Chapter 160: Old Grandpa Wang’s Eye-Opening Past

The gaudy battle stunned every guest at the scene.

Most of them had never seen a battle between martial warriors before, so they couldn’t understand what had just happened.
Nonetheless, they still found it impressive.

Some people thought that the Wang family had offended a formidable enemy and would be having a hard time.

In the end, Wang Teng fought back, and the other party died on the spot.
This seemed like an entertaining show where the introduction was shocking but the ending was gloomy.

The man acted proudly, yet he got killed in the end.

Wang Teng could kill a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior in one move, but he had deliberately put on a flashy show.
He wanted the guests to know that with him around, the Wang family would never fall.
Anyone that tried to harm them would go to hell!

He had achieved his aim.
The guests were all astounded by his ability and admired his temperament.
After everything ended, they started to have fun, and the atmosphere regained its liveliness.

Wang Teng returned to the main table and sat down.
His cousins were all so excited that their faces had turned red.
They gathered around him noisily and chattered without stopping.

“Wow, Brother Wang Teng, you’re so strong!”

“That’s right.
You are so handsome!” His younger cousin, Fang Qianwen, clenched her fists and nodded furiously.

“You’re even more handsome… than our school beau!” Although Tian Xinyu was a little shy, she couldn’t control her emotions and opened her mouth uncontrollably.

“Of course, those school beaus can’t be compared to our older cousin,” Fang Qianwen said with contempt.

“Wang Teng, you are so strong already!”

Even a mature adult like Wang Yanan was flabbergasted.
She couldn’t help but mutter to herself.

Wang Yalong opened and closed his mouth.
His throat felt a little dry, and his Adam’s apple kept bobbling.
However, he couldn’t make any sound.

He remembered his previous thoughts and suddenly found it a joke.

Study properly and behave well.
Turn over a new leaf.
Everything was fake.

Ability was the only true power!

Wang Yalong felt that he was enlightened…

“Little Two, you gave birth to a good son!” Wang Shenghong couldn’t help but sigh.
He called his brother by his nickname unconsciously.

… Wang Shengguo was glad at first, but when he heard this nickname, his first turned black.

“Cough, that was a slip of the tongue!” Wang Shenghong realized his error and coughed awkwardly.
He knew that he had said the wrong thing.

“Hahaha.” Wang Teng’s third uncle, Wang Shengjun, and his wife, Wang Jialing, burst out laughing.

“That’s enough,” Wang Shengguo said furiously.

“Honestly, I really admire you.
You have such a good son,” Wang Shengjun said.

“Little Teng is so impressive now.
Why don’t you ask him to guide Haoran in the future?” Wang Teng’s third aunt said.

You can ask Haoran to look for him whenever he’s free,” Wang Shengguo smiled and replied.

“Really? Thank you so much.
With a martial warrior guiding him, our Haoran might have a chance to get into the martial arts course.” His third aunt was elated.

“Little Teng is a martial warrior now.
He will definitely be very busy.
Don’t keep asking Haoran to disturb him,” Wang Shengjun said.

“I know, I know…”

“Little Teng is really outstanding.
You two can just sit back and enjoy your lives in the future,” Wang Huiling said to Li Xiumei enviously.

“Sigh, martial warrior is a dangerous status.”

Li Xiumei was happy that Wang Teng was so outstanding, allowing her to gain admiration from her relatives.
However, whenever she thought of all the dangers a martial warrior needed to experience, she was troubled and worried.

“That’s true.
They have to fight every day.
It’s indeed more dangerous.
But, looking at how powerful Little Teng is, he should be fine as long as he’s careful,” Wang Jialing consoled her.

“Xiumei, how’s your house in Deer Garden? We haven’t looked at it yet,” Zhao Huili interrupted them.

Li Xiumei smiled and replied, “After the banquet ends, you can come and take a look at the new house.”

“Of course.
Deer Garden is one of the best districts in Donghai.
Many wealthy people have the money but can’t live there.
I need to see what’s the difference with my own eyes.” As Zhao Huili was speaking, she couldn’t help but feel jealous.
Her brother-in-law was really lucky to be able to give birth to such an outstanding son.
He even got to live in Deer Garden.

Grandpa Wang and Grandpa Li looked at everyone with smiles on their faces.
Nothing was better than seeing their families prosper.

In the past, the Wang family would have probably maintained a certain status among the small families.
After years of development, it might be able to climb higher ten or twenty years later.

Now, with Wang Teng’s appearance, they were able to see another future.

They might not need to wait ten or twenty years for the Wang family to run ahead of the other families.
Instead, they might achieve a height their generation has never attained.


Everything was only possible if the Wang family overcame the obstacle in front of them, though.

Ren Jianping!

Grandpa Wang felt uneasy when he remembered the calm but crazy gaze of the man.

No one knew what nasty things a dying man was capable of doing.

Also, what made him the most anxious was, old Ren Jianping seemed to have become really successful in recent years.
He didn’t know what his current situation was.

But, he could form some conclusions since the other party was able to command martial warriors.

The Wang family in the past could only die a terrible death under his revenge.

How fortunate!

Grandpa Wang looked at Wang Teng.

Fortunately, their Wang family wasn’t fated to die.
His grandson, Wang Teng, was smart and talented.
He became a martial warrior at a young age and got into the Huanghai Military Academy.
He had a bright future ahead.

Could it be that his ancestors were blessing him?

Hmph, he needed to take some time to visit his ancestors and pray for their blessings.

Wang Teng noticed his grandfather’s gloomy mood.
He knew what Grandpa Wang was thinking, so he comforted him in a low voice, “Grandpa, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“From what I see, the other party doesn’t dare to create a scene in Donghai.
If not, he wouldn’t have done all those things behind our backs.
He would have directly sought us out.”

“I’ve entered the Huanghai Military Academy now; I have some background.
After I get a firm foothold, we won’t need to be afraid of him.”

“We’ll solve whatever matters that come.
I’m here.”

Grandpa Wang looked at Wang Teng’s young but mature face.
He smiled in relief.
“Good, good.
My grandson is getting more and more impressive.
You can help Grandpa with my troubles now.
The Wang family is fortunate to have you.”

“Grandpa, what grudge does that Ren Jianping have against you?” Wang Teng asked again.

“That happened many years ago…” Grandpa Wang took a trip down memory lane.
He told Wang Teng his past slowly.

Grandpa Wang and Ren Jianping came from the same village.
At that time, they were good friends.
They came out to make a living together, but in the end, they fell out and became enemies because of some matters.

The main reason why they fell out was because of Wang Teng’s grandma.

Heroes loved beauty.

Grandpa Wang and Ren Jianping fell in love with Wang Teng’s grandma at the same time.

Of course, Wang Teng’s grandma chose Grandpa Wang in the end.
This was the spark that caused their friendships to end in flames.
Ren Jianping hated Grandpa Wang.

Later on, Ren Jianping even wanted to kill Grandpa Wang.
Grandpa Wang got wind of the news beforehand, so he acted first.
Ren Jianping lost completely.

Grandpa Wang thought that he had killed Ren Jianping, but after so many years, the other party appeared again suddenly and came to look for revenge.

Wang Teng had already come up with a melancholy 1980s drama in his mind after he listened to his grandpa.
His expression was fascinating.

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