Teng was doing.

There was no one else acting like Wang Teng.

“Little Teng Teng!”

Suddenly, a familiar but unfamiliar voice rang beside his ear.
It gave Wang Teng a huge scare.

This address!

This voice!

F**k, it’s that female devil Xu Hui!

Why is she here?

Wang Teng almost spat out the mouthful of tea he just drank.
All kinds of thoughts flashed past his mind in an instant.

He turned and saw the figure that was like a nightmare to him.

At the same time, there were a few people following her at the side.
Wang Teng didn’t recognize any of them.

“Why are you here?” Wang Teng asked as though he had seen a ghost.

“That’s just what I wanted to ask.” Xu Hui walked over and glared at him with her hands on her waist.

“I asked my younger brother to look for you, but you went hiding somewhere.
You didn’t even reply to my message.
What is it? Have you become arrogant just because you were the top scholar of the martial arts exam?”

Wang Teng looked at the beauty in front of him, who was glaring at him with her hands on her waist.
A sense of familiarity rose to his heart.

The same ponytail, the same slender and tall figure, the same bad temper…

However, in this sense of familiarity, there was a slight hint of unfamiliarity too.

At this moment, she was wearing a battle uniform with a sword hanging on her waist.
She looked handsome and valiant.
There was a different aura on her.

He had never seen this attire on her before in his past life.

“I’ve been busy recently.
In fact, I just came back.
Did you send me a message? My phone was off, so I didn’t see it,” Wang Teng felt his head hurting as he spouted nonsense.

“Hmph, do you know how you look when you’re lying?” Xu Hui scoffed.

“I’m a decent person.
I never lie,” proclaimed Wang Teng.

“I only left for a short time, but you’ve already become so naughty.
I’ll settle this with you when we return.
I’m too lazy to bullshit with you now.
Tell me, why did you come here today?” Xu Hui rolled her eyes and asked him again.

I’ll leave immediately after the auction ends later.
Do you think I will stay here stupidly to wait for you to find me? Wang Teng thought to himself secretly.

“I just came to take a look and broaden my horizons.” He found a random excuse.
Then, he asked, “What about you?”

“I also came to take a look with my seniors.” Xu Hui finally remembered to introduce the people beside her.

“These are my seniors from Jiangnan University.
You can greet them like how I greet them.”

“Xu Hui, is this the top scholar of the Donghai martial arts exam that you’ve been talking about recently?” a pretty lady beside Xu Hui asked.

“That’s right, Senior Sister.
He’s my younger brother’s friend, and I grew up with him.
I got a huge shock when I heard that he actually became the top scholar of the martial arts exam,” Xu Hui smiled and replied to the lady.

“Childhood friends!” Pan Danwen teased her.

Hearing this sentence, the man behind Xu Hui frowned.


“He’s just a kid.
How can he be my childhood friend? He’s at most a boot licker.” Xu Hui was too proud to admit it.

Wang Teng was speechless. F**k, I’m not a kid!

“Haha, since you’re Xu Hui’s friend, you’re our friend too.” The man behind Xu Hui walked out.
He pretended to be magnanimous as he spoke to Wang Teng.
“Little Brother Wang Teng, there are many important people here today.
Why don’t you follow us? It will be troublesome if you provoke some respectable figure.”

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say when he heard this.

It was alright when Xu Hui called him a kid.
After all, they were close to each other.

But, he didn’t know this young man at all.

Yet, he called him a little brother. When am I your little brother? You are the little brother.
Your entire family is little brothers.

Where did this person come from?

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