“Wow, the top scholar of Donghai’s martial arts exam? Are you serious?”

“The top scholar of the martial arts exam this year is so impressive.
He’s already a martial warrior.”

“Looks like he’s a genius!”

“Even if he’s a genius, he’s still a newbie.
Do you know what kind of place Xingwu Continent is? Death can happen anytime.
It’s not easy to guide a newbie here.”

Lin Zhan’s words caused everyone to immerse in a discussion.
Many people were shocked.

“Alright, I’m not chatting with you anymore.” Lin Zhan ignored them and led Wang Teng to the middle of the hall.

The hall was very spacious.
After passing through many activity areas, they finally reached the center.

There was a circular platform in the middle with a stone placed on it.
Complex runes were carved on the surface of the stone.
An elder was sitting at the side and dozing off.

“Uncle Hei!” Lin Zhan called him respectfully.

The elder called Uncle Hei opened his eyes and glanced at Lin Zhan.
“Oh, it’s you.
Why are you here?”

“I brought a new person.” Lin Zhan moved his body to allow Wang Teng to come forward.

“Another new person!” Uncle Hei looked at Wang Teng.
He couldn’t help but exclaim curiously.
“This fellow is a little hard to read.”

Lin Zhan and the other members were stunned.

Uncle Hei guarded this legacy stone all year round.
He had seen his fair share of newbies, but he had never given them any comments.
This time, he actually made an exception for Wang Teng.

And he commented that Wang Teng was hard to read.

Wang Teng didn’t know what the other team members were thinking.
When he heard Uncle Hei’s words, his heart skipped a beat.

Why are this old man’s eyes so sharp?

“Uncle Hei!” He followed Lin Zhan’s example and called the elder respectfully.

Uncle Hei nodded.
He didn’t probe further and said calmly, “Place your hands on this legacy stone.”

Legacy stone?

Wang Teng looked at the other team members.
When he saw them nodding, he walked forward and placed his hands on the stone.

He didn’t see Uncle Hei doing anything, but the runes on the legacy stone suddenly shone brightly.

Just now, that was… spiritual power! Wang Teng thought to himself.

The next second, he felt a series of information entering his mind.

“What is this?”

Although he could guess what the legacy stone was for from its name, he was still flabbergasted when he truly experienced its power.

Within a few seconds, Wang Teng felt that he had learned a new language.

“#¥¥%¥&*%…” (Language can be passed down?)

He opened his mouth and realized that he was speaking in an entirely foreign language.
His pronunciation was a little strange too.
He had a Chinese accent.

Then, he heard Lin Zhan speaking in the same foreign language, “Not bad.
When the pioneers came to this world, they realized the existence of this kind of legacy stone.
They were able to let people learn the basics of a language within a short time.

“We know how difficult it is to learn a new language, especially in the Xingwu Continent, which has a completely different culture from ours.
This makes learning even more difficult.
Many people went through hardships, but they were unable to fully grasp the languages of the Xingwu Continent.

“Later on, the powerful factions had no choice but to buy this stone from the Xingwu Continent at a high price to pass down the common language of Xingwu Continent to newcomers.”

Wang Teng didn’t expect this to happen.
He asked, “Does this mean that other knowledge can be passed down through this method too?”

“It’s not that simple.
It’s really difficult to operate the legacy stone.
If you want to pass down slightly complicated knowledge, you will need a considerable amount of manpower, wealth, and time.
You will also need a profound runemaster before you can attempt to carry out the operation.

“The basic knowledge is easy to learn, so putting it in the legacy stone is useless.
It’s not worth the effort.

“There are many races in the Xingwu Continent, and their languages are extremely complicated.
That was why this common language legacy stone was born.

“The procedure matured gradually over hundreds and thousands of years.

“Until now, the most common and widely used legacy stones in the Xingwu Continent is this kind of common language legacy stones.”

Lin Zhan explained everything at length.

Wang Teng nodded to show his understanding.
If an item that could affect your memory could be created so easily, no one would need to use their brains to study anymore.

Everything could be passed down through the legacy stone.
No one had to tire their brains out, and it would be easy to cultivate laziness.
There was a high chance that civilization would come to a standstill.
There would be no progress.


It was frightening just thinking about the consequences.

After completing the language passing down, Uncle Hei closed his eyes and took a short break.
Lin Zhan and the others knew that they should take their leave.

“Give me a cup of spiritual grape wheat beer!”

There were many entertainment facilities in the hall.
Lin Zhan didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go out.
He brought his team to a bar and shouted at the bartender standing behind the counter.

The spiritual grape wheat beer was a specialty of the Xingwu Continent.
It didn’t have a high alcohol content and the taste was excellent.
Many martial warriors loved it.

Lin Zhan took a small booklet from below the bar counter and threw it to Wang Teng.
“The things that you want to know are all inside.
You can take a look.”

Liu Yan and the other team members gathered around the side of the bar counter and ordered some drinks or fruit cocktails that were low in alcohol content.
They waited at the side and chatted casually with their friends.

Wang Teng nodded.
He opened the small booklet and started reading.

The booklet was a compilation of all the common knowledge one should know about the Xingwu Continent.
It wasn’t very detailed, but it was extensive.

Time passed quickly.
Lin Zhan only called the other team members and got ready to leave after Wang Teng finished reading the booklet.

The time in the Xingwu Continent was around the same as the Earth.

It was around 3 pm now.

Lin Zhan drove a heavy armor vehicle out of the parking lot of the martial arts academy and called everyone to get in.

The wheels of this vehicle were as tall as a human.
The car was covered in heavy armor all around, and it looked like a giant steel beast.

The heavy armor vehicle drove out of Yong City.

Yong City was this important city that was connected to Donghai’s dimensional rift.
When the dimensional rift appeared, the people from Earth had started building this city.

It managed to reach this scale after many years of development.

In the Xingwu Continent, many technological products from Earth were rendered useless.
Only Force products could be used.

For instance, the Force tower in the middle of the city and the Force heavy armor vehicle they were in.

This seemed to be the limitation of this world.

Wang Teng had learned all these pieces of information from the small booklet.
He was slowly starting to accept the things in the Xingwu Continent.

The front and back seats of the heavy armor vehicle were connected.
Although Wang Teng sat at the back, he was able to see the dashboard in the front.
This kind of Force vehicle relied on the runes to absorb the Force in the air and changed it to its energy supply.
This was quite environmentally friendly.

They went out of the city and drove for more than ten miles.
Then, they left the main road and entered the wilderness.

Their surroundings were desolate, with low bushes and tussocks visible.
Occasionally, they would alert one or two wild beasts.

The wilderness was endless, and natural ravines existed everywhere.
There was no path, but this wasn’t a problem for the huge tires of this heavy armor vehicle.

“Our destination this time is the Dark Mist Forest,” Lin Zhan shouted against the howl of the wind.

Wang Teng immediately knew what he was talking about.
There was an introduction in the booklet.

The Dark Mist Forest was an area that humans were currently exploring, and it was enormous.
There were many restricted zones inside with large and powerful star beasts entrenched there.
Many strong martial warriors had lost their lives in this place.
Even until today, humans had not explored the forest entirely.

Two hours later, when the sun was about to set, a vast forest entered everyone’s vision.

Lin Zhan drove the vehicle to the edge of the forest.
Then, he stepped on the brakes, drifting the huge car sideways.
The tires plowed the ground and formed a mark in the shape of an arc.

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