Chapter 146: Reporting

Just as he was wondering why the dark apparition had dropped so many points of spirit, Wang Teng remembered the insane and emotionless gaze in that pair of scarlet eyes.

An idea flashed through his mind!

Mental patients dropped spirit attributes.

Is there a similarity between dark apparitions and mental patients?

Obviously, there is!

Both their mental states don’t seem normal.

Wang Teng felt that he had found the key point.
He touched his chin and nodded to himself, complimenting himself for his cleverness.

Luo Ya and her teammates were having a heated battle behind him.
It was getting fiercer and fiercer.

Wang Teng had his back towards them.
He didn’t even want to care about them at all.
They told him that they didn’t need his help, so they couldn’t blame him for not lending them a hand.

He continued studying the dark talent and the dark Force.
This dark Force made him very curious.
Wang Teng could easily differentiate it from the other Forces.

He could even generalize the other Forces as ‘light’ Forces.

Of course, this was Wang Teng’s thinking.

At that moment, he heard the shrill sound of air breaking behind him.

“Be…” Luo Ya opened her mouth to warn him.

However, there seemed to be eyes on Wang Teng’s back.
He didn’t turn around.
Instead, his spiritual power gushed out, and the black shadow behind him was thrown out.


Luo Ya finally finished her sentence.
She looked at ‘Liao Long,’ who got thrown off his feet and was slightly stunned.

“This is a good chance!”

It was Kun Qi again.
The muscular giant was a big smart guy.
He immediately grabbed this opportunity and launched an attack on the dark apparition.


He struck out with his battle mace.

‘Liao Long’ burst into pieces on the spot!


An intense battle ended without any real threat.

Wang Teng finally turned around.
He saw Luo Ya and her teammates panting heavily in a bedraggled state.

They were all injured, and blood covered their bodies.
Although their comrade was dead, he had left them a ‘beautiful’ memory.

Wang Teng looked at the attribute bubbles dropped beside ‘Liao Long’s’ body.

He picked them up.

Dark Force*4


10 points of spirit attribute! This is even more than the dark apparition from before.

Despite being astounded, Wang Teng accepted them with a smile.
After all, it was a happy thing for him.

He also received another 4 points of dark Force.
The dark Force in his Force nucleus got a little stronger.

Wang Teng smiled at Luo Ya and her teammates as he said, “Tsk, tsk, why do you all look so disheveled?”

“Hmph, don’t talk nonsense!” Luo Ya glared at him.

Wang Teng teased them, but he noticed that their expressions weren’t looking good.
Thus, he changed the topic and said, “Do you know what this dark apparition was?”

“Hmph, why should we tell you?” Luo Ya glared at him from the corner of her eyes.

“F**k, if I hadn’t helped you just now, you all might have been dead by now,” Wang Teng said furiously.

The dark apparition forced you to come down.
If not, you won’t have acted,” the dwarf also replied in anger.

“Sigh, what do you mean? I was resting peacefully on the tree.
You were the ones who attracted the dark apparition here.
Why are you still complaining?” Wang Teng glared at him.


“You what you?”

Since this is a misunderstanding, there’s no point in arguing.
A dark apparition appeared here.
We should hurry up and get rid of its corpse.
To prevent changes, let’s leave as quickly as possible,” said Luo Ya.

Wang Teng and the dwarf stopped talking.

He looked at Luo Ya and her teammates as they cut a piece of meat off the body of the dark apparition before burning the corpse.
No traces were left.

However, when they were burning ‘Liao Long’s’ body, they did so with a heavy heart.

“Let’s go.” Luo Ya said, “Let’s leave this place first.
I know what you want to ask, but we don’t know much either.
After we go back to the city and report this matter, you might be able to get some insider information from the military.”

“The military?” Wang Teng frowned.
“Are you referring to Xingwu Continent’s military or Earth’s military?”

While he was speaking, he remained vigilant.
Although both parties were on peaceful terms, he didn’t know if Luo Ya and her teammates would suddenly change their minds.

“We need to inform both parties.” Luo Ya gave Wang Teng a meaningful glance.

“Both!” Wang Teng instantly got dumbstruck.
By right, Luo Ya and her teammates were citizens of the Xingwu Continent.
Naturally, they should inform the Xingwu Continent’s military.

“That’s right.
More than twenty years ago, the higher authorities gave us an order.
Once we discover the presence of dark apparitions, we need to inform both militaries.”

Wang Teng didn’t expect this answer.

“The military is keeping a close watch on dark apparitions?” This was a question, but his tone was certain.

Dark apparitions are extremely dangerous.
Also, recently, more and more dark apparitions have appeared in the Xingwu continent.
Many martial warriors got killed by them.
The events incited fear in the masses,” Luo Ya said.

“Dark apparitions only appeared in the recent years?” Wang Teng asked.

“Not necessary.
They just appeared more frequently in recent years, so the military made their presence public.
It was said that they did appear in the past, but not many people knew about them,” Luo Ya said.

“Let’s walk and talk.
This is an important matter.
We need to hurry back as soon as possible.”

She called everyone to leave as she spoke.

While Wang Teng hesitated, she said, “Even if you don’t go to the military today, they will look for you.”

“It looks like they take dark apparitions very seriously.”

Wang Teng didn’t doubt Luo Ya’s words.
He didn’t hesitate any more and followed them.

A few hours later, the group left the Dark Mist Forest under the night sky.
They took their vehicles from the Dark Mist Town and drove back to Yong City.

It was worth mentioning that Luo Ya and her team came from Yong City too.

Actually, this was because Yong City was the only big city in this area.

The other cities were relatively far away.
If those people wanted to enter the Dark Mist Forest, they would use other entrances.

After returning to Yong City, Wang Teng and Luo Ya’s team headed directly to the military district.

Of course, they split up.

Luo Ya and her team went to look for the Xingwu Continent’s military while Wang Teng headed to the camp of the Earth’s military.

Before he left, he even inquired about the location of the military camp.
He didn’t know where they were stationed.

South district of Yong City, at a forbidden section of the military camp.

The moment Wang Teng reached the entrance, he was stopped.

“Stop right there!”

A cold shout was heard.
The next moment, more than ten muzzles pointed at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng immediately raised his hands to show that he was harmless.

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.
I’m a martial warrior from Jixin Martial House.
I came here because I have something very important to report.”

“A martial warrior from Jixin Martial House!”

The guards’ expressions softened a little.
However, they didn’t let down their guards.

“Take out your credentials and cooperate with our inspection!”

Wang Teng took out his martial warrior credential.

He was afraid that the guards would accidentally fire and kill him if they saw him hesitate.
He wouldn’t know what to do if that happened.

After a round of strict inspection, they confirmed Wang Teng’s identity and shifted the muzzles away.

“What do you have to report?” one of the guards asked.

“Dark apparition!”

The guard’s expression changed when he heard these two words.
He said in a serious tone, “Follow me!”

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