Chapter 166: Pressure!

Wang Teng put down his luggage and walked around the house to familiarize himself with the environment.

The house was cleaned thoroughly.
It had everything.
There was an air conditioner, washing machine, wardrobe, bookshelf, sofa… no piece of furniture was missing.

However, there weren’t any daily necessities.
He heard that those would be distributed to them later.

Then, Wang Teng simply tidied up his bedroom and went out to tour the university campus.
When he walked to the Fourth Section, he met Lin Xue and Hou Pingliang.
Their parents were just preparing to leave.

Hou Pingliang’s father smiled and said, “In the military academy, you are considered a comrade now.
You have to interact well with your classmates.”

“I understand, Dad,” Hou Pingliang nodded and replied.

“You have been a stubborn child since you were young, but ladies are undeniably a little weaker.
Remember to take care of yourself in school.” Lin Xue’s parents were a little unwilling to part with her.
They looked at Lin Xue and reminded her kindly.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of myself,” Lin Xue said casually.

After sending their parents off, the trio started walking around the university.
At noontime, they went to the cafeteria to have their lunch.

The military academy’s cafeteria was buffet-style.
All kinds of food were provided.
There were fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, and many more.
It was nutritious, and the diet was balanced.
All in all, it was pretty delicious.

When they were taking their food, Hou Pingliang said, “All the food on the first floor is free.
However, I heard that the second floor and third floor provide Force dishes cooked by Force chef masters.
We will have to pay for those.”

Force chef masters! Wang Teng thought to himself.

He had heard of the Force chef masters when he was at Jixin Martial House, but he had never seen one.

He heard that the Force dishes prepared by Force chef masters were not only delicious, but they also had all kinds of advantages.
It was beneficial for martial warriors to eat them.

He wanted to try if he had the chance.

“The school only provides the most basic items for free, for instance, tuition fees, dormitory fees, basic necessities, and normal clothing.
Actually, to a martial warrior, these items aren’t expensive.

“But, items like Force dishes, dan pills, weapons, scriptures, and battle techniques are all frighteningly expensive.
Let’s take Force dishes as an example.
You need spiritual herbs and star beasts to make a dish.
The value of the dish is high, so they can’t provide it for free.
Also, if everything was free, it would be too easy.
The students’ motivation will be killed in no time.
You have to fight for everything in this martial arts era.
Hence, losing your motivation to work hard is one of the most frightening things,” Lin Xue said.

“That’s true.
Martial arts students like us are different from normal students.
The martial arts path is another road.
Once you lose your motivation to work hard, you’re gone,” Hou Pingliang said.

After they finished eating, they went back to rest.

The broadcast system sounded once during this time.
It informed all the freshmen to gather in the stadium at 2 pm.

Wang Teng remembered Zhu Tao’s reminder.
He had told him not to be late.
Hence, he left his room 20 minutes earlier and headed to the stadium.

Many students were rushing to the stadium too.
They were mostly in groups of threes or fours, obviously from the same dormitory.

Most of the freshmen lived in the Fourth Section, and there were four of them in a room.

It was easier for the people living in the same dormitory to get close.
They might have just known each other and their relationship wouldn’t be very good, but grouping together was an innate ability of humans when they arrived in an unfamiliar environment.

Lin Xue and Hou Pingliang came with their roommates too.
Wang Teng didn’t go to find them.

Suddenly, he felt a little lonely.

Wang Teng sighed secretly.
As the No.1 of the freshmen, it looked like he wasn’t able to play happily with the other students.

It’s lonely to be in a high position…

In the stadium!

Huanghai Military Academy’s stadium was exceptionally huge.
The students couldn’t see the other end.

A horde of students had already arrived.
They stood on the stadium sparingly.

Many teachers and students were sitting on the spectator stand around the stadium.
They were looking at the freshmen below and discussing in low voices.

“Another new batch of students!”

“That’s right.
The years passed so quickly.”

“We enrolled many students into the martial arts course this year.
I’m just afraid that the quality of the students isn’t good.”

“Speaking of quality, our school managed to get the top scholar of the Donghai martial arts exam this year.
I heard that the school promised him many benefits.
I wonder what the top scholar is like.
Hope he’s not just an empty shell.”

“I heard that he passed the exam as a martial warrior.
This ability is already extraordinary…”

The freshmen started arriving in the stadium in droves.
Wang Teng stood in the crowd and looked at his surroundings.

As time passed, more and more freshmen gathered.
In a blink of an eye, it was 2 pm.

“Close the gate!”

A voice was suddenly heard from the rostrum in front.
It echoed through the entire stadium.

Some students who were still outside the stadium started running.
But, it was too late.

The metal gates closed with a loud clang, blocking the latecomers outside.

In the morning, the seniors that helped with their registration had already reminded them.
The broadcast also told them not to be late, but there would always be some people who wouldn’t take it to heart, taking it as nothing.

Also, they had just started school.
Even if the military academy’s disciple was strict, it wouldn’t be strict right from the start, right?

However, this situation seemed a little unexpected.

A stern atmosphere spread throughout the stadium.

The students in the stadium couldn’t help but look outside.
They immediately felt the tense atmosphere, and the noise died down slowly.

The students outside the door didn’t dare to make loud noises.
They could only look at the closed metal gate in a daze.

They felt that they were in huge trouble.

“Everyone, line up!”

The voice on the rostrum sounded again.
It belonged to a middle-aged man wearing dark-green military attire.

The students below had probably been affected by the atmosphere.
They lined up hurriedly without any hesitation.

Five minutes later.

The middle-aged man on the rostrum looked at the crooked lines below him and frowned slightly.
He said, “You disappoint me!

“I thought that the students who are able to enter our Huanghai Military Academy are all qualified.
But, look at you.
What is this? You can’t stand properly, and you can’t line up properly.
It will be an embarrassment to us if we tell others about this.

“Furthermore, there are so many people who are late.
Didn’t anyone remind you in the morning? Do you think that this is a joke?

“The military academy grooms military talents.
A soldier’s job is to follow the rules.
Every order must be executed without fail.
Martial warriors are no exception.

“Since you chose this path and walked into our university, from today onwards, you need to follow the rules of Huanghai.
If you can’t do it, you can pack your things and go home.
I will not stop you.”

As the man spoke, his voice got louder.
The soundwaves flowed over, threatening to rupture the students’ eardrums.
The freshmen below couldn’t help but turn pale.

What a strong aura!

Wang Teng stood amidst the crowd and felt the invisible pressure boring down on him from his head.
His expression changed slightly.

Most of the freshmen were martial disciples.
Hence, the pressure on them wasn’t too strong.
Wang Teng was already a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, so this was nothing to him.

However, this middle-aged man had exerted his aura on all the freshmen present.
He was frighteningly powerful!

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