Ming Shu could feel the evil aura on du Qin’s body was stronger than ever, as if it was going to raze this place to the ground.

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In the empty room, there was a female ghost.
She was constantly retreating, but the ferocious hatred on her face didn’t decrease.

Du Qin’s cold gaze swept over.
The female ghost shrank back, but she still held her head high and puffed out her chest, unwilling to lower her head.

“Are you the one behind this?”Ming Shu looked at the female ghost.

The female ghost was actually very afraid of Du Qin.
His aura was too terrifying, but hatred supported her.

“It’s me!”


“The Hu family owes me!”The female ghost’s words were full of hatred.
“The Hu family locked me up in this dark place.
They owe me! I want the Hu family to pay with blood and never have children again!”

Ming Shu waited for the female ghost to finish her roar and smiled gently.
“Please start your performance!”

The female ghost:”…”

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This incident was traced back to Mr.
Hu’s grandfather’s generation.

At that time, the Hu family was a wealthy family.

At that time, the eldest son of the Hu family was seriously ill.
After he died, the Hu family felt that his death was pitiful.
He didn’t even have a wife, so they discussed giving this eldest son a ghost marriage.

The target of the ghost marriage was the female ghost.

The female ghost was only the daughter of an ordinary family.
The Hu family was rich and powerful.
How could they compete with the Hu Family?

She was brought to the Hu family.
Afraid that she would run away, they locked her in a room.

That night was the day before they decided on the ghost marriage.

The second young master of the Hu family sneaked into the room where she was locked and defiled her.

This incident happened the next day.

Her body was not clean, so naturally, she could not marry the deceased eldest young master.

But they did not let her go.

She begged them to let her go, but she would not say anything.

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But the Hu family did not.

They strangled her to death.


Later, she became a ghost.

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If she was not a member of the Hu family, she would have married an ordinary person.
Even if it was hard work, she would have lived her whole life.

They were the ones who ruined her.

That was why she pestered the Hu family all day long.

Especially the second young master of the Hu family who had sullied her.

But the Hu family quickly hired a Taoist priest.
This Taoist priest asked the Hu family to dig up her body.

Then, he used a sinister method to bury her under the Hu family’s house.

She could not leave this place again, and she could not cause trouble for the Hu family.

She watched as the Hu family’s business grew bigger and bigger.

The second young master of Hu, who had defiled her, married and had children.

After the Hu family moved out of this place, she did not know how much time had passed.

It was not until Mr.
Hu and Mrs.
Hu moved in.

After all, decades had passed.
The seal placed by the Taoist priest back then might have lost some of its effect.
Moreover, Mrs.
Hu was pregnant.
She could actually affect Mrs.

As long as she possessed the child in Mrs.
Hu’s stomach, her power would be stronger.

Although it couldn’t take their lives, it could make them lose everything through the accumulated influence.

Ming Shu sighed and turned to look at the person who was still holding her.
“Don’t offend a woman.”

Du Qin’s indifferent expression was slightly confused.

Why did he offend a woman?

He did not speak to anyone else.

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“Do you want to leave by yourself, or do you want me to make a move?”

“The Hu family treated me so badly, I want to make them pay with blood!”The female ghost said viciously, “Don’t you dare try to stop me.”

“I’m just using money to solve the problem.
Moreover, I’m now a descendant of the Hu family.
The person you want to take revenge on has long been reincarnated.”


“What’s the use of cutting off the Hu family’s descendants? The person who treated you that way will not always be a member of the Hu family.”


The female ghost felt that Ming Shu was lying to her, but she had no words to refute.

– ..

Ming Shu and du Qin came out of the room.
She looked at the person next to her.
“Why did you come so quickly?”

“To save you.”

“I need you to save me!”The female ghost didn’t even see my heroic appearance.
Why did you come out to show off!

Do I Need You? !

The male lead Shu was not convinced.

She was a big shot who could defeat the whole scene alone.
How could she be saved? I don’t care about my face!

Du Qin:”…”

Was he wrong to save her?

“I’m telling you, don’t…”

Ming Shu turned around.
Du Qin’s shadow was nowhere to be seen.


This little devil, didn’t she just say something to me? Why did she run away?

Hu had already sent Mrs.
Hu to the hospital.
Hu was fine, and the child was saved.

Ming Shu went to the hospital to report.

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“Master, is everything settled?”

“Yes.”Ming Shu simply told them the story of the female ghost.

After listening to it, Mr.
Hu was very shocked.
He didn’t expect that his ancestors had done such a thing.

“Her bones are under the house.
Dig her up and let her rest in peace.”

Knowing that someone was buried in his place, Mr.
Hu’s face turned ugly.

His lips trembled as he asked, “Master, where… did that female ghost go?”

“She went to report.”

With duqin there, the female ghost didn’t dare to fight with her except for roaring.

In the end, she tricked her… No, she persuaded her and chose to report to the underworld.

Ming Shu got her reward and gave Mr.
Hu a jade with a smile.
“This is for the child.”


“It’s not valuable.
Who has a Ghost? Please introduce it to me.”

”…”who would want to meet a ghost for no reason!

“Thank you, Master.”Mr.
Hu respectfully sent Ming Shu out.

Ming Shu left the hospital.
Now that she had money, she went to reward herself.

Ming Shu took out her phone and checked the delicious restaurants nearby.

“Is it going to rain?”

“The weather forecast didn’t say it would.”

“Let’s go.”

Ming Shu looked at the sky from her phone screen.

The sky was gloomy and dark clouds were pressing down on the city.

Ordinary people would see dark clouds here, but Ming Shu could only see the overwhelming yin qi.

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Du Qin’s aura..

“Don’t let him run away.
Everyone, Hold On!”

In the Quiet Park, du Qin was surrounded by countless Taoist priests.
The spells of various sects and sects were constantly being cast on him.

Yin Qi continued to flow out of Du Qin’s body.
He expressionlessly sent the Taoist priests who were close to him flying.

Du Qin sent several Taoist priests flying in a row.
Everyone hesitated.

“His seal hasn’t been broken yet.
Don’t be afraid.
Let’s attack together!”Someone shouted.

Everyone seemed to be encouraged and joined hands again.

“Talisman Array!”The old voice seemed to be able to pierce through the clouds.

Countless talisman papers flew into the air, trapping duqin in the center.

The other disciples retreated one after another.

The talisman papers revolved around duqin.
When Duqin got close to the talisman papers, he was forced to return to the center as if he had touched something.

All the Yin Energy in the talisman array was forced out.
The golden light emitted by the talisman paper enveloped duqin.

Duqin’s expression gradually turned ugly, as if he was experiencing some kind of torture.


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