‘I thought it was somehow ominous, and as expected, she got caught by a bad guy.’

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He was worried that Sylvia had a fever and couldn’t get herself together because the scoundrel in front of him had given her a drug.
Besides, weren’t they in front of the hotel? If he made up his bad mind, he could hold her and go straight into a room.

He smiled sneakily and stared at Luca’s golden eyes as he embraced Sylvia’s waist.
His red eyes burned with rage.

“I don’t know who you are, but I am Sevis, Miss Sylvia’s butler.
Please let her go.”

Luca’s golden eyes frowned slightly at his words.

“Hm? I see Sylvia must have had a butler, too?”

‘What’s up with this guy? I can’t believe he’s calling Sylvia so friendly.
Does he know my master? Why is he pretending to be that close?’

It was the same with the priest who came to the house a while ago.
Sevis wondered if his master’s sociability was better than he thought.
No matter who Sylvia interacted with, it was something he couldn’t argue about given their master-butler relationship.
But this man was a little weird.
His character looked pretty bad.

Luca grinned as he glared at Sevis, then scanned him up and down.

“A butler… Are you a butler?”

When Luca doubted Sevis’ identity, Sevis responded quickly.

“What if I am?”
“Is that so?”

Luca, who only lifted one corner of his mouth and gave a slanted smile, took Sevis’ hat off unannounced.
It happened in a moment, as Sevis was concentrating on the firm arm that was wrapped around his master’s waist.
The hat fell to the floor and Sevis’ black ears were revealed.
Sevis tried to grab the hat in a hurry at the sudden disrespectful behavior, but it had already fallen to the ground.


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The moment Luca spit out an exclamation of amusement, Sevis’ fangs grew sharp, and his red eyes fluttered with rage.
As he tried to grab Luca by the neck with an angry face, he looked down at his master, whom he was holding, and growled quietly.


As Sevis’ fingernails lengthened sharply, Luca, who was watching him, opened his eyes, pretending to be exaggeratedly surprised.

I was thinking that it didn’t feel like you were human.
You are a wolf-shifter.”
“You! What are you doing?”
“The black wolves have black ears and red eyes.
Seeing that the kind that used to live in the mountain valley descended to the human world, it must be hard to live.”

Sevis didn’t like the red-haired man even more.
Not feeling the need to further talk to a man who was only talking to himself, he picked up his hat and pressed it down deeply.
Then, he reached out his hand, looking coldly at the golden eyes.

“I will take Miss Sylvia.
Let her go.”

He thought it was going to be a long confrontation, but Luca obediently handed over Sylvia.
He judged that there was nothing to be gained from having a meaningless quarrel.

Sevis wrapped his arms around Sylvia’s shoulder and looked at her expression.
He thought she was quiet from before, even with the commotion, but his master was staggering, unable to get herself together.

‘We have to go to the hospital.’

He was thinking about where the nearest hospital was when Luca’s words cut into his thoughts.

“Well, Sylvia’s butler.
I’m saying this in case there’s a misunderstanding, but I came out to take her home safely.”
“I feel dirty when you look at me as if you were looking at a bad guy.
Isn’t that right?”

When Luca tilted his head and smiled haughtily, Sevis’ face hardened even more.

‘What are you saying now? As soon as you saw me, you hugged my master’s waist tightly.’

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Sevis ignored him, cautiously supported Sylvia, and started walking.
Luca stopped him again.
Luca, who raised his hand and stopped Sevis, called the hotel staff who was standing nearby and called a carriage.
It was a simplified carriage with the same concept as a taxi.

After giving the coachman a generous wage, he opened the carriage door and made a motion with his head towards Sevis.

“Take this carriage.”
“No, thank you.”
“You’re going to walk while carrying her? Kid.
It looks like you’re not an adult yet, you’re going to collapse too if you do that.
Just take what I’m giving you, alright?”

Luca was deliberately provoking Sevis.
This was because Sevis, who was barely holding back his anger with a face that seemed like he wanted to turn him upside down right away, was interesting.


Still, Sevis was unable to walk with Sylvia on his back, so he let go of his pride first and quietly climbed onto the carriage.

He carefully lowered Sylvia on the seat next to him and tried to close the door, but Luca blocked the door and handed him a business card that he had pulled out of the inner pocket of his suit.

“Here, if Sylvia wakes up, please tell her to contact me with this business card.”
“I don’t want to?”
“We need to talk about business, Sylvia will be in trouble if you don’t give her this?”

