Chapter 119: Explosion!

“Evil beast!”

Lin Zhan and the other team members instantly released their Force.
Then, they simultaneously attacked the white figure.

However, the white shadow’s speed was astonishing.
It ran across the cliff as if it were on flat ground.
Finally, it stopped on a huge rock high on the cliff and revealed its identity.

“Single-horn denglong!” said Lin Zhan through gritted teeth.

“Are you alright?” Liu Yan came beside Wang Teng and asked in concern.

“I’m fine.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He stood up and looked at the snow-white star beast standing tall on the rock high up on the cliff.

“Thank you for helping me just now,” said Liu Yan.

“This is not the time for this.
Is that the single-horn denglong you were talking about?” Wang Teng asked with a strange expression.

The white star beast on the rock looked a little like a huge-sized… rabbit.

It was furry with long ears.
Its eyes were red, and its body was white.
Only the tip of its ears was black.

That was right, it looked like a giant rabbit!

However, there was a horn on its head, and its claws were sharp like knives.
When it opened its mouth, you could see the row of razor-sharp teeth.

It looked… Its teeth looked healthy and strong.

“Yes, that’s the single-horn denglong.
I didn’t expect the beast to sneak an attack on us.” Liu Yan’s expression was a little ugly.

“It’s injured.
Look at the left side of its back.
There seem to be traces of blood,” Yan Jinyue said.

Everyone followed her finger and looked in the direction she was pointing.
Indeed, they saw a trace of red spreading out from the single-horn denglong’s back.
It was hard to notice it from the front.

“It might have been left by the first batch of people.
It’s malicious and cruel even when it’s hurt.
Let’s take this opportunity to kill it and wrap up things,” Lin Zhan said viciously.

The moment he finished speaking, he stamped on the ground, and his body shot out like a bullet.
He climbed up the cliff and slashed out gold-colored Force out of his huge axes.


The single-horn denglong roared at Lin Zhan.
It sent out a big and powerful gale from its mouth.

The gold glow on the axes split the strong gale apart, forming a long and narrow crack in the middle.
Lin Zhan appeared in front of the single-horn denglong in the blink of an eye.

He swept his battle axes horizontally in front of him.


The single-horn denglong’s figure disappeared from the rock.
Only its lingering shadow was chopped into half by Lin Zhan’s axes.
Moments later, the lingering shadow also dissipated.

The next second, the body of the single-horn denglong appeared beside Lin Zhan.
A whirlwind formed on its sharp claw as it attacked Lin Zhan.

Bang, bang, bang!

A few gunshots also joined the battle.

Below, Liu Yan carried her heavy machine gun and fired continuously while aiming at the single-horn denglong.

The alloy bullet dragged a fiery red flame along with it as it shot towards the single-horn denglong, aiming for its vital point.

The single-horn denglong had no choice but to dodge.
Lin Zhan took the chance to pursue and keep the pressure on.

The two gigantic battle axes danced around in his hands.
The gold glow pierced through the air and engulfed the single-horn denglong.

At that moment, Yang Fei and the other team members arrived.

Yan Jinming, Yan Jinyue, and Yang Fei executed their respective Force battle techniques and blocked the single-horn denglong’s path of retreat.
There was nowhere it could hide.


The single-horn denglong was forced to take on Lin Zhan’s gold ax glow.
The sharp claws slammed into the axes along with the whirlwind on them.
The collision resulted in a frightening explosion.

Lin Zhan couldn’t control himself and took many steps back.
The single-horn denglong saw an opportunity and wanted to escape the encirclement.

On the other side, Wang Teng stood at the high ground and took out the heavy bow from his weapon carrier casket.
He nocked a rune arrow on the bow.

At this moment, Wang Teng could only turn from a warrior into a marksman hiding in the wild.
He took cover behind the bushes and started shooting arrows at his target.

This was commonly known as… the bitch in the bushes.

The Force in Wang Teng’s body erupted as he stretched the bow to its maximum.

He let loose an arrow!


The arrow cut through the air.
The ice Force at the tip formed an ice-blue shadow of the arrow as it charged towards the single-horn denglong.


