The vast Dark Mist Forest was divided into five huge sections by the explorers.

Starting from the outside, it was partitioned into the outer circle, middle circle, and inner circle.
There were also the forbidden death zone and the forbidden mysterious zone.

The outer circle typically consisted of 1-star to 3-star star beasts.

Star beasts had a hierarchy too!

The higher-level star beasts wouldn’t want to lower their status, so they rarely came to the outer circle.

The middle circle consisted of 4-star to 6-star star beasts.
As for the inner circle, that was where 7-star to 9-star star beasts lived.

Similarly, the star beasts from the inner circle wouldn’t run out to the middle circle.

The environment in the forbidden death zone was extraordinarily harsh and perilous.
There were many lord-level frightening star beasts hidden in that area.

Lord-level star beasts were equivalent to general-stage martial warriors.
They could be considered the overlords among the star beasts.

Not talking about martial warriors below the general stage, even if general-stage martial warriors entered the forbidden death zone alone, they would have a slim chance of surviving.

As for the forbidden mysterious zone, even general-stage martial warriors wouldn’t be able to escape after they entered.
Well, at least until today, no one had heard of a general-stage martial warrior who was able to return safely after venturing into that zone.

Wang Teng and his teammates were at the outer circle.

With the Tiger Warrior team’s ability, they were considered one of the most powerful teams in the outer circle.

Normal 1-star or 2-star star beasts wouldn’t pose any threat to them.

That was why they were able to kill the nine gale wolves so easily last night.
After all, the difference in level was evident.

Had it been a normal martial warrior team, there was a high possibility that they might have died in that encounter.

Lin Zhan and his teammates said that they would need some time and effort to deal with the gale wolves.
However, after Wang Teng saw their combat prowess yesterday, he felt like sniggering.


The group finally decided to head to Wind Valley.

The team had discovered a 3-star single-horn denglong in the Wind Valley during their previous trip to the Dark Mist Forest.
However, they had used up all their resources back then and had made no adequate preparations.
They weren’t confident of killing it.
That was why they had dragged it until now.

If it wasn’t for the star beast, they would have rested for half a month before they returned to the Xingwu Continent.
They rarely rushed back after only three days.

Based on Lin Zhan’s introduction, the single-horn denglong was extremely intelligent.
There was a high chance that it had given birth to a star bone.

If they could kill it, they would make a huge profit.

Since they had acknowledged Wang Teng’s ability, they didn’t have to worry about taking care of him.
That meant that they could focus on dealing with the single-horn denglong.

Things might change if they dragged too long, though.

They had already lost four days.
If they continued wasting any more time, the single-horn denglong might be found by other teams.

“Wang Teng, can you take care of the 1-star earth armor pig?”

Lin Zhan stopped in his tracks and pointed with his chin at a huge star beast eating in front of them.
Then, he leaned casually against the trunk of a tree and took out his water bottle from his bag.
He started taking sips of water without a care in the world.

The other team members stopped when they saw his actions.
Some sat on the ground while others leaped up a tree.
They took out their dried goods and water and started eating.

Their gazes at Wang Teng seemed as though they were waiting for a good show.

The large earth armor pig had noticed them too.
It raised its head and glared at them with its big and round red eyes.

Its body was covered with thick and sturdy scales, just like an armored vehicle.
It gave people an oppressive feeling.

Star beast had a common trait—they were big!

You could even say that they were gigantic!

The gale wolves they met yesterday were not small either.
They were almost 1.5 meters up to their shoulders.
One bite and they could snap a person into two.

But, as compared to this earth armor pig, the wolves were like nothing.

Wang Teng instantly felt speechless when he saw his teammates sitting around without any worry.
He lifted his battle sword and walked forward.

Huff, puff…

The earth armor pig was panting heavily and looked extremely irritated.
It stepped on the ground with its hind legs, digging up the soil with its movement.
It seemed ready to attack at any moment.

At first, the earth armor pig was 200 meters away from them.
As Wang Teng got nearer, the earth armor pig suddenly kicked up a cloud of dust when their distance was less than a hundred meters.

“Squeal! Squeal!”

The pig grunted as it dashed towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s pupils were fixed on the pig.
This earth armor pig was not only huge and fierce, but it was also agile and fast.
When it stepped on the ground, it gave off loud stomping sounds…

“Do you think Wang Teng can kill the earth armor pig?” Yan Jinyue asked.

“He displayed his skills yesterday night, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Rather than worrying whether he could kill the earth armor pig or not, why don’t we guess how long he will take to take care of this star beast? Are you interested in having a bet?” Lin Zhan smiled and asked.

“What are we betting?” Liu Yan licked her sexy red lips and asked.
Her interest was piqued without a doubt.

“How about ten energy stones?” Lin Zhan suggested.

“Alright!” Liu Yan agreed right away.
She thought for a moment and said, “My guess is five minutes.”

“Wang Teng is very fast, but I’m not sure about his strength and guard ability.
My guess is 10 minutes!” Yan Jinming said.

“In that case, I’ll guess 20 minutes,” Yang Fei said.

“Erm, I think, I think it will be 9 minutes.” Even the little transparent lady Yan Jinyue joined the bet excitedly.

“I guess within one minute,” Lin Zhan said with a smile.

“Seriously? Leader, even if you have high hopes for him, one minute is a little exaggerated.” Yan Jinming was shocked.

“Hehe, let’s wait and see.
All of you will be giving me your energy stones later.” Lin Zhan smiled slyly.

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t know what his unscrupulous teammates were doing.
If he knew, he might vomit blood in anger.

At this moment, he had already started fighting with the earth armor pig.


The earth armor pig charged over at high speed and wanted to smash into Wang Teng.
The frightening impact formed a powerful shockwave and surged towards Wang Teng’s body with a loud crash.

Wang Teng executed his footwork and evaded the attacks like an agile monkey.
At the same time, he aimed his battle sword at the earth armor pig’s neck and slashed it down.

In the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers,’ it was mentioned that whether you were fighting with a mutated beast or a star beast, you needed to find and target their weakness.
Usually, the weaknesses of star beasts were the abdomen, the eyes, and the neck.

While dodging, Wang Teng swung his battle sword at the animal’s neck when he went past it.

The earth armor pig’s body was huge, so it couldn’t turn quickly.
It wasn’t able to prevent the sword from hitting its body.

However, the result wasn’t satisfying.


Wang Teng heard the sound, and his expression changed slightly.
He looked at the spot he chopped just now.
There was only a white line.

The scales of the earth armor pig covered its entire body.
It was exceptionally tough, making it very hard to break this layer of defense.

Since Wang Teng had failed his attack, it gave the earth armor pig time to react.
It swung its head and charged at Wang Teng with its two thick and dagger-like tusks.

If the tusks struck him, they would definitely pierce his body.

Wang Teng raised the shield in his left hand to block the attack.
He used the force of the backlash to move away from the star beast and then made use of his speed to circle it.
He then started searching for the earth armor pig’s weakness.

After the earth armor pig got played by Wang Teng, it got more and more irritated.
It kept panting and growled in a hoarse voice.

Actually, the attacks of an earth armor pig were very simple.
Its only distinguishing trait was its defensive ability.

If the other star beasts weren’t able to break their defense, the earth armor pig was invincible.

However, Wang Teng was able to suppress the earth armor pig with his speed.
The earth armor pig went right and left, but it couldn’t hurt Wang Teng.

After some time, Wang Teng finally found its weakness.

Heart of Martial Arts!

This was the legendary—Thousand years of pain!



The long sword shot out and pierced the butt!

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