Ming Shu wanted to cut du Qin’s long hair, but every time she touched it, du Qin stared at her fiercely, as if he had touched his ancestor’s grave.

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“This is very weird,”Ming Shu said earnestly and even took out a picture to teach him.
“Look, people nowadays don’t have long hair like this.”

Du Qin’s cold eyes swept across the phone screen.

Then he looked away and ignored Ming Shu.

Ming Shu reached out to touch the hair behind him.
Du Qin glanced at her from the corner of his eyes, and his reaction was not as big as before.

“I’ll cut your hair, okay?”Ming Shu smiled.

Du Qin pulled back his hair and disappeared from Ming Shu’s sight in a few flashes.

Ming Shu:”…”

This little vixen really couldn’t be spoiled.

Ming Shu talked to Du Qin for several days.
Du Qin seemed to be annoyed by her.
He sat down reluctantly and let Ming Shu cut his hair.

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This skill was a bit rusty, so Ming Shu checked it out on the spot.

“Come on, I’ll cut it properly for you.”

Du Qin took the phone from Ming Shu’s hand and quickly flipped through a few pictures, pointing at one of them.

I want this!

Ming Shu touched her nose.
“I’ll take you down the mountain to cut your hair.”

Du Qin’s evil aura intensified, clearly indicating that he couldn’t do it.

Ming Shu:”…”

I Don’t F * * King know how to do that!

Du Qin refused to go down the mountain, or in other words, he didn’t allow anyone to touch his hair.

Ming Shu left early and returned late.
Du Qin didn’t know what she was doing.

Until a few days later, Ming Shu started having designs on his hair again.

Ming Shu held a pair of scissors and looked like a master.

“Come, Little Zombie.”

Du Qin:”…”I told you not to call me little zombie!

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Du Qin sat under the eaves while Ming Shu stood behind him, holding her hair in her hands.

He looked down and watched the hair fall to the ground.

Ming Shu was secretly learning from him… No, she had learned it well, so she cut it pretty well.

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Ming Shu showed du Qin the mirror, and she circled around him from behind.
“Look, isn’t it Nice?”

Du Qin felt the warmth of her body.

His eyes glanced at himself in the mirror weakly, and then fell on the person who was circling him.

Ming Shu fiddled with the mirror and looked around, satisfied with her work.

In the future, she couldn’t catch ghosts, and she could even cut her hair.

Ming Shu suddenly felt a chill on her wrist, and the world spun in front of her eyes, and she fell into the cold embrace.

Ming Shu was so cold that she shivered.

But the colder part was still behind her.

Du Qin’s cold lips were close to hers, blocking her lips.

The Heat on Ming Shu’s body quickly disappeared, and her blood seemed to freeze.


The tip of her cold tongue pried open her lips and teeth, and she began to attack the city with an overbearing aura.

After the initial loss of focus, Ming Shu quickly used her spiritual qi to disperse the cold air, and her face gradually became better.

Du Qin didn’t close his eyes.
Ming Shu could see the hostility in his eyes.
It didn’t feel like a kiss, but like he was going to eat her up.

Ming Shu shrank back, but du Qin hugged her even tighter.

Ming Shu:”…”

Ming Shu tasted the blood on the tip of her tongue.
Du Qin seemed to be stunned for a moment, and then, as if he had tasted something delicious, he began to suck.

He closed his eyes slightly, blocking the cold hostility in his eyes.

The kiss became gentle.

Ming Shu’s tongue felt a little numb.

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Although there was spiritual qi protecting her body, the cold air from du Qin’s body continued to invade her.
It mixed with the stimulation he brought and made her body go soft.

Du Qin brushed away the black hair on Ming Shu’s neck with his fingers.
He moved his lips away and slowly approached her neck.

Fresh Air entered her lungs.

“Little zombie, try biting me.”Ming Shu didn’t stop him.
She only said this while panting.

Du Qin’s lips were close to Ming Shu’s neck.
He didn’t bite down for a long time.

His cold lips moved slowly along her pulse.
He touched her from time to time and kissed her like a dragonfly touching water.

It spread from the corner of his mouth to his lips.

Du Qin suddenly stopped and pushed her away with force, leaving quickly.

Ming Shu was pushed so hard that she staggered and almost lost her balance.

By the time she regained her balance, du Qin was long gone.

What the hell?

Ming Shu raised the mirror and looked at her red lips that had been ravaged.
Her eyes darkened slightly.

After du Qin kissed her, Du Qin appeared again as if nothing had happened.

Du Qin pretended nothing had happened, and Ming Shu, this scumbag, naturally wouldn’t bring it up.

This day, Ming Shu took a job and had to go down the mountain.

Du Qin held the doll in his arms and followed her closely.

Ming Shu turned her head three times with each step.

“Little Zombie, why are you following me?”

“Sword,”du Qin said concisely.

It meant that if you don’t return the Sword to me, I will follow you.

Ming Shu laughed.
“Then you can follow me.”

Du Qin was an illegal hukou holder.
Ming Shu only bought one ticket when she got on the bus.
She didn’t know how he got on the bus.
Anyway, when Ming Shu sat down, he also sat down.

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Luckily, there weren’t many people on the bus, so there were many seats left.

Du Qin glanced at the person who bought du Qin’s seat.
He shivered and went to sit in the empty seat next door.

Their destination was the city next door.
It would take several hours.

“What did you do in the past?”Ming Shu was bored and chatted with Du Qin.


“General? Emperor? Or what?”


“Is that sword very important to you?”

Du Qin finally shifted his gaze from the doll to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu’s figure was reflected in his ink eyes.
The rest of the scenery seemed to be blurred.

“Yes.”He opened his thin lips.

“How about I keep it for you?”Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

Du Qin looked at her fixedly, as if he could see her soul.

He rejected her coldly.

Ming Shu was rejected.
She clicked her tongue and said with a faint smile, “I won’t return it to you.
If you have the ability, strangle me to death.”

“Hiss… why is it so cold all of a sudden?”

“Is the air-conditioner broken?”

“It’s so cold…”

The passengers around suddenly complained.

Du Qin’s hand holding the doll tightened and loosened.

He suddenly leaned over and trapped Ming Shu between the seat and his arm.
While Ming Shu was confused, he kissed her.

A kiss without any technique.

Ming Shu felt his hand on her neck, holding it weakly.

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He only needed to use a little strength.

But he didn’t, until the kiss ended.

His cold fingers slid down a little and landed on her collarbone.
It was unknown whether he did it intentionally or not, but he rubbed his fingers lightly.

Then he retreated.
The pressure disappeared.
Du Qin sat up straight as if nothing had happened and continued to pinch his doll.

Ming Shu reached out to touch her lower lip.

Did he kiss me because he didn’t dare to strangle me?

When they got out of the car, many people looked at du Qin.

The man was cold and distant, but there was an unusual doll in his arms, which made many girls fall in love with him.

“So Handsome!”

“He actually hugged such a doll.
Ahhh, so cute!”

“Take a photo.”

“AH, he left too fast…”


[ harmony system ]

Master Jiu: I’ll Kiss You If I Can’t Pinch You! HMPH!

Ming Shu: Pay Me Back!

Master Jiu: Pay Me Back? When did I owe you money? Don’t blame me!

Ming Shu: Pay Me Back!

Master Jiu: … No.

Ming Shu: (touching the knife)

Master Jiu: (hugging the thigh) can you pay me back with meat?

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