As she lowered her hand and lightly stroked his firm chest, the man’s breathing became rougher.
The moment his firm hand flinched and grabbed the nape of Sylvia’s neck, a message appeared with a warning sound.

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[Status Abnormality: Poisoned with a lethal poison.]


What the—? She got poisoned from kissing?

No wonder, she should have known from the time she felt the evil energy.

As soon as she detached her lips and stepped back, an excruciating pain pounded her stomach, and then blood spurted out of her mouth.
She curled up on the floor and her eyes opened wide.

“Hey, hey? Why are you like this…”

Bewildered, the man shook Sylvia violently, but it was to no avail.




At the same time as the terrible pain came, her eyes became blurry; and soon, there was pitch-black darkness.
Music that suited the gloomy sad ending flowed, and a message appeared in the dark.


[Ah, you who are a 〈beggar〉 met the ending 〈die from poison while attacking the successor of the underworld with a sudden kiss〉, 〈1 day〉 after the start of the game.
You, who forcibly took a man’s lips, returned to dust without eating anything, let alone a handsome virgin.]


After the message disappeared, a terrifying pain came along with the eerie sound of a knife descending, and Sylvia lost consciousness for a moment.

When she opened her eyes, she was in front of the last save point, the tavern.
As she rubbed her face with her hands, she remembered the agony from just a moment ago.

Ah, what is this? What is this game? If it’s an R-rated game, it should just let her do it anywhere… What do they mean by dying while kissing?

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Although it was a game, the pain that felt like her stomach was being cut open with a knife was very real.

At that moment, a message window appeared in front of her.


[Excessively attacking at a low level may trigger a dead ending.
You can upgrade your options by raising your Speaking ability!]


This fu—… What kind of game is this…

Of course, it’s a game that affects her life, so there is no way the level of difficulty would be easy.

Even now, it still felt like someone was stabbing her in the stomach.
Although she knew it was possible to save and never really die, it was so terrifying that she didn’t want to experience it again.
She will have to avoid that successor or whatever for a while.
Just wait and see until she levels up.

As she was walking down the alley near the tavern, she encountered the red-haired man again, but this time she didn’t bump into him.

“Can you move? You’re blocking the way.”

Tilting his head to one side, the red hair started at her.
Because she died once because of that man, his handsome face looked a bit inauspicious.

‘He’s handsome, but he’s poisonous like a pufferfish.’

She looked at him, trying not to show any displeasure.

“Hm… I think I’ve seen you somewhere…”
“How is that possible? Please go on.”

The man seemed to think for a moment, gently moving his finger across his lips, then shook his head and walked past Sylvia.

Sylvia looked at the back of the poisonous man and clenched her teeth.

It was impossible to target him right now anyway, so if she wasted time on him, it would only lead to a dead end.
Later… She will punish him properly later.

With all kinds of impure thoughts, Sylvia made up her mind about the future.

When he disappeared from the alleyway, she opened the menu and looked for any help that might be there.
She needs to know herself and the enemy to win, so she needed to find out more about how to play the game.

It seems like she started the game too recklessly from the beginning.
If this is a game, there must be a tutorial; so, she should find it.

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However, even if she looked everywhere, she couldn’t see any menus like a tutorial or help.

Why is there no tutorial? Is it because it’s a game from a street vendor?

She pulled her hair in frustration and headed back home.
If she asks Sevis, he’ll probably know something.

When she got home, Sevis was in the midst of mopping the floor.
The hut, which felt small and cramped when she left, was transformed into a small but clean house with the cleaning skills of the savvy Sevis.

Sylvia, who had been silent for a while admiring his housekeeping skills, came to her senses and called Sevis.
She bent her knees and made eye contact with Sevis, who was mopping the floor.

“Isn’t there anything like a tutorial in this game?”

Sevis pricked up his ears and opened his eyes wide.

“What is a tutorial?”
“Ah, as expected, you don’t know… Ugh.”

Sylvia was discouraged.

Does this mean that she will have to face the dead-end whenever she blindly encounters him in the future? Because of the outstanding materialization of sensations, it really feels like she is dying and coming back to life!

When she collapsed in despair and slammed the floor once, Sevis stopped her by saying, ‘That’s the place I just cleaned.’

‘I should have asked the male god for more details.’

As Sylvia was staring blankly at the wall, pulling her brown hair, Sevis asked if she had found a part-time job.

“Yeah, I got a part-time job cleaning the temple and a part-time job at the tavern.”
“Wow! Miss Sylvia is the best!”

Sevis, who was applauding, pleased, smiled broadly and then disappeared somewhere.
After a while, she heard a voice calling her.

