As she patted his shoulders and fiddled with his soft ears, Sevis quietly stepped back.
It had a meaning of ‘stop doing that’.

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To her disappointment, there were no signs of anything naughty happening with Sevis.
Seeing that the strange options no longer appeared either, Sylvia stopped meaninglessly touching him.

‘This is what it means for there to be nothing free in this world…’

There was a cute man in the house, but he was a butler who could not be targeted.

Sevis, who was looking at her with a disappointed expression, tilted his head and opened his cherry-red lips to continue speaking.

“I am here to help Master grow.
Hm… First of all, there’s not much money at home.”
“I know… Look at these ragged clothes…”
“Master, you can’t get out of your beggar state like this.
You have to go to the village quickly and find a job!”

She’s in a game and she still has to work.
Well, there’s no way the road to heaven is easy.
She sighed and turned to Sevis as she went outside.

“What about you?”
“Sorry? I will be waiting for Miss Sylvia at home!”

Sevis pricked up his ears and politely put his hands together in front of his belly, bowing down.
Well, NPCs making money for players is something ridiculous.
Only players can make money…

Sylvia sighed and opened her mouth again.

“That’s right.
I will look around the village first.”
“Yes! If you don’t know the village yet, go to the tavern first to hear the news! And don’t wander around late at night.
Right now, Master is a beggar.
It wouldn’t be weird if someone hit you and you died.”

Could it be that there is an ending where you get hit and die while fidgeting in the state of a beggar? Thinking of it as a game, everything Sevis said sounded like a warning, and her eyes trembled greatly.
In the original game, everything the characters said was a hint.

When she left the house while looking around carefully, a popping sound effect came on, and the message “Auto-save” appeared and then disappeared.
Fortunately, it is possible to save.

At the same time, a system window appeared in front of her eyes.


[Quest: Go to the tavern and get a job.
Completion reward: 〈Virginity Radar〉, 〈Secret Shop Location Map〉
Failure: Karma +100]

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Oh, it’s a quest! She told him she would work hard on the quests.
But what is a 〈Virginity Radar〉?

‘Show me the description of 〈Virginity Radar〉.’

As she muttered to herself, the description of the item immediately appeared.


[Virginity Radar
– Item that can judge whether someone is a virgin or not.
It can tell from a distance whether a man is a virgin or not.
Shows the status window of virgin handsome men that can be targeted in the current state.
There are also special characters that cannot be seen by radar.]


‘Oh, this is a very useful item, isn’t it?’

The other one is a 〈Secret Store Location Map〉… If the secret shop is open, it is open.
What is it with this location map… Cursing was about to come out of Sylvia’s mouth because of the tricky game mechanics so early on.

‘Heaven… Think only of the road to heaven.’

Shaking her head lightly, she decided to go to the tavern according to the quest.

As she went straight to the tavern following the village signs, it was full of customers since broad daylight.


She glanced around the tavern and pressed her fingers on her painful eyelids.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no target character in this tavern.
No, if there were, it was even more of a problem.
When she looked around, the tavern was only crowded with men she was scared would be the target characters.
There’s no way there’s a dark route like being the queen of background characters.

When she played games in her real life, Sylvia liked to collect bad endings.
However, that is limited to cases where she can never experience it herself.
In fact, she only wanted to collect handsome men while in this possession state.

As she stood at the entrance and looked around, a freckled waiter with curly hair shouted bluntly.

“This isn’t a place for beggars like you to come! Get out!”

‘No… Fuck.
Beggar this, beggar that, the more I listen to it, the worse I feel.’

As Sylvia remained still with a frown on her face, the waiter puckered his thick lips and bullied her again.

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“I don’t intend to give you anything, so go away!”
“I have money, so let me drink one beer.”

When she took out a purse from her inventory and shook it, the waiter changed his expression slightly and silently pointed to a corner of the tavern.
He changed his attitude when he saw the bag of money, but it was fortunate that he allowed her to sit down.

As she sat down at the bar, the freckles grumbled and looked up and down at her with a displeased expression.
Even though she was in a game, she became sad at that disregarding look within just one day.

She will have to level up as soon as possible and punish that freckled bastard.

As Sylvia was sitting at the bar, grinding her teeth, a hairy man who appeared to be the owner approached her.
She wondered if he was going to say something too, so she quickly paid and ordered a beer.
The hairy man had a red face, as if he were always drunk.

A glass of draft beer with plenty of foam and simple dry snacks were served in front of Sylvia.
The dry snacks were peanuts and anchovies, which was no different from the real world.

‘Looks like you can eat real food in the game.
I like that.’

When she took a sip of the beer, she could feel the rich foam and cool sensation in her mouth, which was no different from the real thing.

