But when Ming Shu entered, she also showed various complicated expressions.

Is this a Master?

So Young?

Is he lying?

“Who are you looking at?”Ming Shu glanced around and found that everyone here was quite normal, so she asked.

“Ahem…”the middle-aged man quickly led the way.
“My Son is upstairs.
Aunt… master, this way please.”

Since everyone was here, they had met many scammers.
But for their son, no matter what, they had to let her take a look.

“Master, this way please.”The middle-aged man led Ming Shu all the way to the room.

Guo, master is casting a spell inside.
Please Don’t disturb him.”A young man in a Taoist robe stopped the middle-aged man at the door.

Guo was a little embarrassed.

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After all, he was also in business.
Although the industry was different, the situation was similar.

Guo quickly explained to Ming Shu, “I contacted them before, but no one came, so I found someone else first.
Master, can you wait a moment?”

He was also nervous about his son.

He was the only one.

“OH.”Ming Shu didn’t have any objections.
“Is there anything to eat?”

“Yes, yes, yes.
Honey, take this master downstairs to eat something first.”Mr.
Guo pulled the woman next to him.

Ming Shu followed Mrs.
Guo Downstairs.

The young man guarding the door snorted.

– ..

Guo came down an hour later and invited Ming Shu up.

Downstairs, Mrs.
Guo had already explained the situation to her.

At first, their son said that there was something wrong with the room and that someone had touched his things.

But they wouldn’t enter his room.
At first, they thought that there was a thief, but nothing was stolen, so they didn’t take it to heart.

But then, their son always felt that someone touched him at night.
After that, he started to talk nonsense and said that there was a ghost.

Their son was getting more and more wrong.
They brought him to all the major hospitals for a check-up, but there was nothing wrong with him.

Guo was a businessman, so he naturally believed in some things.

If there was nothing wrong with the hospital check-up, then maybe it was in that area..

But they also found many people, but they just couldn’t cure him.

Ming Shu felt a wave of yin qi as soon as she stepped into the room.

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There were talismans everywhere in the room, and it seemed that something had been burned in the room.
There was a very unpleasant smell, very choking.

The young man who stood at the door just now was standing in the room.
Beside him was a young man wearing a Taoist robe.
He should be the young man’s master.

Ming Shu’s gaze met his, and the Taoist priest looked at him with disdain.

Guo, since you don’t believe me, why did you look for me?”The Taoist priest spoke first.
“What does such a little girl know?”

“Master, don’t misunderstand.
I am also eager to save my son.”Mr.
Guo was a businessman after all, and he knew how to talk.
“Please Be Considerate.
I only have one son.”

Since he had already said so, the Taoist could only snort coldly.

He wanted to see what this little girl, who didn’t even have any clothes, could see.

She was not professional when she lied to people.
Young people nowadays were too impetuous.

Guo saw that the Taoist refused to leave, so he couldn’t say anything.

“Master, take a look…”

Ming Shu smiled at the Taoist.
“You are really amazing.”

The Taoist priest who was suddenly praised:”…”

Ming Shu walked past the Taoist priest and walked to the bedside.

On the bed lay a young man, about seventeen or eighteen years old.
His facial features were somewhat similar to Mr.
At this time, his face was blue and his eyebrows were tightly knitted.
He showed a frightened expression from time to time.

There was yin qi in the room, but no ghost.

“What did you see, Little Girl?”The Taoist priest asked with a cold smile.

Ming Shu ignored the Taoist.
“When does this ghost usually come?”

Guo said, “Usually after midnight.
My Son always shouts that there is a ghost…”

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