“Miss Sylvia!! Come here.”

As she struggled to get up and walked towards the small table in front of the kitchen, she found a smoky vegetable stew and grilled meat.

‘Oh, come to think of it, I didn’t even eat one meal today.’

Although it was a game, she was really hungry, so she sat down at the table, salivating.

“Did you make this?”

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“Yes, but I don’t know if it will suit Master’s taste.
Try it, quickly!”

Sevis was sitting across from her, supporting his chin with both hands and smiling brightly.
He seemed to be looking only at Sylvia’s hand, hoping that she would eat quickly and praise him.

‘He’s like a puppy… He’s cute.’

As she was staring blankly at the prepared food for a while, Sevis carefully scooped out the stew with a spoon, blew on it, and put it in front of Sylvia’s mouth.
When she took it and ate it, it tasted similar to pork rib hangover soup, which had a savory yet spicy flavor.

After she died of alcohol poisoning, she went into the game without even being able to relieve her hangover.
Now that she felt like she was properly relieving it, she was feeling warm.

It was good… The moment she opened her mouth to say that it was delicious, a choice appeared in front of her.


It’s delicious…
You call this food? – Get angry and flip over the table.
Boo! I don’t feel like working! – Pick up the stew bowl and pour it over Sevis’ face.


This… What is this? Speaking ability… She must quickly level that up.

Fortunately, there was one normal option, so she quickly chose the first.

“It’s delicious…”
“Is it delicious, isn’t it? It was me who made it!”

The man in front of her is an existence that she can’t eat to level up, but he faithfully fulfilled his role as a butler.
He cooks well and cleans too.

She would have felt really lonesome if she had been in this game world all by herself.
After eating delicious dishes in a neatly cleaned house, she started liking the cute Sevis, whom she couldn’t target.

As Sylvia picked up her spoon and fork and started eating, Sevis looked at her with delight and opened his mouth.

“When you don’t feel good, warm food is the best.”

Seeing her collapse to the floor in despair, he seemed to have quickly prepared the food.
He’s a character in the game, so did he do what he was programmed to do? Is this kind of thing programmed…? Whatever it was, right now, she was moved.

He cooked for her, whom he has only seen for a day.
After her parents passed away, there was no one to cook for her at home, so she always bought food outside.
None of her boyfriends could cook, so they only got delivery or ate outside… Of course, she couldn’t cook either, so it’s been years since she had home-cooked food.

But she didn’t know she would only get home-cooked food again after dying… Cooking for someone is the easiest way to be liked.
Sylvia’s liking for Sevis had risen sharply.

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“Thank you.
It’s really delicious.”
“You have to work hard starting tomorrow, so eat a lot.”
“Yeah… I must… work.”

She has to earn money to escape being a beggar.
Her chances of dying are reduced by increasing her speaking skills.
Above all, level up… She must level up to increase her strength before she can clear dungeons.
There was really a lot to do.

She decided to go to the temple part-time first tomorrow and find a way to learn Speaking.

Sylvia, who had come up with a plan for what to do next, remembered the red-haired pufferfish that gave her a dead-end for a moment.
Was there poison in his body? It may have something to do with the evil energy she felt coming from the man’s body.

Even if it is impossible to target him now because of the poison, it will eventually be possible to do so.
His beautiful golden eyes, which were trembling faintly, glimmered under his single eyelids when she put her tongue in.

‘He is really handsome and beautiful and cool… His lips are moist, and his chest is so firm that I think it will be a B-cup… And I’m sure that part too… will be amazing.’

He’s a poisonous pufferfish now, but he will be a delicious dish once the poison is removed.

She wiped the saliva from her mouth with her hand, and then smiled a little.
She should play the game a little more diligently.

In the temple where she will be doing the cleaning part-time tomorrow, obviously… There will be another handsome target character.
It would be nice if she could attack him…

As she was immersed in her thoughts while slowly chewing the food, Sevis spoke to her.

“You don’t look good.
Are you worried about something?”

Rather than worries, she had a lot of questions about the game; but wasn’t it Sevis who only answered, ‘What is that?’, whenever she asked something?

Sevis, who doesn’t know anything but is good at cooking and is cute, looked at her with shiny eyes.
She decided to have hope one more time and asked one thing she was curious about.

“Are you also a target character?”
“What is a target character?”

No… Seeing Sevis tilting his head, Sylvia suddenly realized that her questions so far had been wrong.
She is a player who recognizes that it is a game, but Sevis is a character in this world.
There’s no way he knows game terminology.

Sylvia asked again, changing the words to something he could understand.

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