“Kyaa… This is it.”

The pungent and cool taste of beer, the voices of the customers chattering in the tavern… Everything was as vivid as reality.
If the options and system windows did not appear in front of her eyes, she would not be able to tell whether she had fallen into this world or entered a game.

As she drank the cold beer and put peanuts in her mouth, the hairy man approached her with a sneaky expression.

‘In normal games, NPCs approach you first and give information, but is that hairy man an NPC?’

As if her prediction was correct, the hairy man who approached her opened his mouth, rubbing his palms cunningly.

“All the rumors in the Empire pass through here.
If you give me just a little tip, I can give you some good information.”

With her elbows crossed on the wooden bar, she called the owner closer.
Although it was a pity, when she took out 5 gold from her inventory and handed it to the hairy owner, he put his face closer to her and brought his hand to his mouth, whispering secretly.

“Is there any information you need?”

At the same time as he spoke, the choices appeared.


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Give me information about the virgin handsome men.
Give me information about work.
How can I escape being a beggar?


“Give me the information about the virgin handsome men.”

When Sylvia took the first option, he smiled suspiciously and motioned for her to get closer.
As she brought her ear closer, the hairy man’s hot breath hit her vividly.
Sylvia trembled at the terrifying sensation.
Ah, the sensibility is outstanding… So unpleasant…

“What do I do about this… I’m a virgin too.”

The hairy man’s face grew even redder.
Sylvia felt his hot breath on her skin.

Ugh… She heard something useless.

As she looked at the hairy man coldly, a choice appeared in front of her eyes.


Hit his vital point and kill him.
Pour the served beer over the hairy man.
Grab the hairy man’s collar.


She really wanted to choose the first one, but because of how realistic the game felt, she thought that committing a murder was a bit uncomfortable.
And if she used violence as a low-level player, she was going to get a dead-end right away.

She managed to hold back her anger and chose the third option.

As Sylvia abruptly got up and grabbed him by the neck, the startled hairy man flinched and shook her hand away with a pale face.

“It’s a joke, a joke! You have to listen to people’s words until the end, I see you are a quick-tempered lady.”
“I gave you a tip, so answer my questions.”
“Yeah, I know, calm down! …T-That’s right! If you are talking about virgins, a festival will be held on the Coming-of-Age Day soon.
Wouldn’t it be good to search for them there?”

Coming-of-Age Day Festival!

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It is a festival where there is a high probability that virgin handsome men will appear.
You can’t do lewd things under the current law if you’re a minor, so all the festivalgoers on the Coming-of-Age Day are virgins.
There will surely be a target character there.

Well, she might as well attend the festival in the game.

Sylvia, whose anger was relieved with the answer she wanted, sat down again at the bar in a crooked posture.
With a sigh of relief, the hairy man fanned himself with his hand for a moment, then glanced at Sylvia and shook his head.

“But if you go there looking like that, there won’t be much of an outcome.
I think I know why you’re looking for them.
You’re looking for a potential husband, right?”
“It’s obvious, what…”

The hairy man looked at her with a face that said ‘I know everything’.
She didn’t say anything else and quietly sipped on the beer.

What does he mean, a potential husband? She is going to eat them all at once.
Sylvia was quick-tempered.
She thought that she had to eat everything she saw because she needed to gather the seeds quickly to go to heaven.

She gave him another tip and asked the hairy man how to escape being a beggar.

“If you want to escape being a beggar, first you have to work.
Shall I tell you about work?”

Oh, luckily, when she chose the 3rd option, the 2nd option automatically followed.

The hairy man told her about the tavern serving part-time and the temple cleaning part-time.
Tavern serving part-time… She didn’t feel like doing it because it was a part-time job where she had to keep looking at various other characters, such as the hairy guy and the freckles.

Wait… Did he say temple cleaning part-time?

“Did you say temple cleaning part-time?”

When she raised her voice to ask, the hairy man hesitated and she wondered how he interpreted it.

“The salary is a little low.
But, well, you can develop your faith.”

No, Sylvia was a little surprised that there was a temple in the game.
If there is a temple, there is a 100% chance that there is a virgin handsome man! There must be an innocent virgin handsome priest who doesn’t know women because he worships a God.

“Can I do my part-time job at the temple starting tomorrow?”
“That’s right.
I will let them know.”

Sylvia, who received everything she had to receive, drank the served beer and left the tavern.
The corners of her lips rose as the situation flowed more easily than expected.
She will be able to meet a target character soon.

While Sylvia was enjoying herself, a cheerful sound effect suddenly appeared as she came out of the tavern, and the message, ‘Your karma has risen by 10 points.’, appeared and then disappeared.

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