Chapter 135: Good Old Wang Who Couldn’t Bear To Kill A Chicken

Liu Yan stared at the horse-face young man without blinking.
She occasionally pulled the trigger, and an alloy bullet with a fiery-red tail would shoot out.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng was fighting with the other party, so their positions kept changing.
It was hard to predict their movements.

Wang Teng quickly realized this point.
This time, while dodging, he purposely moved away from his opponent.

Liu Yan instantly grabbed this opportunity and fired a single shot.


The evil clansman couldn’t evade in time.
A bloody flower bloomed on his thigh.


The martial warrior’s body might be strong, but this bullet had heavily injured his thigh.
He couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

“I want you to die!”

He had gone a little mad.
At the brink of death, he pounced towards Wang Teng and attempted to kill this irritating little brat first.

“Be careful!” Liu Yan’s expression changed slightly as she reminded him.

Bang, bang, bang!

She fired a few shots at the same time to prevent the other party from moving.

“F**k, do you think I’m made of mud?” Wang Teng glared at him.
He didn’t retreat.
Instead, he stepped forward, and fire Force poured out of his body.
It formed a sword glow as he slashed it out.

No one noticed a hint of sinister black mist merging in this fiery-red sword glow.

The horse-faced young man’s expression was distorted, and he hurriedly raised his sword.
The light on the sword glimmered.
In his final moments, he released his entire power as a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.

No matter what, there was a difference between their strengths.
When their swords collided, Wang Teng was forced to take a few steps back again.

This time, he was prepared.
He used his spiritual power to form a pushing force behind him and cushioned his body.

The horse-faced young man wanted to attack again, but his body suddenly froze in mid-air.
His expression changed entirely.

“You… used poison!”

The horse-faced young man shouted, and the Force around his body started flashing.
He wanted to expel the poison.

However, the poison seemed to have stuck to his bone.
It was hard to disperse it.
Instead, it started to corrode his Force.
The circulation of the Force slowed down because of this, and he was unable to move.

The poison of the Demon Lotus Poison Body was so frightening!


Wang Teng saw this opportunity and immediately charged towards his opponent.

The horse-faced young man got frightened.
He wanted to retreat, but under the influence of the intense poison, his actions slowed down by half a beat…


The sword directly slashed across his chest and almost chopped him in half.
The horse-faced young man opened his eyes wide.
It was obvious that he couldn’t live anymore.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.
Liu Yan was dumbstruck.

She even forgot to pull the trigger!

The horse-face evil clansman, the 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, was killed by Wang Teng!

Wasn’t he at a disadvantage all this while? Why did he suddenly become so powerful?

Was this child pretending to be weak all along?

“You’re really vicious!” Liu Yan came forward and looked at the chest of the horse-face young man that was cut open.
She was slightly shocked.

“I don’t want to do it, either.
I, Wang Teng, am a kind-hearted person.
Normally, I can’t even bear to kill a chicken.
Other people even gave me a nickname—Good Old Wang who couldn’t bear to kill a chicken!” Wang Teng had an amiable expression as he said sincerely, “Can you please believe me?”

Good Old Wang who couldn’t bear to kill a chicken?

Liu Yan gave a strange expression.

“Do you think I’ll believe you?”

“Sigh, I want to be kind, but the situation doesn’t allow me to!” Wang Teng heaved a long sigh.

Liu Yan: …

“Huh, why is his face so black?” Liu Yan suddenly saw the face of the horse-face evil clansman.
Then, she remembered his shout just now and asked in surprise, “You know how to use poison?”

“Hehe, I know a thing or two.” Wang Teng smiled shyly.

“You sinister little fellow!” Liu Yan had a weird expression on her face.
She immediately took two steps back, afraid that Wang Teng would suddenly launch an attack on her.

“Hey, I only used it because I needed to kill my enemy.
Why are you giving me that look?” Wang Teng asked.

“Hehe, I’ll go and help our leader.
You can rest here for a moment.” Liu Yan ran away immediately.

Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.
His gaze landed on the attribute bubbles beside the horse-faced young man.
He picked them up.



Water Force*12

Intermediate Stage Water Talent*2

Folding Waves Sword Skill*1


Looking back at the life-threatening situation just now… Everything was worth it!

His strength and speed attributes had increased once again.
In fact, they had been increasing continuously.

Of course, the most important thing was… the intermediate stage water talent!

With this talent, Wang Teng was finally able to use his water Force.

Also, his water Force jumped by 12 points.
Now, he had 33 points of the water Force.
His battle ability got stronger again.

He even received a dark-level middle-class sword skill—Folding Waves Sword Skill!

That was right.
The folding waves sword skill was a dark-level sword skill!

Another dark-level sword skill! What a huge gain for Wang Teng!

He didn’t make any loss this time!

The only unfortunate thing was, this fellow didn’t drop any water element scriptures!

Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.

He was a little greedy and unsatisfied.
He already had an abundance of gains, but he still wanted another scripture.

He shook his head.
His gaze shifted to Lin Zhan and his other teammates.
They were having a team battle!

After the horse-faced evil clansman was killed, the battle power of both parties changed.
Lin Zhan and others killed the other evil clansmen really quickly.

During this period, loud explosions kept ringing in the sky.
It seemed that some people were having another battle.

But, Wang Teng and his teammates couldn’t see it from their location.

“Looking at this commotion, Zhenli Clan must have activated their 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.
We should leave quickly,” Lin Zhan said with a serious expression.

Everyone nodded.
They prepared to leave from the small alley at the side.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings.
He activated his spiritual power and collected all the attribute bubbles dropped by the dead evil clansmen as well as his teammates when they were fighting.

Fire Force*15

Earth Force*10

Intermediate stage Fire Talent*1

Metal Force*12

Wood Force*13

Water Force*8




Intermediate stage fire talent!

Another intermediate stage talent!

Wang Teng was beyond elated.
Not only was it an intermediate stage fire talent, but it was also a fire element one.

Mind you, the higher the talent, the stronger and better his control of his Force.

Now, his fire Force had reached 2-star, and its size was growing.
It was getting increasingly solidified too.
If he didn’t raise his talent in time, it would be harder to control his Force in the future.

The rest of the bubbles were Forces, speed, and strength.

Wang Teng felt that his battle power had increased exponentially all of a sudden.

It felt good!

The feeling of becoming stronger was too good!

Finally, it was his enlightenment.
After the evil clansmen were killed, they dropped 10 points of enlightenment attribute.

Wang Teng’s enlightenment had reached the spiritual realm stage, so normal enlightenment attributes could only increase his spiritual realm by a 10:1 ratio.

10 points of normal enlightenment meant 1 point of spiritual realm enlightenment.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (1/100)

Suddenly, his mind cleared, and all kinds of knowledge flashed through his mind.

He found that he was able to practice the scriptures and battle techniques much faster ever since his enlightenment entered the spiritual realm stage.

He didn’t even need to rely on his blank attributes.
Instead, he was able to increase the proficiency of his battle techniques and scriptures quickly by himself.

Wang Teng understood the importance of enlightenment.
If he was able to push his enlightenment to an extremely high stage, he might be able to cultivate a battle technique or a scripture until big achievement, or even perfected state! That would be heaven-defying!

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