the five faculties at the tip of his hands, it felt exhilarating just thinking about it!

The doorbell rang.

“Who is it?”

Wang Teng got up and walked to the door.

Never mind, I will look at the specific conditions tomorrow. He threw the thoughts he had to the back of his mind and opened the door.

Hou Pingliang and his roommates were standing outside the door.

“Wow, Brother Teng, your living conditions are so good.” Hou Pingliang stuck his head in and couldn’t help but exclaim.

“I’ve heard that room No.
1 is more high-class.
Looking at it now, it’s the truth,” Lu Shu nodded and said.

Song Shuhang said jokingly, “Only someone as amazing as Brother Teng has the ability to live in such a place the moment he entered university.”

“It’s alright.
With your family background, you should have lived in this kind of house before.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes and let them inside.

“That’s different.
This is the school.
All the freshmen live in four-men rooms.
Yet, you live alone and have such a nice villa.
We are really jealous of you!” Hou Pingliang said.

“You can continue being jealous,” Wang Teng sniggered and said.

The four young men: …

What a stab to their hearts.

They chatted for a while more before going to the cafeteria for dinner.

It was a little past 5 pm.
There were already many people in the cafeteria, and many more were coming in.

There were both older students and freshmen.

Some older students went directly to the second floor.
The Force dishes made by Force chef masters on the second floor were not free.
You needed to pay for it.

“I wonder when we will get our student identity card.
We can only use our school credit in school after we get our identity cards.
However, I heard that freshmen will have some credits as our base.
The best choice will be to use it in the necessary areas.
We mustn’t use it to exchange for food.
Of course, we probably can’t afford them,” Hou Pingliang looked at the students heading to the second floor and explained.

They took their food and gathered around a table.
They then started eating happily.

It wasn’t Force dishes, but honestly, the food in the cafeteria was delicious.
It was the same as the dishes served outside in restaurants.

“Oh right, the freshmen who were late are still running on the track.”

When a few students walked past their table, one of them laughed and said to his companion.

“They deserved it.
They could have arrived earlier, but they just wanted to display their presence,” another person said with contempt.

“Hmph, they probably hadn’t tuned their mindsets.
They thought that they were still the babies of their high school teachers.
They thought that the teachers here wouldn’t scold them or hit them.
Huanghai is a top university.
The students here are all outstanding.
Let’s talk about the freshmen.
All of us were the babies of our teachers, right?”

“Sigh, I only know that there’s always someone better than you after entering Huanghai.
Let’s talk about the top scholar of Donghai’s martial arts exam, Wang Teng.
He’s impressive.
He received a military title the moment he entered university.”

“However, he has enough trouble on his plate.
I think that many people have laid their eyes on his military title.
It isn’t just the freshmen.
The older students will probably look for him too.”

They didn’t see Wang Teng on their way.
They continued chatting as they walked out of the cafeteria.

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