Chapter 163: Entering University

In the university town.

Today was the 1st of September.
Along the way, Wang Teng could see many students and parents.

Some students were pulling their own luggage bags and seemed familiar with the environment.
These were old students.

He could see some students who came with their parents.
They were carrying many bags, and their attire seemed a little rustic.
It was easy to tell that they were freshmen.

Huanghai Military Academy.

Many students and parents were gathered outside the entrance of the university.

However, as compared to regular universities, there weren’t as many people, so it wasn’t too squeezy.

In his past life, military academies started school earlier than regular universities.
Most of the military academies had started school in mid-August.
Some were even crazier and began classes at the start of August.

The military academies started school earlier because they wanted to give all the freshmen a lesson.
They wanted to tell them that military academy students were different from others.

In this lifetime, because of the martial arts exam, the university entrance exam was pushed to July.
Thus, all the universities started on the 1st of September.

Wang Teng felt a little emotional.
In his past life, he had entered some unknown university.
It was a completely different scene from today.
His feelings were different too.

There were a few long tables pieced together at the freshmen reporting section.
Camouflage-style sun shades were placed above the tables.
Many senior brothers and sisters were wearing military attires and welcoming the freshmen.

When they saw Wang Teng coming forward, a tall and straight young man wearing military attire smiled and opened his mouth.
“You are a freshman, right? Did you come alone?”

“Yes,” Wang Teng answered.

“It’s rare to see someone coming alone for freshmen reporting.” The young man was surprised.
He then said, “Please give me your acceptance letter.”

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He passed his acceptance letter to the other party.

“Wang Teng!” When he saw the name on the acceptance letter, the young man couldn’t help but shout.

“What? Wang Teng!”

“Is he that Wang Teng?”

The other senior brothers and sisters at the side looked over and sized up Wang Teng curiously.

The young man asked, “Are you the top scholar of the martial arts exam in Donghai this year?”

“That’s me.” Wang Teng nodded helplessly.
His head was hurting a little.

As expected, the students and parents around him looked towards him when they heard the young man saying the words ‘top scholar of the martial arts exam.’

“The top scholar of the martial arts exam! How impressive!”

“Is he that Wang Teng? I finally saw the real person.”

“I’ve been hearing about him the entire summer vacation.
I’m starting to get sick of it.
My mom kept using him to lecture me.”

Some freshmen from other provinces didn’t know who Wang Teng was, but they knew how impressive the top scholar of the martial arts exam was.
They just felt that he was very powerful.

Some of the people were the citizens of Donghai, so they had heard Wang Teng’s name many times.
Since this was the first time they saw the real person, they found it interesting.

“Alright, don’t gather around Junior Brother Wang Teng anymore.
He’s getting embarrassed.” The young man waved his hands at the other people and passed the acceptance letter back to Wang Teng.
He smiled at him apologetically.

“Junior brother, wait for a little while.
When a few more freshmen come, I will send you over together.”

The martial arts examinees and normal university entrance exam examinees were separated.
The number of martial arts examinees was obviously lesser.
He had to wait for quite a while before two more freshmen came.

“I’m leaving this place to you all.
I will send them to their dormitory first.”

“Go ahead.”

The young man informed the other seniors at the table and brought Wang Teng and the other freshmen into the school as his friends waved at him.

Besides Wang Teng, the other two freshmen had their parents accompanying them.

One of them was a scrawny young man.
Only his father accompanied him.

The other was a lady.
She was approximately 1.7 meters tall and gave off a heroic aura.
Both her parents were here.

“Uncle, you should be a soldier, right?” The senior brother walking in front suddenly turned his head and asked the scrawny young man’s father.

“You can tell?” The man didn’t deny it.
He smiled and nodded.

The senior brother smiled and replied, “Your aura is really obvious.”

They chatted for some time.
Wang Teng learned that the scrawny young man’s father was a soldier at a certain military department.
At the same time, he was a martial warrior too.

No wonder I feel a faint pressure from him.
He must be higher than a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior. Wang Teng thought to himself silently.

He secretly seized the other party.
The man felt his gaze and turned his head to nod at him.
He gave him a gentle smile.

The lady’s parents were martial warriors too.
Both of them had been working in the City Protection Bureau.
They were non-fighter martial warriors.

Along the way, they started talking to the scrawny young man’s father.

In the jovial atmosphere, the group walked into the school.
The senior brother started introducing the school to the parents.

“The school is segregated into two districts.
The road we are walking on is the main street.
On the right, we have the martial arts course district, and on the left, we have the normal specialization district.”

Wang Teng looked at the two sides.
It was obvious that there were more people in the normal specialization district.
From afar, he could see many figures.

On the other hand, there weren’t many people in the martial arts course section.
It seemed exceptionally quiet.

“Let’s walk this way.” The senior brother led the group and made a right turn.
They walked further in through a small path.

A few minutes later, the senior brother pointed at a huge building and said, “This building is the university’s actual combat building.
There are many different weapons provided as all kinds of actual combat equipment.
Once you have your student card, you will be able to go in to train by paying a certain amount of credit.

“This building is the library.
However, for our martial arts course, this place is known as The Classics Pavilion.
There are thousands of scriptures and battle techniques kept in the pavilion.
Of course, you need credits to enter, and it’s very expensive.
However, compared to outside, it’s considered cheap.”

“Scripture! Battle Techniques!”

The eyes of the two freshmen lit up.
Why did they enter the martial arts course in university?

They wanted to get resources such as scriptures and battle techniques.

It was extremely difficult if you wanted to get a Force skill scripture or a Force battle technique outside.
They were exorbitant.
Normal people couldn’t afford them.

Also, it might not be suitable for them.

But, in university, you could choose from an entire library of Force skill scriptures and battle techniques.
You just needed credits.

No wonder people always said that university was an important choice in your life.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up too.
He asked, “Senior Brother, how do we earn credit?”

“Your instructors will introduce that to you in the future.
I won’t exceed my authority,” the senior brother smiled and said.

Wang Teng didn’t ask anymore.

“Wang Teng, are you a martial warrior already?” asked the handsome young lady.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng didn’t hide and admitted it directly.

The martial arts exam results already indicated his level.
Other people might not know, but those that should, they knew about it.
There was no point in hiding.

Also, he was a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior now.
He wasn’t a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior anymore.

“Then, you will have an easier time getting credits compared to normal freshmen.” Astonishment and admiration flashed past the young lady’s eyes.

The other people looked at Wang Teng in surprise too.
Only the father of the scrawny young man seemed to have noticed something earlier, so he remained calm.

“Wang Teng, you are really outstanding.
You became a martial warrior before you entered university,” the young lady’s father complimented him.

The senior brother smiled bitterly.
“I thought you were impressive enough when you entered our school with the identity of a top scholar.
However, I didn’t expect you to be a martial warrior to boot.”

Normally, talented students could only become martial warriors two or three months after they entered university.
Those that weren’t as gifted might have to wait until the next semester or even longer.
Wang Teng had undoubtedly thrown many people behind him already.

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