The people of the celestial sect of wonders had planned to attack Wuliang mountain directly.

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However, Daoist master Yu Xuan objected to this proposal because of what happened on the train.
In the end, everyone voted and decided to negotiate.

They never thought that one day, they would have such a face-to-face negotiation with this scum who was against the Taoist sect.

“No matter what, Du Qin is not a human.
He is a ticking time bomb in the human world.
This is the responsibility of the celestial sect of wonders.
Xun Yi, you should be clear about this.”

Master Yu Xuan raised his hand and motioned for Ming Shu to hear him out.

Ming Shu shut her mouth and ate quietly.

As for what Master Yu Xuan said, she just took it as listening to a book.

Master Yu Xuan was also good at bragging, bragging from the suffering of the human world to world peace.

”… Once the seal on him is removed, even you won’t recognize him.
At that time, you won’t be able to control him.”

Master Yu Xuan paused and looked at Xiu Lun.

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Xiu Lun nodded.
He turned around and took out an ancient book from a drawer in the room.

He placed the old book in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu: “What Is This?”

Master Yu Xuan: “You will know when you see it.”

Ming Shu narrowed her eyes.
She clapped her hands and opened the ancient book.

“BE GENTLE!”A big shot shouted in dissatisfaction.

This ancient book was the only copy.
If it was damaged, it would be gone!

The ancient books were all written in traditional characters.
Some of them were completely unknown.
Ming Shu guessed and got a rough idea.

What was recorded was the information of the ancient tomb.

This ancient book should have been copied later.
There were many things that were unclear.

She only knew that the ancient tomb was suppressing a person named du Qin.

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She didn’t know his identity or why he was suppressed.

It also said that if du Qin left the ancient tomb and broke the seal, it would be a disaster for the human world.

Ming Shu flipped through the information and didn’t see anything about the seal.

“So? You invited me here today because you want to completely destroy him?”Ming Shu closed the ancient book and pushed it on the table.

Du Qin slowly raised his head.

His dark and cold eyes swept across the room.
In that instant, the temperature seemed to have dropped by several degrees.

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Everyone was secretly shocked.

This was Duchin.

Just one look was enough to make people scared.

If his seal was broken, what a terrifying existence he would be.

Were they really right to sit here and negotiate today?

“You misunderstood.
We didn’t mean that.”Spiritual Master Yu Xuan took a deep breath.
“We just want you to know what the consequences will be if he breaks the seal.”

“Everyone, be more open and tell us what you want to Do!”Ming Shu said boldly.
“Don’t be like a little girl and Dawdle.”

There will always be people who want to separate me from the snacks!


They are trying to pave the way!

Don’t you understand!

How can you talk about the main topic at the start of a negotiation!

Which negotiation team do you see Talking Like This!

“Xun Yi, don’t be so arrogant!”A slightly younger big shot opposite spiritual master Yu Xuan said in a low voice.
His face was full of disgust and impatience.

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Not everyone was willing to negotiate.

This man was the one who supported attacking Wuliang mountain directly.

Ming Shu shook her legs and said with a smile, “If I keep you in my heart, you will cry.”


Du Qin:”…”

She actually wanted to keep others in her heart?

The temperature around her suddenly dropped.
Ming Shu looked at him inexplicably.
I’m doing something important, what are you doing?

Du Qin grabbed her hand from under the table.

Ming Shu:”…”

Why does it feel like I’m holding her hand under the table in front of my teacher?

Ming Shu shook him twice but didn’t shake him off.
Du Qin’s strength was getting stronger and stronger.
Ming Shu had no choice but to give up this plan and take the initiative to hold him.

She changed her position and blocked their little movements.

Master Yu Xuan was afraid that Ming Shu would quarrel with that big shot, so he quickly became the peacemaker.

“Xun Yi, this is what we discussed.
What do you think?”

Ming Shu pursed her lips and didn’t reply.

Master Yu Xuan only thought that Ming Shu agreed, he said slowly, “You should know that the sword is the key to the seal.
We don’t object to him living here, but you have to give the sword to us for safekeeping.
This way, we can ensure that he won’t lift the seal.”

Ming Shu was a little surprised that master Yu Xuan said this.

She thought that they wouldn’t mention this.

After all, they were not sure if they knew or not.

“What if I don’t agree?”

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“Xun Yi, this is for everyone’s good.”This was the best way.

Separate from the sword.

Even if there was really a problem, there was still room to solve it.

But for Ming Shu, this was a problem that didn’t need to be considered.

“I am not in cahoots with you.
What does your well-being have to do with me?”


They couldn’t continue chatting.

“I can’t give you the sword, and don’t even think about touching du Qin,”Ming Shu said softly.

Since the sword was the thing that sealed du Qin.

Maybe it could deal with Du Qin.

How could she give such a thing to someone else.

“Xun Yi.”

Ming Shu smiled.
“I came here today because I was afraid that your people might miscommunicate, so I came to tell you personally.”


“If you are not convinced, you can do whatever you want.
Anyway, you might not be able to defeat me.
Who will cry when the time comes?”Ming Shu smiled sincerely at Master Yu Xuan.
“Right, master Yu Xuan?”

Master Yu Xuan:”…”


The Big Boss who was angry with Ming Shu slammed the table angrily.
“Look at her attitude.
What is there to talk about with a person like her? She is in cahoots with that devil.
If we don’t get rid of her now, who knows what will happen in the future?”

“I think so too.
Xun Yi is one of us…”

“She has been holding a grudge against us for a long time.
How can she negotiate with US properly? So I opposed it from the beginning.”

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“Du Qin is not a good person.
These two people are mixed up together… I agree to get rid of them.”

For a time, they argued.
It was very lively.

No one listened to what spiritual master Yu Xuan said.

Moreover, more than half of the people agreed to get rid of Ming Shu and Du Qin.

Spiritual Master Yu Xuan:”…”you have never fought with Xun Yi before!

This girl’s strength was completely different from before.

He could feel that it was not some evil method, but a very pure power.


Crash —

Everyone was shocked and stepped back.

The table was thrown away by someone, hitting the chandelier in the air.
Broken Glass fell from the sky.

The table fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

“What are you shouting for? If you want to fight, come quickly.”Ming Shu forcefully pulled her hand out of Du Qin’s hand.
She rolled up her sleeves and said, “Who will go first, you… or you…”

Ming Shu’s finger swept across several people.


A certain big shot’s face was livid.
“There are people from the celestial sect outside.
If you dare to fight, can you walk out of here today?”

“Then let’s give it a try.”Ming Shu’s tone was gentle.
She tilted her head and her eyes curved into a crescent.
“Maybe I can create a miracle and walk out.”


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