“I want to help, but because no one is playing this game as the contamination is spreading, my strength has weakened a lot.”

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“Ah… Will I be able to do it?”
“When you start the game, you will meet a character who will help you.
At the beginning of the game, it’s important to follow his advice and the quests the system gives you.
If you do that, you will naturally meet the main character and be able to clear the dungeons.
By the way… It’s true that I brought you here without permission, so I’ll give you a choice.
Are you going to challenge yourself and go to heaven by beating the game, or will you go straight to Slothful Hell?”

Hearing the male god’s words, Sylvia chuckled.

Where is the choice? There’s no way she wants to go straight to hell.
She was given a chance to go to heaven if she put in the effort, so she had to seize this opportunity.

Sylvia clenched her fists and gathered her fighting spirit.

‘I must do my best to eat virgin handsome men and level up…’

With a resolute expression on her face, she asserted that she would clear the game.
The male god smiled softly at her words.

“Judging by your expression, it looks like I don’t have to worry.
I have a feeling that you will be successful.”
“Since it’s my last chance… I will work hard.”
“Yeah, I don’t want you to fall into hell either… Wait… I can’t explain any further due to the game’s lock feature… We will have a chance to meet again during the game.

The male god disappeared with a twinkling sound effect.
As soon as he disappeared, everything turned white in front of her.
And the scenery of the hut, which was the starting point of the game, unfolded before Sylvia’s eyes.

‘It’s the hut I saw on the screen.’

As she looked around the house, she looked into the mirror on the dressing table and saw an innocent-looking woman with brown hair and green eyes.
It was the appearance of the player she saw on the starting screen the day before.

‘So, this is my face in the game.
This is it!’

When she smiled, the woman in the mirror smiled too.
Her abundant, soft-looking brown hair fell down to her chest.
Her thick, long eyelashes created a shade for the clear green eyes that didn’t have a single visible vein, and between the eyes was a sharp, narrow, cute nose.

The cheeks on her white jade-like face were dyed rosy, and her thick lips made her look livelier.
When she raised the corners of her lips slightly, her appearance in the mirror was supremely lovely.

She had a cute yet innocent face, like ‘every man’s first love’.
She gently touched her face, which looked innocent as if she didn’t know anything even though she was going to sweet-talk a lot of handsome virgins.

She will have to subjugate a lot of handsome virgins with this face…


She opened her eyes and looked up and down at her reflection in the mirror.
Her face is cute and pretty, but she didn’t like her outfit.
She was wearing ragged clothes that did not match her lovely face.
She was dressed like some street bum.

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‘Am I a beggar? Do I have anything?’

As she stared into the mirror, feeling doubtful, an inventory window appeared in front of her.

There were several basic items in the inventory window.
The first item was a 〈Seed Box〉.
Is this the case where she will collect the seeds obtained from the virgin handsome men?
As she gazed at the item, detailed information appeared.


[Seed Box
– A box that collects the seeds that are produced after eating virgin handsome men.
There are 5 spaces.
There is no need to worry about getting pregnant since this is a game.
Do it… as much as you want.
You must work hard to gather seeds and plant the world tree.
The world tree can be planted in the Secret Garden in 〈??〉.]


It was nice to know that there was no worry about getting pregnant.
The fact that the seed box has 5 compartments means that there are 5 main characters.
Since she has to do it… to her heart’s content with at least 5 people, there would be difficulties in clearing the game if she got pregnant.

What is 〈??〉? She must get the hints as she plays the game.
There didn’t seem to be anything that she could do with the Seed Box right now.

Another item was a 〈Bad Fishing Rod〉.


[Bad Fishing Rod
– Can be used by going to the beach.
It’s bad as the name says, so it can’t fish anything except for small fry.
You can make money by selling fish.
If you obtain a 〈High-Quality Fishing Rod〉, maybe you will be able to catch what you want?]


So she can go to the beach too.
She must try fishing later.
Can she get more important items if she obtains a 〈High-Quality Fishing Rod〉?

She had a few trivial items other than those, but she didn’t look at the details because they didn’t seem important right now.
When she turned the inventory window, a screen full of blank spaces appeared.

‘It looks like a conquest window.’

It was probably like most dating sim games, it was clear that an illustration would appear when meeting the target characters or when an event occurred.
After she fills these spaces, she will be able to ascend to heaven.

Sylvia’s stats and skills appeared when she turned the window once more.


