On the way home, Wang Teng thought of many things.

He had only become a martial warrior for a short time, but he had experienced many upheavals.

At the start, he was attacked by two martial warriors, allowing him to see the ruthlessness of the martial warrior world.
Then, he saw the cruelty of the actual combat assessment.

After that, it was this trip to the Xingwu Continent.

The entire martial warrior world seemed to be covered in layers of shaw.
It was slowly revealing its true face to him layer by layer.

He never knew that behind all the glamor of martial warriors, it was so bloody and gruesome.

When there were gains, there were losses.

If you wanted to gain something, you would have to lose something.

Wang Teng sighed.
His belief got firmer.

“Mister, I’m not going to Fuhua Villa District anymore.
Please drive to the university town.”

He suddenly opened his eyes and spoke to the driver in front.

Before leaving, he had told his parents that he would be out for a month.
It had only been a few days.
If he went back now, he would need to explain to them.

If they knew what he experienced in the Xingwu Continent, they might be even more worried.
There was no need to let them do another round of psychological construction.

He was going to the Xingwu Continent again soon.
This time, he decided to go alone.

The driver glanced at Wang Teng from the rearview mirror.
He didn’t say anything.

This fellow looked wealthy and stupid!


Hence, he turned his car around and headed to the university town.

At the university town, in front of his rented house, Wang Teng met his landlord.
He was bringing his wife out for shopping.
This middle-aged man was always half a head shorter in front of his wife.

“Old Brother Wang, Sister Han, are you going out to play?” Wang Teng opened the door of the small courtyard and asked casually.

“Hey, Brother Wang, I haven’t seen you in a while.
Yes, your Sister Han wants to buy some clothes,” Wang Dapao smiled and replied.

“I have been busy with the university entrance exam recently.
I finally had time to come here again today,” Wang Teng said.

“Oh, so you’re taking the university entrance exam this year? How is it? Speaking about it, the top scholar for the martial arts exam this year is called Wang something.
Another young man with the surname Wang.
As expected, our Wang family has a lot of talents,” Wang Dapao said proudly.

The corners of Wang Teng’s lips twitched.

There are many talents in the Wang family, but that doesn’t include you, the salted fish uncle, right?


I’m standing right in front of you.
What do you mean by Wang something!

Sister Han, who was standing beside him, rolled her eyes at her husband.
“The top scholar of the martial arts exam this year is called Wang Teng.
Brother Wang, that must be you!”

“Huh?” Wang Dapao was stunned.
He touched his head and asked, “I do think he’s called Wang Teng.
Is that really you?”

…Wang Teng was speechless.
“Old Brother Wang, you need to drink more goji berry tea.
Look at your memory!”

Your Old Brother Wang’s body is really good.
I don’t need any goji berry tea,” Wang Dapao said guiltily.

“Hmph.” Sister Han snorted.

“Brother Wang, carry on with your stuff.
We won’t disturb you.” After she said that, she pulled Wang Dapao’s hand and left.

Wang Teng laughed while shaking his head.
He entered his rented house and closed the door properly.

He went to the room to take a look at the crow egg.
It hadn’t hatched yet.
It was still inside.

Wang Teng didn’t care about it.
He took some clothes to change and entered the bathroom to wash up.

When he came back, he took off his battle uniform so that he wouldn’t seem too outstanding when he entered the city area.

After bathing, he wiped his hair and walked into his bedroom.
He took out his phone and turned it on.

When heading to the Xingwu Continent, he had turned off his phone.
In fact, he didn’t even bring his phone along with him.
After all, he wouldn’t be able to receive signals from the Earth on the Xingwu Continent.

The moment he opened his phone, a few messages popped out immediately.

Some messages were sent by Bai Wei, Xu Jie, and their group of friends.
Lin Chuxia and Lin Chuhan had sent him messages too.

Bai Wei and Xu Jie asked him what he was doing and wanted to look for him to meet up.

Wang Teng shook his head.

He would never go out and play.

After all, the Xingwu Continent was more fun.
If he wanted to play, he would go to the Xingwu Continent…

From Xu Jie’s message, he knew that the female devil, Xu Hui, was already back.
She was looking for him with all her effort.

For some reason, he felt his little bird hurting slightly.

He mustn’t let her find him.

It was too scary!

Wang Teng decided not to reply to him.

Lin Chuhan had messaged him to inquire about where he brought Lin Chuxia out to play that night.

Her excitement never subsided for a few days.

‘Ask your sister!’ Wang Teng smiled and typed a reply.

‘Why are you scolding me!’ After some time, Lin Chuhan replied to him.
(In Chinese, ask your sister can be used to scold people).

‘I’m asking you to ask your sister.’ Wang Teng was speechless.

‘That stupid lady won’t tell me.’

‘In that case, I can’t tell you either.
This is our secret.’

The two of you actually have a small secret!

Lin Chuhan felt as if the entire world had forsaken her.
She felt depressed for no reason.


Hmph, men are indeed flirtatious and unfaithful.

Should I steam, barbecue, or fry him?

‘What’s wrong with you?’ When Wang Teng that she didn’t reply for a long time, he couldn’t help but send a message.

‘Go away!’

She replied with two angry words and then ignored him.

Wang Teng: ??

You were the one who looked for me first.
Now, you’re asking me to go away?

Am I someone you can call over whenever you want and push away whenever you feel like it?

Hmph, women are so fickle-minded!

‘Sure, I’ll leave immediately~’ A shameless message was sent out.

The last message was a short one by Lin Chuxia.
‘Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, when are you bringing me out to play again?’

Wow, this young lady is addicted!

Wang Teng replied, ‘I’m not free.’

At the Lin family’s house, Lin Chuxia got excited when she saw Wang Teng’s message.
However, after she saw the content, she pouted.

“Brother-in-law suddenly doesn’t like me anymore.” Lin Chuxia laid on the table and felt dejected.

‘Oh right, did you see the USB that the ‘God of Guns’ gave you? (¬_¬) Miao.’ Wang Teng sent another message.

When Lin Chuxia saw the message, she felt excited again.

‘There’s a skill called Gun Kungfu recorded on the USB.
It looks really amazing.’

As expected, this USB was mass-produced.
Was it reliable?

Wang Teng sent another message as he pondered about this.

‘Did he add any private things inside?’


‘How is that possible?’ Wang Teng was surprised.

‘What else is there supposed to be?’ Lin Chuxia was stunned too.

‘Hahaha!’ Wang Teng sent an awkward smile emoticon over.

Damn it, that fellow treated me differently.
F**k him!

If you’re bored, you can practice Gun Kungfu.
I don’t know if it’s real or fake.’

‘Alright, I’ll give it a try.’

‘That’s all.
I’ll get busy with my things.’


After he replied to all the messages, Wang Teng took a deep breath.

He also received another message of a bank transfer into his account—3 million!

There was a short message added at the end.
‘Wang Teng, the volcano salamander has been sold.
I have transferred the money to you!’

Wang Teng understood what happened.
During the actual combat assessment, he had killed a volcano salamander and the three martial warriors at the scene helped him sell it.

He didn’t expect one 1-star star beast to fetch him 3 million.
The money came too quickly.

This didn’t include the star core.
If not, the price would be higher.

Indeed, the money of a martial warrior came really quickly.
If he killed more star beasts, he would be able to reach a few hundred million soon.
He had a space ring now, so things would be more convenient for him.

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