For the entire morning, besides picking up the attributes other people dropped, Wang Teng also looked for them for duels.

Footwork, fist skill, sword skill, and blade skill.
As long as he knew something, he would find others to challenge them.

His nickname, duel fanatic, started spreading among the students unknowingly.
No one knew who started this nickname, though.


“You better make sure that I don’t know who that bastard is!”

When Wang Teng heard someone calling him by this nickname, his entire face turned black.

What the f**k!

What grudges do we have? Why do you have to frame me like this?

“Ah… choo!”

The fatty, Wu Liang, was eating his lunch in the cafeteria.
Suddenly, he sneezed uncontrollably.

He choked, and the rice in his mouth flew up to his nose.
Next, the rice bits flowed down his nose with his mucus, painting a disgusting scenery.


He rubbed his nose and said with frustration, “Why did I sneeze for no reason? Is someone scolding me behind my back? How mean.”

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
The gains on the second floor were huge.
In one morning, most of his attributes were close to an advanced stage martial disciple.

Enlightenment: 35

Physique: 66


Strength: 621


Speed: 323

Battle Techniques: Basic Fist Skill (big achievement), Basic Footwork (big achievement), Basic Sword Skill (big achievement), Basic Blade Skill (small achievement)

The requirements for an advanced stage martial disciple were physique 70, strength 700 kg, and speed 100 meters in 5 seconds.


He just needed to work harder in the afternoon, and a fresh new advanced stage martial disciple would come out of the oven!

His basic battle techniques were also upgraded by a level.
His fist skill, sword skill, and footwork had advanced from the small achievement stage to the big achievement stage.
His blade skill changed from the well-versed to the small achievement stage.

In short, his ability had undergone a tremendous change.

Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up any new battle techniques today.
It seemed that most people chose these few battle techniques to practice and master.

Wang Teng walked out of the training building and headed to the cafeteria of the martial arts academy.

He had learned from Zhang Shaoyang and a few other students that the Jixin Martial House also had a cafeteria.

As long as one had the money, one could eat anything.
Even if you wanted to eat star beast dishes, they had it!

These star beasts were all killed by the martial warriors from the martial arts academy and sold to the academy in exchange for points or money.
Hence, the martial arts academy had an abundant array of star beasts ingredients as compared to other places.

It included rare star beasts that weren’t sold outside at all.

The martial arts academy had specially hired Force chef masters to attend to these ingredients.

Force chef was a secondary career derived from the martial warriors.


Every single Force chef must have the Force in their bodies.
If anyone wanted to cultivate with the Force, they needed to be a martial warrior.

A martial warrior as a chef? Would anyone dare to think about that?

However, the dishes cooked by a Force chef master weren’t ordinary.
They would benefit martial warriors when they cultivated.

The methods of preparations and the dishes all came from the Xingwu Continent.
Even this career title originated from there.

The salary of Force chef masters was high, and there were no dangers.
Many martial warriors pursued and flattered Force chefs because they wanted to eat Force dishes.
Hence, the status of Force chef masters was actually rather high.

On the way to the cafeteria, Wang Teng asked Zhang Shaoyang curiously, “So, you’re saying that the cafeteria of the Jixin Martial House provides Force dishes?”

Zhang Shaoyang explained, “Yes.
Our Jixin Martial House is one of the top three martial arts academies in China.
Naturally, we have the ability to hire Force chef masters.

“Today, after many experiments and trial and error by the Force chefs on the earth, new dishes were created based on the ones from the Otherworld.
An entire system of Force dishes cuisine was formed.

“But, these Force dishes from the Otherworld are only available on the third floor of the cafeteria.
Normally, only martial warriors will go there.
Average students can’t afford them.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He was shocked as he asked, “Oh? We can still see martial warriors?”

“We can see them, but not many.
Most of the martial warriors are exploring the Xingwu Continent during normal times or executing some missions released by the martial arts academies.
They won’t spend much time in the martial arts academy,” Zhang Shaoyang elaborated.

Wang Teng nodded as he continued to expand his knowledge.
“Are Force dishes expensive?”

