Chapter 111: Moving Mountain Blade Skill

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He could only buy a set of 1-star high-class flying daggers from Master Lu first.

He spent 1.5 million so easily.

Then, he bought a backpack and all kinds of necessities, such as treatment medications and antidotes for poison.
He spent around 3 million on these items.

Following Leader Lin’s introduction, he didn’t forget to buy a 2-star shield that cost 6 million.

He also bought the battle sword he saw at first and the heavy style bow.

Within a short time, he was only left with 58 million out of his 100 million cultivation fund.

If Wang Shengguo knew that Wang Teng was spending money so lavishly, he would probably have a headache for a long time.

What a wastrel!

Wang Teng looked at his balance and felt frustrated for a moment.

What should I do if I can’t finish spending the money?

This is very urgent! I need an answer immediately.

Oh right, there are still scriptures and battle techniques!

Wang Teng suddenly remembered.
He only had the scriptures and battle techniques for the fire element, ice element, and earth element.
He didn’t have anything for his wood, water, and poison elements.

Especially the poison attribute.
This was a rare element.

He looked through the scripture chamber of Jixin Martial House and didn’t manage to find any scriptures related to the poison element.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He had to give up.

Just as he was going to look at the wood and water element scriptures, he had a sudden thought.

He tried to utilize his wood and water elements, but he realized that these two elements just stayed in his body.
They didn’t listen to his command.

As expected, I can’t use these elements if I don’t get the corresponding physique talent.
Even if I buy secret scriptures for wood and water elements now, I can’t cultivate them.

Wang Teng gave a bitter smile and stopped what he planned to do.

I still lack an earth element attacking battle technique.

He had his Earth Loess skill, but it consisted of a defensive shield.

All he lacked was an earth element attacking battle technique.

Wang Teng entered the battle techniques hall.
All kinds of battle techniques were laid out in front of the buyer, split into different grades.

Scriptures and battle techniques were divided into four different ranks: sky, earth, dark, yellow.
Each rank was then split into the low, middle, high, and elite classes.

The Red Flame Scripture and the Deep Ice Scripture were both yellow-rank high-class scriptures.
As for the Earth Loess Skill, it was a yellow-rank elite-class technique.

The Fire Kirin Sword and the Phantom Ice Fist were yellow-rank high-class Force battle techniques.

These scriptures and battle techniques were available on the website too.
They weren’t cheap.

Earth Loess Skill and Deep Ice Scripture cost 80 million.

Red Flame Scripture cost 70 million.

Fire Kirin Sword was 30 million.

Phantom Ice Fist was tagged at 20 million.

Wang Teng was shocked and surprised when he saw the prices.

Oh my god, I am already a billionaire!

He didn’t expect these Force skill scriptures and battle techniques to be so expensive.
No wonder martial warriors were all wealthy people.

No wonder it was so difficult to become a martial warrior!

Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford these prices even if they sold all their assets.

The barrier of entry was too high!

Those powerful wealthy families could fork out the money without any pressure.
A normal person, on the other hand, would feel hopeless just thinking about the large sum.

The martial arts exam was a path to success.
What they said was right.
Wang Teng pondered to himself.

If a student managed to get into the martial arts course, the school would provide them with skill scriptures.
Even if it wasn’t free, it wouldn’t be too expensive.
If not, how were the students able to become martial warriors?

Wang Teng shook his head.
If he didn’t have his bug, the system, he might be worrying over his scriptures and battle techniques too.
This was… really difficult.

He gathered his thoughts and started scrolling through the earth Force battle techniques.

‘Mountain Shattering Strength’, yellow-rank low-class—5 million.

‘Rock Breaking Punch’, yellow-rank middle-class—10 million.

‘Mountain Rock Smash’, yellow-rank elite-class—200 million.

‘Moving Mountain Blade Skill’, dark-level low-class—500 million.

When they reached the dark level, the prices of the Force battle techniques surged exponentially.
After glancing at his remaining money, Wang Teng decided to buy the dark-level low-class Moving Mountain Blade Skill.

He was going to the Xingwu Continent soon.
He didn’t know what dangers were over there, so it was better to grasp a powerful battle technique!

This dark-level low-class Moving Mountain Blade skill was definitely more powerful than the yellow-rank Fire Kirin Sword skill and Phantom Ice Fist.

Since he was practicing a blade skill, he would need a blade.

He had 80 million left.
Wang Teng decided to buy a 2-star high-class battle blade.

Wang Teng had officially spent all the cultivation funds he was given for this period.

As for cultivation resources like energy stones and dan pills, he didn’t buy them because they weren’t as good as attribute bubbles.

He needed to spend money on things that he didn’t have.

To other people, increasing their ability was the most important thing.
Hence, they would probably buy all kinds of cultivation resources first.

But, to Wang Teng, weapons and battle techniques were what he lacked.

Also, whether it was dan pills or energy stones, they contained a certain amount of impurities.
If he absorbed the Force in them, the impurities would be assimilated into his body too.

As time went by, the impurities would accumulate in his body.
It would affect his martial warrior’s realm.

Thus, he mustn’t use too many of them.

He knew the details of the items.
As a cheater with a system, Wang Teng scorned the thought of using these cheap goods.

He didn’t touch the ice element energy stone and the ice element dan Principal Yu gave him.
He planned to use them in other areas or sell them away to earn some small cash.

The next day, the items that Wang Teng bought arrived.

The delivery person was a man wearing a black suit and black sunglasses.
It made him look a little mysterious.

Under his command, the staff carried the boxes down the car one by one.

“Are you Mr.
Wang Teng? Please use your account number to open the boxes and check the items inside,” the man in black said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He used his wristwatch to scan an area at the side of the boxes.
The boxes opened automatically.

He counted the items.
They were all delivered.

Wang Teng, if there’s no problem, please sign here.”

The man in black passed the invoice over.
When he saw the items in the boxes from the corner of his eyes, he was secretly dumbstruck…

How wealthy!

After Wang Teng signed and acknowledged the delivery, the man left with his staff.

Wang Teng carried the boxes up the stairs and tidied them up.
He placed them at the side and then plugged a USB into his computer.

Moving Mountain Blade!

A row of words entered his vision…

Time passed quickly.
Soon, it was time to gather and meet the other members of the Tiger Warrior team.

Wang Teng had an enriching two days.
He prepared everything he should prepare, and he had already started practicing the Moving Mountain Blade skill.

He looked at his attributes panel.

Moving Mountain Blade skill (foundation 5/100)

It was just at the foundation stage, and his proficiency was very low.
Wang Teng did have 35 blank attributes left, but he wasn’t in a hurry to use them.

In the morning, Wang Teng ate breakfast with his family.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei wanted to speak but had no idea what to say.
Understandably, they were both concerned.
However, they didn’t dare to show it.

“Dad, I have a right to purchase form for the Deer Garden.
If you have time, you can take a look and buy a bigger house there.
Try to move there as soon as possible,” Wang Teng said.

“Okay, leave it to me.
Don’t worry about it.” Wang Shengguo nodded.

“I’ll be leaving!” Wang Teng finished his breakfast, wiped his mouth, and got up.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei sent him to the door.
They hesitated for a moment.
In the end, all their worries and emotions congregated into a single sentence.

“Take care, and come back safely!”

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