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Level 1
Money: 200G
Stamina: 50 Strength: 10 Intellect: 10 Agility: 10
Speaking: 0
*Karma: 0
Faith: 0
Fatigue: 0
Public Evaluation: neighborhood beggar.
In the current state, the only things that can be seduced are prostitutes that even grandmas won’t eat.
Status Effect: None

〈Skill Window〉
There are currently no acquired skills.


Trivial stats appeared along with several key stats.

Should she upgrade these abilities first? Well, like in other games, intelligence must be magic power, and agility must be speed… and strength is attack power.
Other than that, karma? Why is there an asterisk before karma… Well, she will gradually figure this out.

As she was reading her stats, she frowned at the public evaluation.
Why is she a beggar… Seeing that she was only able to eat only prostitutes that even grandmothers wouldn’t eat right now, it was a desperate situation.

Since there are several stats, this game did not seem to be a simple dating sim game.
It is probably not a dating sim… It was like an RPG game.
Could she think of the target characters as boss monsters that give you various items?

Sylvia shook her head.

Let’s keep it simple.
Just go for it and cleanse the contamination.
Whether it’s an enemy or a target character.
That way, the path will be opened.

But how can she change the evaluation of a beggar? She didn’t know that at the moment.
She guessed that she should make some money, judging by the nuance of the word.

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She closed the status window and looked around the room, but couldn’t find anything in particular.
Should she go outside first?

As she was about to open the door and go outside, she heard a bright and cheerful voice.

“Master, have you awakened?”

The owner of the bright and cheerful voice was a cute-looking man with ears on his head.
His dark hair fell down to his ears, and his red eyes blinked widely.
He was dressed simply in a white dress shirt.
Looking at the ears on his head, he seemed to be a cat-eared or a dog-eared man.
She looked into his cute, round eyes and concluded that he was a dog-eared man.

“Hm? Am I… the master?”

What kind of luck is this? She wondered if she would be able to level up immediately since there was a cute man in the house from the start.

When Sylvia asked while pointing a finger at herself, the man smiled cutely, revealing his white teeth.
The fuzzy, black ears hanging from the top of his head moved softly.

“Yes, I am Sevis, the butler.
Miss Sylvia, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!”

If he is a butler, isn’t he a regular character in simulation games? Could it be that, in this game, she is also able to target the butler?
In some of the simulation games she played in the past, she was able to target not only the butler, but also the father.
Of course, in this day and age, if a game has a route for the father, it won’t sell easily.

“Uh, hm, yeah, you said you were Sevis…”

As she was about to say something, a [First Option] screen suddenly appeared in front of her.


Are you a virgin?
Have you ever been with a girl?
Have you ever used your magic stick?


As soon as she saw the options, a cold sweat ran down her back.

What was that? What are these weird choices, right from the start?

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As her pupils shook and she was silent for a moment, Sevis said, ‘Master?’, bobbing his head cutely.

She couldn’t believe she had to say something like this to that cute face.
It had the same meaning no matter what she picked; but when she tried to say something else, no words came out as if her throat was glued.

Ah, whatever.
It’s all the same anyway.

When she roughly made her choice, her mouth opened, and the words came out automatically.

“H-Have you ever used your magic stick?”

Sevis frowned at those words.

Does he feel hurt? What if all the options will be like this from the start…

He pouted his thick red lips for a moment, and then opened his mouth again.

“What do you mean by magic stick, Master?”

It seemed that this cute butler naturally didn’t know what the magic stick meant.

With a sigh of relief, Sylvia asked about several game strategies, but all she heard was, ‘I’m not sure, what do you mean?’.
Although he was a butler, he was only cute and didn’t know what she actually needed.

‘I think he’s the one who can help me as the male god said, but he doesn’t know anything… Will he perhaps help me with his body?’

Sylvia tried to touch Sevis’ body just in case, but, except for a head tilt and a brief, ‘Please, don’t do that.’, no other interaction options appeared.
She couldn’t eat him either.
He just seemed like an NPC.

‘Come to think of it, he looks a little young.’

Due to the nature of an R-rated game, of course, it would be impossible to target minors.
Seeing Sevis’ boyish face, whose body structure was about the same size as hers, she wondered if he might be a minor, so she asked again.

“Are you a minor by any chance?”
“Miss Sylvia.
In human years, I’m already an adult! Minors cannot do butler work.
Of course, I still haven’t become an adult because beep…”
“Hm? What did you say?”
“Because beep…”

She couldn’t hear properly what was said due to the in-game filter function.
Ah, she’s an adult anyway, so there’s no problem legally.
With a sigh of relief, she began to touch Sevis again.

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