them again once they were spoiled.

I don’t think I have enough money.
Let’s buy them after the leader sells off the battle spoils.

Wang Teng counted what was left of his money.
Zhao Gangbao gave him 10 million as compensation, and he earned 3 million from selling the volcano salamander.

It seemed like a lot, but Wang Teng wanted to buy something better.

Protecting his life was the most important!

Then, there was the Shooting Star Spiral as well.
He must forge it as soon as possible.
The Shooting Star Spiral was a unique trump card.
His power would be heavily discounted if the weapon that could unleash his potential wasn’t present.

Wang Teng immediately contacted Master Lu: Are you there?

Master Lu: Yes, dear.
I’ve already completed examining the blueprint of the Shooting Star Spiral.

This sentence was followed by a smiley face that was laughing hysterically.

Wang Teng asked: Can you make it?

Master Lu: No!

Wang Teng felt the veins on his forehead popping out. Why are you laughing when you can’t do it!

Master Lu: But, I showed it to my senior brother.
He said that it’s a piece of cake for him (*^▽^*)

This was followed by a ‘please praise me’ emoticon.

Wang Teng: Can you complete your sentence at once next time?

Master Lu: No problem dear φ(>ω

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