Of course, it was a lie.
Luca thought that if he said this, even the butler would inevitably give her the business card.
He could have bribed the coachman and found her house right away, but he decided to keep his manners.
Although it was Luca, who ran a trashy business, he was cautious about the woman he had a crush on for the first time.
As expected, the butler was displeased, but put the business card in his pocket.

The moment he tried to close the door again, Luca peeked inside.
Then, he stared into Sevis’ eyes and lifted the corner of his mouth, smiling.

“And, you know… Are you really a butler?”
“What are you talking about?”

As Sevis, who was holding the door, opened his eyes sharply, Luca snickered, bringing his face closer to his ears.

“I don’t think you know the look in your eyes, but you have the eyes of a beast whose female has been stolen.”

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“… Nonsense.”

At the same time as Sevis stiffened his face, Luca giggled and stepped back.
The door closed and the carriage set off with the sound of the coachman’s whipping.
Luca grabbed his stomach and laughed as he watched the carriage move away.

‘Pfft, his face was stiff like that.
It’s because he doesn’t know how he feels.’

He pretended not to know and tried to move on, but he couldn’t bear to see a male face pretending to be devoted to his master.

He was confident in his charm.
Although that black-haired man was cute, he was no match for his deadly charm.

Sylvia was unwell today, so she left, but he gave her his business card, so he had no doubt that she would contact him soon.
Though there was no way that would happen, if she didn’t contact him, he could pretend it was a coincidence and induce a meeting again.
As the next boss of the organization, there was no one he could not find.

Luca, who was giggling and smiling, thought about it for a moment.
He had the feeling once again that he had met Sylvia before.

‘Why do I have this feeling? Is it really fate?’

Could it be that he fell in love at first sight? No, if a man looked at a woman like that and just passed by, he would be an idiot.

She was a talented woman who was the perfect wife for a businessman.
A perfect woman with great eloquence, a wise vigilance not to drink the health drink, and a beautiful appearance.
Although she was wearing ragged clothes, she was a woman who could earn billions of dollars if she was willing to.

He felt like he had a lot of work to do to fill the vacancy of his older brother, who used to be the successor.
If Sylvia was next to him, she could help him like that.

His brother, who acted indolently and made holes in the family business, was a fool even when he died.
Unlike himself, who lived busily day after day, he was a brother who liked to laze around at home even though he was the successor, so he might be suffering in hell by now.

Luca clenched his teeth tightly as he tried to suppress his yearning for his brother.

‘Did he become the king in hell?’

Luca scoffed at himself for having this insignificant thought and stepped back inside the hotel.

The carriage carrying Sevis and Sylvia drove down the street smoothly.
Sevis helped Sylvia not to fall to the side, recalling the red-haired man he had met a moment ago.

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‘He’s a crazy man.’

The more he thought about it, the more unpleasant and rude he really was.
In a bad mood, Sevis faked a laugh and roughly rumpled his hair.
As Sylvia grunted and groaned, he came to his senses belatedly and supported her properly.
He looked pitifully at Sylvia, who was drooping without any strength, and his expression stiffened as he looked out of the window.
Reflected on the window, Sevis’ sharp fangs could be seen through his red lips.

Riding a carriage, instead of walking, they arrived home in no time.

Although Sevis tried to take the unconscious Sylvia to the hospital, when she woke up for a moment, she shook her head adamantly and said there was no need for that.

“Miss Sylvia, wake up.”
“Hmm, Sevis…”
“Shouldn’t we go to the hospital?”
I’ll be better in a little while.
Since I know why I am like this… I’m going to take a nap… so, the dolls… put the eyes on the dolls first.
I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t take Sylvia to the hospital by force, as she refused persistently.
Sevis laid Sylvia on the bed, squeezed a towel soaked in cold water, and placed it on her forehead.
After wiping Sylvia’s face, who was sweating and sometimes talking in her sleep, he sat down on the carpet and began to attach the doll’s eyes.

While doing that, Sevis once again remembered what happened before.
Just thinking of his red hair made him frown.

‘What? What was that about a female and a beast? I’m glad Miss Sylvia didn’t hear him.
Crazy guy.’

Sevis bit his lips slightly as uncharacteristic harsh words were about to come out.

He was not surprised to see the black ears on Sevis’ head, unlike the common people of the empire.
He seemed to be no ordinary person, given his attire and speaking attitude.

How did Sylvia get involved with someone like that? He regretted that he didn’t stop her from going to the jade floors promotion part-time job.

It was a thought that he could have, given the fact that he didn’t know that Luca and Sylvia would be bound by the rules of the game anyway, and that Sylvia was desperate to target Luca.

‘The next time she says she’ll do a suspicious part-time job, I’ll follow her.’

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