Chapter 165: No One Can Escape!

The entire dormitory district seemed to be separated from the other parts of the school.
The trees made a pleasant shade, and the environment was peaceful.

The rows of wooden houses were simple but exquisite.
There was a hint of military-style in them, sedate, low-key, and comfortable to look at.

Zhu Tao led the group forward.
He pointed at a district in front and said, “This is the Fourth Section.
Lin Xue and Hou Pingliang, you can look for the rooms you are assigned to.”

“Thank you, senior brother.” The two of them nodded to express their gratitude.

“After entering the military academy, we are a family.
You don’t have to be so polite,” Zhu Tao smiled and replied.

Lin Xue and Hou Pingliang were a little touched.
Senior Brother Zhu Tao really took care of them thoroughly.

They didn’t know what the other universities were like,, but they felt a sense of affinity here.

Wang Teng understood the difference clearly.
In his past life, when he went for his registration, the senior brothers and sisters just welcomed them by registering their names and then throwing a university introduction booklet at him.
They didn’t care about him anymore.

He couldn’t even think about making his seniors bring him around the school personally and introducing everything in detail.

Of course, some good-looking students had special treatment.
After all, many seniors voluntarily joined the welcoming team because they wanted to hook a junior sister or brother.

Their intention wasn’t pure!

That was outrageous, right?

It is already tough to find a girlfriend.
Why are you old people making things even more difficult for us?

Anyway, the treatment they were given in the military academy was much better than the other schools.

“Wang Teng, it’s fate that we met the moment we entered university.
If there’s a chance, let’s contact each other more often,” Lin Xue said.

“Yes, let’s remain in contact,” Wang Teng replied.

“Yes, yes.” Hou Pingliang nodded his head hurriedly too.

Lin Xue’s parents and Hou Pingliang’s father thanked Zhu Tao.
Then, they nodded at Wang Teng before walking towards the Fourth Section.

“Let’s go to the Third Section,” Zhu Tao said and continued walking forward.

Wang Teng followed behind him.
He noticed that the deeper they went, the better the environment and the quieter it was.

“The Third Section consists of mostly second-year students.
There are some third-year students but not many,” Zhu Tao said, “As for freshmen, I don’t know if anyone else has the right to live here.
It’s rare to see a freshman being assigned to the Third Section directly.”

“Alright, this is the Third Section…”

The moment Zhu Tao finished speaking, a lady walked out from a wooden house of the Third Section.
She was stunned when she saw the two of them.
Then, she asked with uncertainty, “Senior Brother Zhu Tao, aren’t you welcoming the freshmen? Is this a freshman…”

Zhu Tao recognized the lady and nodded.
“Hi, Liu Ting.
That’s right.
I brought a freshman over.”

“A freshman is living in the Third Section this year!” Liu Ting looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“This is Wang Teng.
You know who he is, right? This is him,” Zhu Tao introduced.

“So you’re Junior Brother Wang Teng.
I’ve heard many things about you.
Wow, you’re quite handsome.” Liu Ting’s eyes lit up as she sized up Wang Teng.
She smiled as she spoke.

Wang Teng: …

Are ladies nowadays all so shallow? They only notice my looks and can’t see my interesting personality.

Sigh, this is so disappointing!

“Senior sister, nice to meet you,” Wang Teng said calmly.

He has an arrogant aura!

Liu Ting raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Wang Teng, what room are you staying in?”


Before Wang Teng could reply, Zhu Tao had already answered for him.

1?” Liu Ting was dumbstruck.
She widened her eyes and said, “That’s Zhuo Tai’s room!”

“Yes, it’s Zhuo Tai’s room.
However, the residential management should have already asked him to move out,” Zhu Tao said.

“That’s not the point.
The point is, Zhuo Tai is an extremely arrogant person.
He wouldn’t let it go so easily.
He’s the most outstanding second-year student.
I heard that he’s working hard to break through to a 2-star martial warrior.
It will be very embarrassing for him if Wang Teng kicked him out of his dormitory now,” Liu Ting said.

“That can’t be helped.
It’s the school’s decision.” Zhu Tao sighed.

“Senior brother, if there’s nothing, I will go in first.” Wang Teng opened his mouth at this moment.
There was no change in his expression.
Zhuo Tai? Even if he became a 2-star martial warrior, he wasn’t his match.

He could only apologize to him.

However… he should be able to move to the Second Section or even the First Section soon.
When that happened, he could pass the room back to Zhuo Tai.

“Go ahead.
Tidy up properly.
If you’re free, you can walk around the area.
There will be a gathering for freshmen at 2 pm.
An announcement will be made through the broadcast system later.”

Zhu Tao noticed Wang Teng’s nonchalance, so he didn’t say anything.
He only told him the arrangements for the afternoon.
Then, he reminded him kindly, “Don’t be late.
The consequences are serious.
This is the military academy, so the discipline is very strict.
It’s different from normal universities.”

Noticing the puzzled look on Wang Teng’s face, he smiled and said, “As for what consequence it is, you will know soon.”


He had long heard that the discipline in military academies was strict.
Wang Teng wondered about the punishment for breaking the rules.

Wang Teng suppressed his curiosity and said, “Thank you for today, senior brother.”

“You’re welcome,” Zhu Tao smiled and said.

Wang Teng nodded at Liu Ting and then walked into the dormitory district while dragging his luggage bags.

“This Wang Teng is a little arrogant.” Liu Ting looked at Wang Teng’s back view and said, “He looks humble on the surface, but he can’t hide his pride.”

“He’s the top scholar among the freshmen, and he passed the exam as a martial warrior.
Our school went to invite him personally.
He has the right to be proud,” Zhu Tao smiled and said.

“It’s not good to be too proud.
Huanghai Military Academy is a top university.
There’s no lack of talents here.
He will definitely suffer.” Liu Ting shook her head and said, “Also, our teachers love to deal heavy blows on arrogant talents and make them obedient.”

“Hahaha, all of us went through the same process.
Even the top ten students became obedient after the teachers’ teachings,” Zhu Tao laughed when he thought of the other students’ plights.

“That’s right.
No one can escape!” Liu Ting burst out laughing too.

But, when they remembered the past, the corners of their lips twitched uncontrollably.
It was hard to forget the experience.

None of the freshmen could escape.

Wang Teng didn’t know what these two decent-looking seniors were thinking.
He arrived at room No.
1 of the Third Section.

Room No.1 was different from the other rooms.

It was a building by itself with a small courtyard.
As compared to the other houses in this area, it was definitely eye-catching.

Wang Teng took out his key, opened the door, and went in.

He took a tour of the house.

This… was a small-sized villa!

It had everything necessary.

There was a living room, a bedroom, a study room, a washroom, a kitchen, and even a spacious training room.

Wang Teng was used to living in a villa, so he didn’t get overly excited.
However, he was still surprised by how wealthy the school was.

No wonder everyone was shocked when they heard room No.1!

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