sion was limited too.

While he was laughing at other people for being a frog in the well, he should raise his head and look up at the sky above him.
Was it the real sky?

Li Liangda brought Li Rongcheng into the main building of the Bangde Auction House.

Both of them were wearing formal clothes.
They were in suits and leather shoes, looking like they were here for an official banquet.

“The auction today will be held in the ‘Sky’ auction hall on the eighth floor.
Let’s go there directly,” Li Liangda looked at the invitation card in his hand and said.

The two of them came in front of the lift.
The lift door was about to close.

“Wait!” Li Rongcheng hurriedly ran over and pressed the lift button.
He stopped the doors of the lift that was about to close.

Li Liangda glared at Li Rongcheng with a reproachful gaze.
Then, he said to the people in the lift, “My son was reckless.
I’m really sorry about that.”

There were around five people inside, and they all gave off powerful auras.
When they glanced at Li Liangda and his son, a hint of contempt flashed past their eyes.

Li Liangda was a smart person.
Thus, he noticed the people’s reactions and felt humiliated in his heart.
He even felt hatred.
However, he didn’t dare to reveal anything.

“Misters and miss, we will wait for the next lift.” He smiled awkwardly.

After the lift door closed, Li Rongcheng’s expression turned ugly.
He felt disgraceful as he asked, “Dad, why do we have to lower our voices and status in front of them?”

“Idiot, why can’t you see who those people are? Look at their attires and temperaments.
They are most likely martial warriors.
How can you offend those people? Do you feel that our Li family is living too happily?” Li Liangda was suddenly a little disappointed by his son.
He glanced at him and snorted.

Li Rongcheng felt a strong sense of unwillingness seeping out of his heart.

Martial warriors!

Martial warriors again!

If he passed the martial arts exam and entered a top university, he would be able to become a martial warrior soon.
He wouldn’t need to bend down in front of these people and speak humbly to them anymore.

It was all because of Wang Teng.

He was the one who harmed him.
If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have failed the martial arts exam.
He wouldn’t be in this state today either.

At this moment, the hatred Li Rongcheng had towards Wang Teng got deeper and stronger.

Li Liangda seemed to have seen through his thoughts.
He said, “I know that you hate Wang Teng and want to take revenge.
But, you need to become stronger faster.”

Footsteps were heard behind him.
He stopped speaking.

“Huh? Mr.
Li, you came to participate in this auction too?” A slightly astounded voice was heard.

Xie!” Li Liangda turned his head and found someone familiar.
He was slightly shocked too.
He smiled and said, “Yes, I brought my son out to let him experience the world.
Xie, you must have laid your eyes on a certain auction product, so you came to bid for it, right?”

Xie Kun felt a vague sense of superiority when he noticed Li Liangda flattering him.
He laughed and replied, “That’s right.
I wanted to forge a weapon and saw a suitable item at the auction.
Hence, I came to take a look.”

Xie Kun was delighted.
Before he became a martial warrior, he could only look up to and admire these wealthy people.
However, ever since he became a martial warrior, those wealthy people didn’t dare to offend him anymore.
Sometimes, when they needed to ask him for help, they would fawn upon and flatter him in every way they could.
They also needed to spend a considerable sum of money if they wanted his help.

Li was an example.
In the past, to get rid of some trouble, he promised to give him ten million and even begged him before he finally agreed to help.

You might be wealthy, but you needed to bow down in front of a powerful and capable martial warrior.

Of course, if you were really wealthy, you would be able to invite a stronger martial warrior.
You wouldn’t need to treat low-rank martial warriors like this.

But, in the end, they still had to rely on martial warriors.

Martial warriors were slowly becoming the mainstream in this era.

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