Chapter 103: Spiritual Power?

Wang Teng glared at Lin Chuxia, who was laughing.

Then, he took out the piece of paper that was crumpled into a ball from his pocket.
After he spread the paper out, he noticed that the drawing on it really looked illegible.

Just as he was about to throw it away, Lin Chuxia made a soft sound.

“What is it? Did you see something?” Wang Teng couldn’t help but ask.

“It looks like… It really looks like a map!” Lin Chuxia frowned as she looked at the drawing on the paper.

Wang Teng hurriedly looked at the drawing again.

After some time, he asked Lin Chuhan awkwardly, “Erm… why can’t I see anything?”

Lin Chuxia rolled her eyes.
She turned the paper around and said, “You are holding it wrongly.”

Wang Teng: …

He laughed awkwardly and looked at the paper again.
His expression turned serious.
“It really looks like a map now.”

“But, where is this place? I have no idea.”

“Let’s put it aside.
We can research online,” Lin Chuxia suggested.

Wang Teng nodded.
He folded the piece of paper and placed it in his pocket carefully.
His attitude was completely different from before.

Lin Chuxia found it a little hilarious as she looked at him.

“Are we going back now?”

“We’re not in a hurry.” Wang Teng sniggered.
He signaled Lin Chuxia to lean close to the door and listen to the situation inside the room carefully.

“What did you put in his alcohol?” Lin Chuxia suddenly thought of something and asked.

“A little laxative,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.
“That fellow fooled me in the past, so I’m paying him back.”

“Narrow-minded.” Lin Chuxia was speechless.
“Also, how is that just a little laxative?”

Wang Teng chuckled.

The duo had to wait for a while before the man with curly hair finished the entire bottle of alcohol.
Suddenly, his stomach started churning.

His expression changed immediately.

“What is happening?

“My stomach…”

The reaction was extreme.
He rushed to the bathroom hurriedly.
Fortunately, this room was quite high-class, so there was a private bathroom.

After some time, the man with curly hair walked out of the bathroom.
He seemed a little weak.

However, very soon, he clutched his stomach and dashed into the bathroom again.
When he came out the second time, his legs were trembling.

After that, he visited the bathroom a few more times.
When he finally came out, he held the wall with a pale face.
His forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Wang Teng controlled his laughter and waved his hand to ask Lin Chuxia to leave.

Lin Chuxia couldn’t hold back her smile.
She had a new understanding of Wang Teng’s sense of humor.

“I didn’t know that you’re someone like this!”

“That fellow harmed me so badly last time.
He gave you a USB, too, right? You will know after you go back and take a look,” Wang Teng replied.

He was confident that this USB was the same as the one he gave him.
At that time, Lin Chuxia would definitely get a shock.

“What on earth is it?” Lin Chuxia asked curiously.

“I can’t tell you.
You will only know after you go back and take a look.” Wang Teng spoke in a mysterious tone.

Lin Chuxia rolled her eyes.
She stopped asking, but she was already on her guard.

A few minutes later, the two of them came out from the mental hospital.

Wang Teng brought Lin Chuxia around the mental hospital one more time and finally managed to push his Spirit to 100.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (0/100)

His Spirit attribute underwent some changes.

Spiritual realm!

It was the same as his enlightenment attribute.
They were both in the spiritual realm!

It was an entirely new realm!

Wang Teng drove his car and sent Lin Chuxia home.

Lin Chuhan had called him many times, but he didn’t answer.
However, he did send a message to her.

He told her when he would be sending Lin Chuxia home.

Although Lin Chuhan was worried, she couldn’t do anything.

She wasn’t worried that Wang Teng would do something to Lin Chuxia.
After all, he was a rich second generation who had seen all kinds of beauties before.
Why would he lay his eyes on Lin Chuxia?

If she wasn’t part of her family, she would be frightened by Lin Chuxia’s face too.

She was worried that Lin Chuxia would learn bad things after Wang Teng brought her out to play in the middle of the night.

It was already very late.
Lin Chuhan waited at home.
Suddenly, the honking of a car was heard outside.

She ran out hurriedly.
As expected, she saw Wang Teng and Lin Chuxia standing beside the car.

Lin Chuhan walked over angrily and pinched Lin Chuxia’s ears.
“You’re getting bold.
How dare you run away from home?”

“I didn’t run away.
I just went out for a walk.” Lin Chuxia tilted her head uncontrollably because her ear was pinched.
But, the expression on her face was calm.

“I’ll take care of you later.” Lin Chuhan snorted and then glared at Wang Teng.
“You, don’t you know her condition? Why are you bringing her around in the middle of the night? What if something happened?”

“She should go out and walk more.
She shouldn’t stay locked up at home all the time.
Also, with me around, what can happen?” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

“I’m worried because you’re around,” said Lin Chuhan.


Wang Teng: …

Lin Chuxia laughed secretly at his plight.

“I got scolded by your sister because I brought you out to play.
Yet, you’re still laughing at me.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

“I can offend the two of you.
I’m leaving!”

He climbed into his car as he spoke and turned the steering wheel.
Then, he waved at the two sisters and drove his car away.

“Sister, why are you so fierce? You will scare him away,” joked Lin Chuxia.

“So what if I scare him away.
What does that have to do with me?” Lin Chuhan said stubbornly.


“Don’t try to play dumb.
I must teach you a lesson properly tonight.
Let’s see if you dare to run out again in the future.
Tell me, where did you go?” Lin Chuhan turned angry from embarrassment.
She stretched out her hand and wanted to grab Lin Chuxia’s ears.

“I’m not telling you!”

Lin Chuxia dodged quickly and ran up the stairs.

Wang Teng didn’t know about the battle between the two sisters.

When he reached home, he locked himself in his room and took a deep breath.
He scanned his bedroom.

Let’s try using something light.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on a cup on the study table.
He focused on the cup.

An invisible power instantly flowed out of his mind.
It penetrated his forehead and connected with the cup.

The water in the cup seemed to be controlled by something.
It started floating slightly.
Then, the water rose from the cup without anything holding it.

The invisible force controlling the water couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.
However, Wang Teng could sense it clearly.
He was able to control it with his mind.

It was like his third hand.

Also, this hand… couldn’t be seen and couldn’t be touched.

Wang Teng moved his thoughts, and the water started changing shape under the control of the invisible force.

This is amazing!

Is this a derivative after my spirit reached the spiritual realm?

Psychokinesis? Spiritual power? What is it?

Wang Teng was confused.
He even found it a little beyond comprehension.
However, a bright smile appeared at the corner of his lips.
His heart started pounding faster, and he felt excited and exhilarated.

He had been anticipating the changes that would take place after his spirit attribute reached 100.
He didn’t expect it to be such a huge surprise.

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