“They are not just expensive.
Usually, Force dishes cost tens of thousands.
They are difficult to prepare, and the ingredients are rare.
Some of them even cost a few million or tens of millions.
They are extremely expensive,” Zhang Shaoyang exclaimed.

Oh my god, even Michelin chefs aren’t so outrageous.

Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

Did one meal cost a few million or tens of millions? Were martial warriors all so wealthy?


Of course, he didn’t go to the third floor of the cafeteria.
He went to eat on the first floor with Zhang Shaoyang and a few other students.

A few million for a meal, Wang Teng wasn’t so extravagant.

Even if he wanted to eat, he would wait until he became a martial warrior and was able to earn a hundred million easily.
At that time, he could let his parents have a taste of the Force dishes too.


After eating, he rested for an hour.

Then, he continued training in the afternoon.

Wang Teng grabbed his thirsty blade and started dueling with the student.
He mainly looked for those practicing Basic Blade Skills.


Among all his battle techniques, only his blade skill was at the small achievement stage.

A human had to be fair.
He mustn’t favor any skill more than the others.
Hence, he decided to raise his basic blade skill to the big achievement stage first.


Time flew in the afternoon.
In a blink of an eye, a few hours had passed.
All of Wang Teng’s attributes had broken through the threshold of an advanced stage martial disciple.

That meant that he had finally become an advanced stage martial disciple.

Among the martial disciples, he was part of the elites now.
He was a slightly stronger nobody.


His basic blade skill had also reached the big achievement stage.

However, his footwork, fist skill, and sword skill accidentally reached the perfected stage.
They flung the basic blade skill behind them again.

What happened to fairness?

Basic Blade Skill: ‘Wronged emoticon’


Everything seems to be rising a little too quickly! Wang Teng felt helpless in his heart.

His life was so lonely!

Wang Teng decided to continue staying on the second floor for a few more days.
He would still be able to raise his attributes.

There might be more attributes for him to collect on the third floor, but a few days wouldn’t make any difference.

At night, Wang Teng returned home and had dinner with his parents.
Then, he went back to the Jixin Martial House to pick up attributes.

He worked until 11 pm before he finally returned home.

After bathing, he laid on the bed and silently opened his attributes panel to take a look.

Enlightenment: 43


Physique: 84

Strength: 964


Speed: 533

Battle Techniques: Basic Fist Skill (perfected), Basic Footwork (perfected), Basic Sword Skill (perfected), Basic Blade Skill (big achievement)

Not bad. Looking at his attributes, he was above average among the advanced stage martial disciples.

As long as Wang Teng didn’t meet an official martial warrior, he would be able to protect himself.

He was immersed in his thoughts as he laid on his bed.
After some time, he slowly slipped into the dreamland.

The next day, Wang Teng woke up early as usual.
It was Monday, so he needed to go to school.

He almost forgot that he was still a senior high student.

Although he just got reborn, he still had the mindset of an adult.
Coincidentally, it was the weekend, so he went to practice his martial arts.
He didn’t do things that a senior high student should do.


In the morning, everyone sat down together to have breakfast.

Wang Shengguo ate some porridge and said, “Although you’re practicing martial arts now, you can’t forget about your schoolwork.
There’s a martial arts course at university.
If you’re able to become an advanced stage martial disciple before the university entrance exam, you can apply for it.”

It would be a good choice if he could enter a military academy.
After he graduated, he would at least be a major or above.

“In this day, the military ranks are closely related to one’s martial arts.
However, until now, only martial warriors who graduated from recognized military academies are given military titles.
Martial warrior graduates from normal universities won’t have this special privilege.”

Wang Teng nodded and started contemplating.

The country was the best protection.
If he could enter a military academy and receive a military rank after he graduated, it was a good solution too.

Of course, even if he entered a normal university, there would be many benefits for martial warriors.
Regular academies also had formed their own factions.

The amount of protection every martial warrior faction gave to their own martial warriors was undeniable.
Also, the martial warriors were given more freedom.

All in all, each had its own benefit.

It seemed that if there was a possibility, he should get into a good university.
He had a bug, but he needed time to grow too.


Before he became someone powerful enough to disregard all rules, the best solution was to find strong support.

The problem was, whether it was his past life or the current one, he had never studied properly in school.
His school results were atrocious…


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