1704 Round Ball, Super Evolution… (4)

Origin of Space*1

Space Concealment*10

There are only 10 points of Space Concealment attributes! Wang Teng frowned and shook his head in disappointment.

After collecting attribute bubbles continuously for the past few days, the number of attribute bubbles dropped by the Broadsword Chaotic Beast had decreased gradually.
Now, there were only 10 points of Space Concealment attributes.
Naturally, there was very little enlightenment.

Wang Teng waited for a moment.
The hopeless Blade Fish Chaotic Beast reformed its body, only to be swiftly detonated by Wang Teng again.


Origin of Space*1

Space Concealment*5

Alright, looks like there’s no hope.
Wang Teng sensed the enlightenment from the attribute bubbles and gave up entirely.

He had already collected all the attributes from the Broadsword Chaotic Beast.
There was no more value to speak of.


Wang Teng made a merciful decision and chose to let it go.

He had gotten all the attribute bubbles he could.
Even if he killed this Broadsword Chaotic Beast, it wouldn’t be able to give him more useful attribute bubbles.

As for the golden light spheres, Wang Teng had plenty of them so he didn’t consider one to be a significant loss.

“You can leave.” Wang Teng dismissed the spatial restraints that bound the Broadsword Chaotic Beast and waved at it.

“???” The Broadsword Chaotic Beasts stared at Wang Teng in a daze.
It was puzzled.

Is he letting me go?

That’s impossible!

Is this a new torturing method?

This must be a trap.
He will catch me after I run away happily and continue torturing me.


You’re indeed a devil!

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Wang Teng looked at the confused Broadsword Chaotic Beast and asked in surprise.

“Could it be that you scared it senseless?” Round Ball remarked with an odd expression.
“It seems like this Chaotic Beast has some intelligence.”

“Intelligence? I don’t think it looks very clever!” Wang Teng replied.

“Are you really going to let it go?” Round Ball asked.

“What’s the point of keeping it? It’s no longer of any use to me.” Wang Teng rubbed his chin.
“However, it might become useful after roaming in the chaos for some time.”

“So this is your plan.
But you might not be able to find it next time,” Round Ball said.

“Hehe, I left a space imprint within it.
Whenever I recall it, I’ll find it,” Wang Teng chuckled.

“Poor fish.” Round Ball widened its eyes in surprise.
It didn’t expect Wang Teng to have such a trick up his sleeve.

This person was evil!

It observed another three seconds of silence for the Broadsword Chaotic Beast.

Amen, bless it!

Wang Teng didn’t waste any more time and waved his hand.
The power of space erupted.
The bewildered Broadsword Chaotic Beast was sent into a dimensional rift and disappeared.

Space Concealment: 230/3000 (foundation)

He looked at the Space Concealment Skill on his attributes board.
Unfortunately, it was only at the foundation stage.
He hoped that the Broadsword Chaotic Beasts would give him more attribute bubbles next time.

“Alright, let’s split the golden light spheres.” Wang Teng looked at everyone and smiled.

“Quick!” Round Ball’s eyes lit up as it urged Wang Teng.

It had been waiting for this moment for a long time!

Wang Teng smiled.
He waved his hand and pulled everyone into the Devour Space.
Then, he pondered for a few seconds and said, “Round Ball, you can start first.
Let me see how many golden light spheres you need to achieve a leap in your life status.”

“I’m first!” Round Ball was shocked.
A glimmer of excitement appeared in its eyes.
It asked with uncertainty, “Really? Are you letting me go first?”

“You don’t want to?” Wang Teng glanced at it from the corner of his eyes.

“Yes, yes, of course.” Round Ball nodded fervently.
It was afraid that Wang Teng would go back on his words.

“Let’s start.” Wang Teng released his spiritual power and swept the golden ball of light floating in the Devour Space over.
They floated beside Round Ball.

“Gulp!” Round Ball swallowed its saliva uncontrollably.
“I’ll start eating then.”

Round swiftly moved both hands, grabbing one golden light sphere after another and stuffing them into its mouth.
It swallowed them whole.

As the golden light spheres went down to its stomach, a golden radiance gradually emanated from within Round Ball’s body.
In no time, it was enveloped in a golden cocoon, resembling a cocoon of light.

Round Ball had started its super evolution…

“Looks like it’s very effective.” Wang Teng smiled.
He was filled with excitement.
What would happen after an intelligent lifeform evolved?

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