The single-horn denglong let out a loud roar.
It turned its body forcefully and actually managed to evade this arrow.

However, Yan Jinming and the other two people’s attacks had arrived.

Three attacks landed on the single-horn denglong’s back at the same time.

The single-horn denglong roared in grief and pain.
The sword and blade pierced through the wound that was already present on its body.
They tore its back, and fresh blood spurted everywhere.

Bang, bang, bang…

Gunshots were heard once again.
The bullets penetrated the single-horn denglong’s body one by one, causing it to look up at the sky and roar.
It suddenly went crazy.

It opened its huge mouth, and green lights started gathering around it from the sky and the earth.
The green rays quickly congregated into a ball.

The ball of green light was expanding continuously.

“Hurry up and stop it!” Lin Zhan’s expression changed as he dashed towards the single-horn denglong.

The other team members’ expressions were solemn too.
They executed Force battle techniques to their fullest potential.

Fire Force, water Force, earth Force, these three colors of light covered half the sky.

The rays of swords poured down like the rain.
The glints of sharp blades flew everywhere.
It looked like they could slash a mountain if it stood in their way.

Boom, boom, boom!

The single-horn denglong didn’t dodge, allowing the attacks to land on its body.
The green ball of light in its mouth grew bigger and stronger.
The pressure was terrifying.

Bang, bang, bang…

The heavy machine gun in Liu Yan’s hand kept vibrating.
Alloy bullets shot out as though they were free.

“This beast wants to perish together with us!” Lin Zhan shouted, “Move! Let me handle it!”

He held the huge axes in his hand and swung them out powerfully.
An enormous gold ax shadow flew down from the sky.

Metal Force battle technique—Heavy Mountain!


The gold ax shadow in the air seemed to have turned into a tall and lofty mountain.
It bore down from the sky.

The single-horn denglong finally stopped building its green ball of light.
The viciousness and determination in its pair of red eyes seemed similar to the emotions of a human.
It spurted the ball of green light out.


Lin Zhan’s expression warped.
He started flying back at high speed without any hesitation.
At the same time, he shouted at his team members.

The other team members felt a powerful sense of danger and death.
They raised their speed to the fastest, wishing they had an extra pair of legs.


Wang Teng and Liu Yan were further away.
The moment they noticed something wrong, they fled and found a place to hide.


The green ball of light exploded without any warning, kicking off a violent tornado at the center.
It started sweeping everything away.
Soil flew in the air and covered the entire sky.
The protruding rocks and the vines and plants on the ground were all reduced to pieces by the overwhelming force.

Blades of wind mingled in the tornado as it engulfed the entire area they were in.
The wind blades attacked anything in its path.
It struck against the cliff and left lines and lines of deep cuts.

Lin Zhan and some of the team members couldn’t evade in time.
They were all thrown off their feet by the tornado.

The shockwave caused by the explosion swept the surroundings.
The residual impact took a long time to subside.

The dust in the air gradually landed on the ground.
The valley resumed its silence.


“Yan Jinming!”

“Little Yue!”

“Yang Fei!”

Liu Yan and Wang Teng were a distance away, so they didn’t get hurt.
After coming out from their hiding spots, they immediately started looking for their teammates.

Liu Yan’s face was pale, and there was fear in her expression.

She had been working with her teammates for many years.
Although they weren’t blood-related, they were like her family.
If anything happened to them, she couldn’t imagine what she would do.

“Cough, cough!”

Suddenly, they heard someone coughing not far away.

“It’s our leader!” Liu Yan exclaimed in surprise.
She ran over hurriedly.

Lin Zhan climbed out from below a pile of rocks.
He wiped the trace of blood off the corner of his lips and cursed, “Damn it, this beast is really ruthless.
It actually wanted to perish together.”

“Leader, are you alright?” Liu Yan and Wang Teng hurriedly held him up.

“I’m fine.
I’m just a little hurt.” Lin Zhan waved his hand nonchalantly.”How are the others?”

“We haven’t found them,” said Liu Yan.

“Then, hurry up and look for them…”

“We’re here!” At this moment, Yan Jinming’s voice came out from below another pile of rocks.

“How are you?” Wang Teng asked.

I’m not dying anytime soon.”

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