Chapter 164: I Seem To Smell Wealth

Only one month had passed since the martial arts exam, so most freshmen stayed at the same level.
There weren’t many extreme martial disciples, much less martial warriors.

Some students with strong backgrounds had attempted breaking through to martial warriors, but they were in the minority.
Looking at all the universities in the country, there were not more than ten people who could do this.

For students from ordinary families, it was impossible for them to become martial warriors without Force skill scriptures.

They could only wait for school to start to accumulate credits so that they could use them to exchange for Force skill scriptures.
Then, they could attempt to break through to become martial warriors.

Thus, when they heard that Wang Teng was already a martial warrior, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Wang Teng, how did you do it? I heard that it’s very difficult to become a martial warrior,” the scrawny young man, Hou Pingliang, asked in astonishment.

Wang Teng smiled calmly.
“I’m just lucky.”

The senior brother was called Zhu Tao.
He shook his head and said, “This can’t be summed up with just luck.
Besides, luck is a type of ability too.”

“However, Lin Xue, how did you know?” Hou Pingliang asked curiously.

The beautiful young lady lifted her chin slightly and said two words, “Sixth sense!”

“…Sixth sense.” Hou Pingliang was stunned.
Did she really rely on her sixth sense?

…Wang Teng was speechless too.
Did he get seen through by a lady using her sixth sense?

“This is what we call sixth sense,” Lin Xue snorted.

“Hahaha…” Lin Xue’s parents burst out laughing.

Lin Xue asked, “How many martial warrior freshmen do you think our school has?”

“One or two is a lot already.
In the past, there wasn’t even one.
After all, it isn’t easy to break through to a martial warrior,” Zhu Tao said.

“Many people choose to break through after entering university.
That’s because we have the most outstanding instructors who can give the correct guidance.
It will allow them to make fewer mistakes.
Anyway, time isn’t a concern to them,” Hou Pingliang’s father suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Zhu Tao said, “Uncle is right.
The school instructors have taught many students, so they know when people achieve their breakthrough normally and what kind of scripture has a higher success rate.”

“That’s why we want our child to enter the top universities no matter how hard it is,” Lin Xue’s parents exclaimed.

Everyone’s attitude towards Wang Teng changed inconspicuously.
When they talked, they would unconsciously ask him for his opinion.

They were treating Wang Teng as someone of the same level.

Although he was a student, it was undeniable that he was a martial warrior.

Zhu Tao led the group on a tour around the university.
He introduced the buildings they saw along the way so they had an initial understanding of the university.

Actually, they didn’t see many areas.
The martial arts course district was huge and they had limited time.
Hence, Zhu Tao only introduced a few main buildings.

Around ten minutes later, he finally brought the group to the dormitory district.

“The three small buildings in front are the residential management offices.
Your data has already been recorded.
You can ask the staff inside which dormitory you got assigned to.
You just need to show your acceptance letter,” Zhu Tao said.

After that, Wang Teng and the other freshmen walked into the residential management office.
There were many freshmen inside and around ten staff members.

The staff was checking the freshmen’s registration and assigning them the dormitory keys.

“Let’s go over there.
They’re almost done.” Zhu Tao pointed to a counter.
The staff there was passing a key to a freshman.
The handing over was done.

When the staff member saw Wang Teng’s group walking over, he said, “Please take out your acceptance letter.”

Wang Teng and Hou Pingliang were gentlemen, so they let Lin Xue go first.

She immediately passed the staff her acceptance letter.
The staff pressed some keys and checked his computer before taking out a key from the drawer.
He gave the key and the acceptance letter to Lin Xue and said, “Fourth Section, No.
It’s a four-person room.”

Lin Xue hurriedly took over the acceptance letter and key and thanked the staff.

On the other hand, Wang Teng was a little puzzled.
He felt that the allocation of dormitories was different from how they allocated it in regular universities in his past life.

“Fourth Section No.
Your ranking is quite high!” Zhu Tao was a little surprised.
He said, “When I was a freshman, my room was Fourth Section No.

Wang Teng asked, “Senior brother, is there a meaning to Fourth Section No.

Hou Pingliang was listening to their conversation as he went forward to pass his acceptance letter to the staff for inspection.

Zhu Tao took some time to explain, “In our martial arts course district, our dormitory is split into four sections: First, Second, Third, Fourth.
The Fourth Section is normally where all freshmen stay.
There are 300 rooms in total, and each room will have four people living inside.
The entire section can house 1200 people.

“The Third Section is where 1-star soldier-level martial warriors stay.
Once you become a martial warrior, you can have a room yourself.
There are 300 rooms in the Third Section.
It can house 300 people.

“The Second Section has 200 rooms, all single rooms.
However, the facilities there are better than the Third Section.
Only 2-star or 3-star soldier-level martial warriors can stay there.

“Finally, the First Section has 100 rooms.
This is where the top 100 martial warriors reside.
You have to be at least 3-star or above to stay here.
The facilities there are the best among all the dormitories.
Most students living there are year four senior brothers and sisters.
It’s rare for year one to year three students to live there.

