Chapter 159: The Wang Teng From The Wang Family

“That’s right, I came to take my revenge,” Ren Jianping blurted out.

“It has been so many years.
Did you just remember to come and take revenge?” Grandpa Wang scoffed.

“I don’t mind telling you.
I didn’t have the ability to take revenge in the past.
I thought that I wouldn’t have any chance in this life, but just as I was about to die, the heavens gave me another chance.
My Ren family is now stronger than your Wang family.
That’s why I came to take revenge,” Ren Jianping said coldly.

“You get arrogant the moment you succeed.
You must be the one who harmed my son in the past, right?” Grandpa Wang said with disdain.

“It’s me.
Unfortunately, I didn’t expect your Wang family to be able to groom a martial warrior and spoil my plan.” Ren Jianping coughed a few times.
He used his handkerchief to wipe the corner of his lips before continuing, “I have to admit that your grandson, Wang Teng, is quite capable.
He’s able to become a martial warrior at such a young age.
He can be considered a genius in the entire country.
But, when compared to my grandson, he’s nothing.”

“Stop talking nonsense.
Come and take revenge if you want and stop doing all these petty things.
You are still the same as your younger self.
You didn’t grow at all,” Grandpa Wang said.

“Wang Zhenxiong, don’t think that you’re the smartest and others are all idiots.
I hate this side of you.
I’ve always hated you.” Ren Jianping became furious and had a coughing fit.
A tinge of red appeared on the handkerchief covering his mouth.
He didn’t care about it, though, and laughed crazily.
“I’m going to die soon.
But, before I die, I will pull your Wang family to hell with me!”

Grandpa Wang frowned.
He wasn’t afraid of an enemy who was alive, but the hatred of a dying person was enough to turn him into a maniac.
No one knew what a person like this would do.

“You are afraid.
Hahaha, you are afraid!” Ren Jianping saw his expression and burst out laughing.
“You are finally afraid.
You’re old.
You’re no longer the Wang Zhenxiong who was afraid of nothing!”

“You crazy old man, if you have the guts, come and find me.
Why are you scheming against the younger generations?” Grandpa Wang growled.

“Hmph, I will not forgive you.
As for your grandchildren, I will make them regret coming to this world,” Ren Jianping said viciously.


“Hahaha…” Ren Jianping laughed again when he saw Grandpa Wang’s speechless expression.

After laughing for some time, he suddenly stopped and shouted coldly, “Zhu Wu, give him the present.”

“Wang Zhenxiong, this is a present I prepared specially for you.
However, this is just an appetizer.
Wait for me patiently!”

The Wang family was boiling with anger.

Sending him to death!

If he managed to send the present, the Wang family would become a joke.

“Ren Jianping, this is too much!” Grandpa Wang raged.
Then, he shouted, “Stop him!”

Instantly, a bunch of Wang family’s security guards dashed out and charged towards the young man.
They wanted to stop him from putting down the clock.


The young man snorted.
He wasn’t afraid of the tall and bulky men charging at him.
He remained composed.
When they got nearer, he suddenly swept his leg.

The force from this powerful move was enough to throw the bodyguards out.

“Thinking too highly of yourself!”

Wang Teng’s family’s expressions turned dark and gloomy.

Zhu Wu glanced around him with an arrogant look.
He raised the clock with one arm and threw it to the middle of the hall.
He wanted to place this clock in the most prominent location.

The clock flew out and was about to land on the platform.
Suddenly, a figure shot out and appeared in front of the clock.


The person raised his leg and kicked the clock towards Zhu Wu.

“Wang Teng!”

“Little Teng!”


Everyone shouted in surprise when they saw the figure.

“I was waiting for you!” Zhu Wu’s expression didn’t change.
He raised his fist and smashed it on the giant clock.

The surface of the clock bent inwards before flying towards Wang Teng again.


Wang Teng scoffed.
He wanted to smash the enormous clock on Zhu Wu’s head.

To put his plan into action, Wang Teng pushed his feet in mid-air and leaped up.
He landed on the tip of the clock and exerted force.
It felt like a mountain boring down.


The huge clock fell on Zhu Wu with the sound of air breaking.

Zhu Wu’s expression finally underwent a change.
Yellow earth Force gushed out as his arms bulged out, forming two giant arms.
He forcefully held onto the falling clock.

He had done his homework before coming.
He thought that Wang Teng was a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Zhu Wu was a 1-star martial warrior too.
His combat prowess was not bad.

He had more than enough ability to deal with a 1-star martial warrior who had just graduated from high school and didn’t have any battle experience.

But, he didn’t know that after a summer break, Wang Teng was already a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.

If not, he wouldn’t dare to receive his attack head-on, no matter how bold he was.


Zhu Wu grabbed the edge of the huge clock with both hands tightly.
He forcefully raised it in mid-air.

“You’re too naive.
I’m an earth element martial warrior.
I have great strength.
You won’t be able to suppress me like this,” Zhu Wu shouted.
He wanted to throw the clock out along with Wang Teng.

But, in the next second, the weight on the clock increased tremendously.

It was two to three times heavier than before.
Zhu Wu’s expression changed abruptly.
He lowered his entire body, and the floor under him started cracking.
It was unable to withstand the weight.

“Ah… get up!”

He shouted frantically.
Force spurted out of his body as he tried to resist the mountain-like pressure.

Unfortunately, it was useless!


The sound of bones breaking on Zhu Wu’s arm suddenly resounded in the hall.

“How is this possible?”

His face turned pale, and his pupils constricted violently.
He couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Why are you so strong!”

He raised his head and shouted.
However, he could only see the black clock.
He couldn’t see Wang Teng’s figure at all.

All the guests in the hall, as well as the people from the Wang family, looked at the young man standing with his hands behind his back on the clock in a daze.
They were dumbstruck.

As compared to the struggling young man, Wang Teng seemed exceptionally at ease.
He stood at the tip of the huge clock in a composed manner.
He didn’t seem to be using any energy at all.

However, the clock below his feet continued dropping.
No matter how much Zhu Wu resisted, he couldn’t raise it.

“Ah!” Zhu Wu roared with unwillingness.


Zhu Wu’s entire body was engulfed in the explosion.

At this moment, the clock hadn’t landed on the ground entirely.
Wang Teng swept his leg and kicked the clock and Zhu Wu out of the door.


Amidst a loud bang, the clock got embedded in the wall.

Zhu Wu rolled out from the clock.
His eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were bleeding.
He fell unconscious to the ground.
He didn’t move anymore.

The entire hall was silent.

This present wasn’t sent out in the end.

Ren Jianping’s projection had already disappeared.
If he had seen this scene, he might have died from anger.

“Sorry to let you see this scene.
Please pretend that you’ve just watched a show and continue with what you were doing.
This isn’t a huge matter,” Wang Teng glanced around the hall and said indifferently.

Everyone looked at each other.
They couldn’t help but admire his aura, exclaiming in their hearts.

This Wang Teng is amazing!

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