Ming Shu felt that the little goblin was really a bit attractive.

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Although he had a ‘none of my business’attitude, Ming Shu was still a bit annoyed.

Ming Shu first bought a mask and a hat for du Qin, and then forced him to put it on under du Qin’s murderous gaze.

“Don’t show off your face.
Those Taoist priests are looking for you everywhere.
If they fight, I’ll be the one implicated.”

Du Qin’s eyes became colder and colder.

Ming Shu slightly pulled down his mask.
The mask hung on his fair chin.
Ming Shu held onto his shoulder and raised her head to peck him.

The hustle and bustle suddenly disappeared at this moment.

Du Qin restrained his aura a little and let Ming Shu put on the mask for him.

Seeing that she was kissing him, he didn’t argue with her.

He liked the warmth of her body.

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He also liked the way she touched him.

Du Qin pursed his lips under the mask.
His dark eyes contained a mysterious dark light.

Ming Shu arrived at the place they agreed on.

However, the other party didn’t arrive.
Ming Shu stood there for a while and looked around.
She found a coffee shop and sat down.

Thirty minutes later, Ming Shu received a call from the other party.

She packed the cake and left.
She pushed open the door and left.

On the opposite road, there was a man looking around.


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Hu turned his head and saw that Ming Shu was a young girl.
He was stunned for a moment and bit his tongue.
He didn’t say anything.

This person was introduced by an old friend of his.
He knew that it was a woman, but he didn’t expect her to be so young.

His old friend probably wouldn’t make fun of him.

People nowadays couldn’t judge a book by its cover!

His gaze fell on the person next to Ming Shu.
This person..

She was wearing a hat and a mask, and her head was still lowered.
She could barely see anything, and her whole body exuded an aura that made people not dare to approach her.

But the rabbit in her arms..

This person was obviously extraordinary!

Hu thought about it and felt a little relieved.
“Master, I’m really sorry.
My car had some problems on the way, and I was delayed.”

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Ming Shu smiled politely and nodded.
“Lead the way.”

Ming Shu’s attitude was good, and Mr.
Hu was even more humble.
“Okay, okay, okay.
I’ll hail a car.
Please wait for a moment, master.”

On the way, Mr.
Hu kept sizing up du Qin.
However, Ming Shu didn’t introduce him, so he was too embarrassed to ask.

After all, his old friend said that this master had a weird personality.

The car finally stopped in an old city district.

This place was filled with quadrangles.

Don’t just look at these quadrangles.
Because they were all ancient buildings, it was said that they were planned to be in a protected area.
The residents here were passed down from their ancestors.
Even if one had money, they couldn’t buy them.

“Master, let me tell you about the situation.”As they walked inside, Mr.
Hu took the initiative to introduce them.

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“Not long ago, my old man passed away, and I inherited this house from my old man… because the environment here is good, my wife happened to be pregnant, so I thought of moving here.”

“Who knew that not long after I moved here, my business fell through.
At that time, I didn’t care, thinking it was just bad luck.”

“But after that, I kept getting unlucky.
My wife always heard noises in the middle of the night, but when she woke up, there was nothing.”

“It was just a simple matter.
I might have thought that I was unlucky this year, but when the two things were combined, it was a little strange.”

“Ever since we moved into this house, something started to go wrong.”

“So I invited people to come and see.
I also met a few swindlers, but there were also real masters, but they all said that they couldn’t solve it, so they asked me to find someone else.”

“We’re here.”Mr.
Hu pointed to a house in front of them.

When they entered the house, they saw a large courtyard with a lot of flowers and plants.

“Why don’t you move out?”Ming Shu asked as she looked at the house.

Hu Sighed.
“How could I not have thought about it? Moving out is even worse than living here.
My wife is pregnant and can’t bear the torment.
We don’t know what we have provoked.”

Hu rubbed his hands and said, “Master, please take a good look.
Money is not a problem.”

“Old Hu.”

The pregnant woman with a big belly opened the door and called out gently.

“Sigh, master, this is my wife, wife.
This is the Master I invited.”Mr.
Hu introduced them.

“Hello, Master.”

“Hello.”Ming Shu’s gaze swept over her belly.

Hu was the kind of gentle woman in Jiangnan.
She looked at people with tenderness.

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Hu was about to pour tea for them, but Mr.
Hu quickly let her rest and busied himself.

“Old Hu, we invited so many people, this…”Mrs.
Hu’s voice was soft and soft as she whispered to Mr.

Hu comforted her.
“This was introduced by Old Zhou.
He can’t trick me.
The matter with Old Zhou last time was settled by this master.”


This was even more unreliable than the last time.

“Okay, don’t worry, I know.”

Hu hesitated and nodded.

Hu had said most of what he wanted to say.

But after he moved into this house, he kept getting unlucky.

“Can I take a look around?”

“Yes, yes, master, you can take a look.”

Ming Shu got up and looked around.
This courtyard house was not small, and there were several more at the back.

Ming Shu looked at the rooms one by one.
The host didn’t know much about feng shui, but she had learned a little.
There should be no problem with this house.

But she didn’t see any yin qi.

Ming Shu walked to the last room and found that the door was locked.

The lock was Rusty.
It seemed that no one had opened it for a long time.

Ming Shu tried to push the door open, but it didn’t open.

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She tried to look inside, but she couldn’t see anything inside.


Hu’s scream came from outside.
Ming Shu immediately turned around and went out.

“Wife, wife, are you okay?”Mr.
Hu held Mrs.
Hu nervously.

Hu looked at the broken teapot on the ground, a little absent-minded.

After a long time, she realized that she was a little scared and said incoherently, “No, I’m fine.”

Just now, Mrs.
Hu almost fell down.
If she fell down like this, even if the baby in her belly was saved, she wouldn’t feel good.

Ming Shu turned around to look at du Qin, only to find him staring at Mrs.

“What are you looking at?”

Du Qin reached out his hand and pointed at Mrs.
Hu’s stomach.



Hu seemed to be five months pregnant.

But Ming Shu didn’t see anything strange.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”Mr.
Hu was comforting Mrs.
Hu, then sent her back to her room.

When he came out, Mr.
Hu’s expression was unsightly.
He said, “Master, you’ve seen it too.
It’s such a small matter that keeps happening.”

His wife didn’t fall today.
What about the next time? What about the next time?

This wasn’t just torturing their bodies, it was also torturing their nerves.

Because you didn’t know when the next bad thing would happen.

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