“Also, this is a mixed dormitory…”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
A mixed dormitory? This was a benefit he didn’t enjoy in his past life.

Zhu Tao laughed.
“Don’t think otherwise.
Mixed dormitory refers to the section.
If it’s a four-man room, the people living inside will be of the same gender.
There will be no boys and girls living together in the same room.”

“Cough, senior brother, you are thinking too much.
I’m an upright person.
Why will I have such thoughts?” Wang Teng said righteously.

Everyone immediately glanced at him from sideways.
Their gazes were ambiguous.
You could only understand it but not say it openly…

Zhu Tao continued, “In the martial arts course, we don’t rely on seniority.
Everything is based on ability.
Thus, we are not segregated by our years.

“As long as you have the ability, you will be able to live in the higher-ranked dormitories.
If you’re not afraid, you can challenge the top 100 students too.
If you win, you will be able to replace the person.

“Senior brothers and sisters can be squeezed to the back if they aren’t strong enough.
There’s no exception.

“You can say that the right to live in the dormitory is a symbol of honor.
The higher the rank of the dormitory, the more powerful you are.”

“Respect the strong? That’s how the martial arts era works,” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“You will be living in Fourth Section No.
18.” The staff’s voice sounded at this moment.

Hou Pingliang’s dormitory had already been assigned.
Fourth Section No.
He was a little higher in rank than Lin Xue.

Wang Teng was shocked.
Hou Pingliang looked scrawny, but he was actually stronger than Lin Xue.

But, it was understandable.
Hou Pingliang’s father wasn’t a simple figure.
Thus, the child he groomed wouldn’t be a weakling either.

Lin Xue glanced at Hou Pingliang.
She seemed a little unconvinced.

When it was Wang Teng’s turn, the same procedure was repeated.
The staff checked on his computer and raised his head abruptly.
He was flabbergasted.
He said, “Wang Teng, Third Section No.

“What? Did I hear wrong?” Zhu Tao exclaimed in shock.

“No, it’s Third Section No.
1!” the staff glanced at the computer and said firmly.

“F**k, Junior Brother Wang Teng, you’re amazing.
Some freshmen lived in the Third Section when they started university, but this is the first time someone went to room No.
1 directly.
This has never happened before.” Zhu Tao was startled.
He couldn’t remain composed anymore.

“Erm… is it that exaggerating?” Wang Teng was flustered.

Zhu Tao said seriously, “You don’t understand.
The No.
1 room in every section has a special meaning.
It represents the most powerful student in that section.
You’re a freshman, and you got that position the moment you entered university.
You will definitely become a target for others.”

“Will people be looking for me for trouble?” asked Wang Teng curiously.

“Most probably.
You… take care of yourself.” Zhu Tao patted Wang Teng’s shoulder.
He looked as though he was restraining himself and consoling Wang Teng.

“(⊙o⊙)…” Wang Teng remained calm.
He pondered for a moment and said, “I can just fight with them and let them understand that I have the right to stay in room No.

Zhu Tao rolled his eyes.
“You’re really open-minded.
Most of the students staying in Third Section are experienced 1-star martial warriors.
They have ample combat experience.
How can a newbie like you be their match?”

Hmph, if I tell you that I’m already a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, you will be frightened to death. Wang Teng sniggered in his heart, but he didn’t say anything.

Lin Xue and Hou Pingliang couldn’t help but exchange glances with each other.
They felt a sense of defeat.
Why were they still comparing with each other when they were in the Fourth Section? Wang Teng had already gone to the Third Section and room No.1 at that.
This difference was a little wide.

After they came out from the residential management office, they followed Zhu Tao and took a right turn.
They cut through a forest on a cobblestone path, and the dormitory district appeared entirely in front of them.

“This… is our dormitory?”

Hou Pingliang and Lin Xue were stunned.
Before they came, their parents had told them that the school’s living conditions were really good.
However, they didn’t tell them that it would be so good.
This was completely different from their imagination.

As expected, poverty restricted one’s imagination.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded too.
He looked at Zhu Tao.

“That’s right.
This is our dormitory district.” Zhu Tao nodded and smiled.
“How is it? Is it outrageously good?”

“It’s a little unexpected,” Wang Teng replied.

There weren’t high-rise buildings in front of them.
Instead, there were rows of exquisite wooden houses.
Each of them was only two to three stories high.
The scenery was beautiful, like a high-class residential district.

“Is our school so wealthy?” Lin Xue was dumbstruck.

Her parents were non-fighter martial warriors.
Their salary might be higher than normal workers, but they weren’t as wealthy as fighter martial warriors.
Thus, she was astounded by the scene in front of her.

“I’m not sure about other universities, but our Huanghai doesn’t lack money,” Zhu Tao said proudly as though he was very rich.

“Tsk, I seem to smell wealth.
It’s so intoxicating.”

Wang Teng closed his eyes to feel the air and smacked his lips as he spoke.

…Zhu Tao was caught between laughter and tears.

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