Xu Hui’s seniors felt extremely awkward now.
However, they couldn’t leave directly like Xie Zhilong.
It would be rude if they did that.

Fortunately, they didn’t say anything overboard just now.
Xie Zhilong had already offended Xu Hui, so there was no point for him to stay any longer.

“Wang Teng, I’m sorry for what happened just now.”

At this moment, Pan Danwen stood out voluntarily and apologized for what happened a moment ago.

“There’s no need for you to apologize.
It has nothing to do with you.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

“It’s almost time.
The auction is about to start.
We’ll go up first.
The manager of Bangde arranged a private room for us,” Lin Zhan said.


Wang Teng nodded.
He said to Xu Hui, “I’ll go up with my teammates first.
Please carry on.”

Then, he smiled and chatted happily with Lin Zhan and his teammates as he walked up the second floor.

Pan Danwen and her schoolmates were shocked.
Bangde Auction House actually arranged a private room for Wang Teng and his teammates.

Mind you, the auction today was a large-scale and grand one.
Only the real influential and powerful figures had the right to stay in a private room.

It looked like Xu Hui’s friend and his martial warrior friends had something they excelled in.
If not, how could they receive such distinguished treatment?

Xu Hui bit her lips and looked at Wang Teng’s back view.
She felt a little depressed for some reason, as if there was an estrangement between them after she came back.

Wang Teng was pushing her away secretly.


Wang Teng and his teammates arrived at a small private room on the second floor.
Yan Jinming leaned over and sniggered.
“Little brat, your luck in ladies is not bad.
That childhood friend of yours is very pretty!”

“Haha, Wang Teng is so handsome.
He must have many beauties around him.” Lin Zhan laughed loudly.

“Are you all envious? You won’t understand it, though.
This is a problem for me,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“Why are you pretending?” Lin Zhan and Yan Jinming rolled their eyes.

“Sigh, as expected.
Singles like you won’t understand.” Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.


Yan Jinming and Lin Zhan froze on the spot.

Their brittle hearts seemed to have received a huge stimulation.

“Pfft~ Hahaha!”

Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue couldn’t control their laughter.
They tittered and then burst out laughing.

The damage Yan Jinming and Lin Zhan received increased exponentially.

“You’re so hurtful!” They glared at Wang Teng and gritted their teeth.

“Little Brother Wang Teng, ignore these two single men.
Do you mind having a close lady friend like me?” Liu Yan pushed the two people away in disdain and winked seductively at Wang Teng.

“Sister, I surrender!” Wang Teng pretended to be frightened and raised his hands.

This time, It was Liu Yan’s turn to feel frustrated.
She rolled her eyes and said, “Am I so scary? Do you think I’m some dreadful monster!?”

“My mom says that beautiful women are all dangerous.
I need to stay far away from them.”

Liu Yan didn’t know whether she should laugh or be angry when she heard Wang Teng’s seemingly humble words.
She complained, “Glib-tongued!”

A few minutes later, the voice of the auction’s host came from below.

“Thanks, everyone, for coming today.
Thank you for your trust towards our Bangde Auction House…”

It was an extremely formal opening.
Then, the host went right to the main topic and started the auction.

“This is the first auction item today.
It’s a dan medicine made by Alchemist Sun—Three Flames Pattern Dan!”

The moment the host finished speaking, low murmurs were heard below.

“Alchemist Sun!”

“Three Flames Pattern Dan!”

“Could it be that fifth rank alchemist?”

“It must be.
Which other alchemist with the surname Sun is able to make the Three Flames Pattern Dan?”

The auctioneer smiled slightly when he heard the commotion caused by the first item.
He continued speaking, “Everyone guessed right.
This Three Flames Pattern Dan is indeed made by the fifth-rank alchemist.
As for its effects, I’m sure many people know it already, but for the sake of those who don’t care much about dan medicines, let me give a short introduction.”

“This Three Flames Pattern Dan is a third-rank dan medicine.
It can help a fire element martial warrior to break through a 3-star or 4-star bottleneck.
That means that this Three Flames Pattern Dan is highly beneficial to martial warriors who have been stuck at the 3-star soldier level for a long time and can’t advance.

“This Three Flames Pattern Dan is the hardest dan medicine to make among all the third-rank spiritual dan.
Only a fifth-rank alchemist like Alchemist Sun has a high probability of success when making it.
Also, it’s a three-pattern quality dan.
Its medicinal properties are extremely good.
It has been appraised by the highest rank professionals in this field, so there’s definitely no problem with it.
You won’t have anything to worry about.”

In the private room, Lin Zhan’s gaze turned envious when he heard the effects of this Three Flames Pattern Dan.

“Sigh, unfortunately, it’s only effective for fire element martial warriors,” he said with pity.

Liu Yan noticed Wang’s puzzled expression, so she explained, “Leader has been stuck at the peak of 3-star soldier level for a long time.
If he can use some help from a similar spiritual dan, he will be able to advance to 4-star soon.

“Once we have a 4-star martial warrior in our team, we will be able to explore the outermost section of the middle circle of the Dark Mist Forest.
Although it’s more dangerous, there will be more gains.
Our team can only become stronger if we have ample resources.”

Wang Teng nodded.
But, he heard Lin Zhan giving a forceful laugh and saying, “It’s not that simple.
1-star to 3-star are all primary-rank martial warriors.
4-star to 6-star is considered middle-rank, while 7-star to 9-star are advanced-rank martial warriors.
Every rank has its bottleneck.
If your talent and luck aren’t enough, it will be tough for you to achieve a breakthrough.”

This was Wang Teng’s first time hearing this.
He couldn’t help but think of his situation.
Since he relied on collecting attributes, would he encounter this bottleneck too?

“Alright, everyone, the starting bid of the Three Flames Pattern Dan is 30 million.
You can start bidding!”

The auctioneer’s voice echoed in the entire venue through the speakers.
After a second of silence, someone shouted a figure.

“31 million!”

“33 million!”

There were many fire element martial warriors at the scene.
Whether they were at the bottleneck or not, as long as they had the money, they participated in the bidding.

The minimum markup was a million.
At the start, everyone was still at the probing stage.
Towards the end, the bidding got heated, and the price climbed higher and higher.
Within a few seconds, it had already reached 58 million!

“There are many fire element martial warriors here today!” Yan Jinming exclaimed in the private room.

“That might not be true.
These people could be buying for others,” Lin Zhan said.

The bidding continued for some time.
Finally, the voices grew lesser.
Everyone had a price for every item.
If this price was exceeded, they would feel that it wasn’t worth it anymore.

“76 million!”

“76 million!”

“Are there any more bidders? No one… final call, are there any more bidders? Okay, 76 million! The Three Flames Pattern Dan belongs to this gentleman!”

The auctioneer shouted three times at the end, but no one made a bid.
Then, he knocked his hammer, and the Three Flames Pattern Dan landed in the hands of a middle-aged gentleman.

It was so easy to make money with spiritual dan.
One small spiritual dan cost 76 million.
Alchemists must all be wealthy people.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but remember the smithery skill he had picked up from Lu Zisheng.
Was he able to pick up alchemy too?

And if he could?

After his alchemy skill hit a certain level, he would make thousands of spiritual dan.
He wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore!

“Next, the second item is…”

The auction continued.
Wang Teng and his teammates didn’t participate in the auction.
The first item was already sold at 76 million.
It was easy to imagine how expensive the items behind were.

They had some savings, but this was a grand auction.
They would probably reach their limit after bidding for one or two items.
Before they met an item they really liked, they wouldn’t act recklessly.

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