The train passage was dimly lit.
Some people passed through it occasionally.
After a slight sound, it fell into silence again.

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Ming Shu pushed the door open and came in.

The man lay quietly on the lower bunk, his body slightly sideways.
His slender body curled up on the narrow bed, looking a little wronged.

He faced inside and stood at the door.
Only his loose hair and delicate eyebrows and eyes could be seen.

Ming Shu closed the door and sat down beside him gently.

Du Qin turned over and slowly opened his eyes.

He didn’t look well.
Maybe it was because of those talisman papers.

He looked at Ming Shu quietly.

Ming Shu held his wrist.
“Are you feeling better?”

“You Heard Me.”

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Du Qin answered her question.

“What did you hear?”Ming Shu held his hand and played with it.


Ming Shu leaned down and lay on his chest.
“Well, then you are very powerful.
You can earn more money to buy snacks for me in the future.”

Du Qin:”…”

The warm body covered his body.
His body, which was not feeling very well, seemed to be pressed and felt comfortable.

His Adam’s apple rolled twice.
“Aren’t you afraid…”

“What are you afraid of? One against one, one against a group.
I am very good at fighting,”the girl said arrogantly.

Du Qin:”…”

Du Qin didn’t know whether she was trying to change the topic on purpose or not.

He wanted to talk about himself.

He was a person.

He shouldn’t exist in this world.

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After a long time, du Qin reached out and hugged her.

Forget it.

She didn’t want to talk about it, so she didn’t want to talk about it.

Ming Shu kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed to lie with him.
The bed was already small, so there was almost no room for them to move.
Their bodies were tightly pressed together.

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In the quiet carriage, there was only the sound of Ming Shu’s breathing.

Ming Shu unknowingly fell asleep.

Du Qin didn’t feel sleepy at all.

If he returned to that place, he would be willing to have her accompany him.


She definitely wouldn’t be willing.

Du Qin was a little troubled.
What should he do..

Knock, knock —

Ming Shu was woken up.
She fumbled for her phone and looked at the time.
It was early in the morning..

At this time, which idiot came to knock on the door?

Du Qin closed his eyes and didn’t respond.
She didn’t know if he was asleep or if he didn’t want to open his eyes.

Knock, Knock, knock..

The knocking on the door became more and more urgent.

Ming Shu sat up with her body propped up.
She kissed du Qin’s lips before going down to open the door.

Du Qin opened his eyes slightly and looked at the swaying figure of the girl.

The door was pushed open, and the noise outside rushed in.

Outside was a flight attendant.
She looked anxious.
“Hello, do you have a doctor or medical staff here?”

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Ming Shu shook her head.

The flight attendant looked disappointed.
She said anxiously and then went to the next room.
“Sorry to bother you.”

Ming Shu’s gaze fell outside the window.

In the darkness, something was revealed.


“There’s a Ghost!”

Screams came from the other end.
Obviously, someone had found something outside.
Ming Shu saw a ghost lying outside the window and gave her a ferocious smile.

“There’s a ghost, there’s a ghost, Ah Ah Ah, there’s a Ghost!”

The stewardess from before screamed in the next room, her face pale.

The train stopped at some point.
There were more and more ghosts outside, crowding outside the window.

Did this F * * K drive the whole train to the netherworld?

And there seemed to be something wrong with this place..

These ghosts looked very fierce.

Ming Shu looked at her phone.

July 15th.

The door of Hell opened..

But under normal circumstances, such a situation wouldn’t happen.
There were not many people on this train.

Ming Shu turned around and looked at du Qin.
Du Qin had opened his eyes and was looking at her.

Ming Shu put her phone back into her pocket, closed the door, and went back inside.

“I’ll go out and take a look.
You stay here obediently.”Ming Shu took out the Little Beastie and gave it to him.

Du Qin pulled her back.

“The Yin Qi on your body is too strong.
If you follow me, you might not be able to get out.”

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Du Qin loosened his fingers slightly.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Du Qin hugged the doll tightly and uttered a single syllable.

Ming Shu rubbed his head and kissed him again.
Then she got up and left.

It was chaotic outside.
Ming Shu was here.
Although this carriage was surrounded by ghosts, there were obviously fewer of them.
There was also an independent private room, so both sides of the carriage were crowded here.

Ming Shu walked through the corridor and knocked on the glass.

The ghosts outside seemed to be shocked and hid in the darkness.

Ming Shu still had some talismans on her.
She stuck them to both ends of the carriage.

The screaming people saw that there were no scary things in this carriage.
They rushed in and occupied the corridor.

Some people saw Ming Shu sticking talismans.
Maybe they thought that the talismans were useful.
Some people even tore the talismans and wanted to take them for themselves.

Ming Shu pulled that person away.

“What are you doing!”That person shouted.

“This carriage is safe.
If we tear off this talisman, we won’t know for sure.”


The girl looked young and spoke slowly.
She looked harmless, but no one dared to disobey her.

Ming Shu intimidated them and walked to the other carriages.

She stuck the talisman on the carriage.
Along the way, she also met those who wanted to take the talisman for themselves.

She would only say one thing and wouldn’t stop them.
If they didn’t listen to her, it was their own business.

Ming Shu’s Talisman was effective.
Before she reached the next carriage, someone already knew.

“Help, help…”

“Master, Help!”

The crowd rushed toward her, completely blocking her way.

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“Get out of my way!”

Those people were pushed aside by a few fierce-looking people.

A few people surrounded Ming Shu.
They were all tough and fierce.

Outside the carriage were fierce ghosts, and inside the carriage were fierce-looking men.

“What are you shouting for? Those things haven’t come in yet, have they?”A big man pointed at those screaming people and shouted.
Seeing that they didn’t listen, the big man took out a machete from nowhere and hacked at the seat.., “Shut the F * ck up!”

The carriage suddenly became quiet.

The passengers shivered and shrank to one side.
The fear didn’t only come from outside, but also from inside the carriage.

After dealing with the noisy passengers, one of the big men looked Ming Shu up and down.
“Little girl, can you catch ghosts? Hurry up and get rid of these things for me!”

The Big Man didn’t give Ming Shu a chance to speak at all and directly gave her an order.

Ming Shu was looking at the ghost behind the burly man who was squeezed together with the crowd.

It was bustling with activity.
Almost half of it was a ghost.

But the others couldn’t see it.

“I’m talking to you.
Why Are You in a Daze? Go!”

“If you don’t get rid of these things today, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

The burly man roared and reached out to pull Ming Shu.
“Damn it, I’m not even afraid of living people.
Why should I be afraid of you dead people!”

Ming Shu dodged nimbly.

The burly man grabbed nothing.
He raised his eyebrows and glared at Ming Shu fiercely.

“Since you’re not afraid, then you can deal with it yourself.”Ming Shu smiled and encouraged him.
“You have to believe in yourself.
You can do it.”


How could she smile at such a tense situation and encourage him?

The burly man pointed at Ming Shu.

“F * * K!”

“Arrest this little girl!”

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