Can this person really do it?

When Mrs.
Guo and Mr.
Guo looked inside again, they saw a ferocious female ghost.


Both of them screamed at the same time.

Although they knew that it might be a ghost that was haunting their son these days, they had never seen it before.

Now that they suddenly saw it, they could only hug and scream.

Ming Shu walked into the room and dragged the Taoist away.

“You want to die too!”The female ghost’s face was ferocious.
“If you don’t want to die, hurry up…”

Shua —

The female ghost’s ferocious expression froze on her face.
Then she suddenly floated back and stared at the long sword in Ming Shu’s hand in fear.

Ming Shu smiled and asked, “Hurry up what?”

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The female ghost:”…”

The Aura on that sword… was so terrifying.

“I was wrong, master, I was wrong.”The female ghost hid in the corner, no longer as arrogant as before.
She kept shouting that she knew she was wrong.

The embarrassed Taoist priest:”…”

The Guo Couple:”…”

This Is… over?

They didn’t even fight!

She just casually took out a sword and finished it with just one sentence?

Ming Shu took out a sword to scare her.
If she really attacked, she would probably be turned into ashes.

“Why are you pestering him?”

The female ghost whimpered.
“He, he, he… he is jumping on someone’s grave.”

Ming Shu looked at the Guo parents.
Your son is jumping on someone’s grave?

Obviously, they didn’t know about this and were confused.

Ming Shu asked again, “Then why are you touching him all night?”

The female ghost seemed to be a little embarrassed.
“He died early and didn’t have a husband.
This young master is fair and clean, I…”

She lowered her head and looked like a shy little daughter.

If they hadn’t seen her ferocious look just now, the Guo couple would have felt much better.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue.
“You are quite good at calculating.”

“He jumped on my grave first,”the female ghost said.
“He provoked me.”

The female ghost began to cry about her tragic past.

She was still treated like this after death.
She saw that young master Guo was quite good-looking, so she had such a thought.

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After the female ghost finished her story with tears in her eyes, Ming Shu suddenly waved her sword.
“Do you want to leave or should I send you away?”

The female ghost:”…”

That’s not right!

Shouldn’t she sympathize with me and ask them to compensate me?

The female ghost looked at the sword in Ming Shu’s hand and shrank back.
“I don’t need to trouble you, master.
I’ll go by myself, I’ll go by myself…”

“If you dare to come back and ruin my zero… Business again, I’ll kill you.”

“No, no, no… I don’t dare.”

The female ghost quickly shook her head and quickly disappeared from the room.

“It’s solved just like that?”Mr.
Guo was confused.

Ming Shu put the sword behind her back.
“Or what?”

”…”what about those awesome fights on TV? ! Why didn’t they have any? !

“Will she come back?”Mrs.
Guo was more concerned about this.

“She doesn’t want to live anymore.
She might come back.”

”…”she was already dead!

However, thinking that the female ghost was so afraid of her, what she said should be useful.

One couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

They hadn’t put their hopes on her before, but they didn’t expect that she would solve it in the end.

“Master, do you think we need to do anything else?”

It’s so simple, but I don’t feel at ease.

Ming Shu:”…”

Everyone had this mentality.
Some useless actions were just for Peace of mind.
In fact, they didn’t have any effect.

“Trampling on someone’s grave is like tearing down someone’s house.
When he wakes up, you can take him to apologize to him,”Ming Shu said casually.
“If he doesn’t seek death, he won’t see ghosts.”

“Okay, okay, okay.
I will definitely go…”Mrs.
Guo agreed immediately.

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