While Luca was deep in thought, remembering Sylvia, she picked a fancy dress with embedded jewels instead of the simple dress she had chosen earlier.
She had a bad temper and wanted to make Luca, who had given her two dead endings, pay a higher rental fee.

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The blue chiffon dress with a V-neck that gave a slight view of her bust was decorated with little pearls around the chest area and had a blue diamond embedded in the center, making it look expensive at first glance.

‘If not now, will I ever be able to try on something like this?’

Since it was a game possession, she thought she would wander around a banquet hall, laughing, while wearing expensive clothes; she had no idea she would become a beggar and go around hitting crabs with a hammer.

Watching her figure for a moment while looking at the full-length mirror, Sylvia thought her neck felt empty, so she also rented a blue chiffon choker with a blue diamond as a set.

When she opened the door, humming happily, Luca, standing outside the dressing room, was twitching his lips as he looked at the bill he had received from the employee.

“Ha… haha.
Wow, you caught me today.”
“What? You’re renting anyway, right? Hm, Luki? You’re Mr.
Luki, right? Since you mentioned what my clothes looked like, I thought I would have to wear proper clothes.
Ah! Do you not have enough money? Then, I’ll change back to my ragged clothes…”

As Sylvia tried to turn away with a pitiful expression, Luca, whose pride was hurt, denied her words while shaking his hands.

“No! I am overflowing with money.
Don’t be clumsy and ruin the business.
I won’t let it slide.”
“Don’t worry.”
“And my name is Luca di Aricente, not Luki.
You must have heard of the name of the Aricente family at least once, right? I can’t believe you called me Luki.
I guess you don’t have a good memory.”

Luca clenched his teeth slightly and forced a smile.
Sylvia was in the middle of getting revenge from earlier.
Since Luca wouldn’t be able to find a substitute right away, it seemed obvious that he would put up with it and accept it.

‘I’ll stop the jokes here.
With that filthy temper, I don’t know what would happen if I messed with him more.’

Sylvia smiled and approached Luca, linking her arm with his.
Luca flinched for a moment at her actions, then blushed.
She was delighted inside as she examined his reaction.

‘It shouldn’t be a problem to touch him over his clothes.
I can’t even f*ck him, so I should make him get horny and get his attention.’

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It would be normal for her to not want to touch him after dying in pain twice, but Sylvia understood now why gambling addicts cut off their hands.
Even though she knew in her head that she would die if she did something wrong, her hands touched Luca’s body, which was a mountain of delicacies, by themselves.

Sylvia glanced at Luca’s red ears, then licked her lips and smiled seductively.
Luca glanced at the arm that touched him, then turned his eyes awkwardly, flustered.

“W-what are you doing? Why are you linking our arms?”

As Luca stuttered, Sylvia responded nonchalantly.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to? I must have worn expensive clothes.
I wanted to feel good for a while going to the venue.”
“Huh… You’re making it obvious that you’re wearing expensive clothes for the first time…”

At that time, the middle-aged man called Luca calmly.

“Sir, it is almost time for the event.”
“Ah, right.
Have all the invited guests gathered?”

Luca said as he looked at his luxurious wristwatch with jewels tightly embedded in the rim.
While looking at his wristwatch, he glanced at her soft chest, sneakily touching his arm, and gulped.

Since she was unable to f*ck him, Sylvia was determined to provoke him properly and pressed her chest firmly against Luca’s arm.


Surprised by her actions, Luca gulped.
Pretending to be innocent, Sylvia opened her eyes wide and put on a worried expression.

“Are you unwell? You look like you’re in agony.”
“I couldn’t sleep much last night…”

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Luca swept his face with his hand and tried to push Sylvia away.
He seemed puzzled as his body kept reacting to her.
She pressed her chest back against Luca’s arm as he tried to get away from her, and looked at his face with a calm expression.

“Are you alright? You seem like you’re going to fall.
I’ll help you a bit.”
“Ugh… Ah, it’s not because I’m in pain.”
“Then what is wrong?”
“It’s because it’s hot, it’s hot.
Phew, why is it so hot inside the hotel?”

Looking at Luca, who pushed her away while fanning himself with his hand, Sylvia regretfully unlinked her arms.
If she continued, he could get suspicious.

She laughed inwardly at Luca, who was clumsily making excuses, but smiled brightly, pretending not to know.

Looking at Sylvia, Luca sweated inwardly.
Strangely, he felt his whole body get hot even with Sylvia’s simple contact.
Although he had encountered many attractive women, it was always in business, and he was indifferent to any kind of temptation.
However, his body reacted strongly to Sylvia’s contact.
As if his body remembered what would happen following this contact.

Luca raised his hands and pressed down his temples, trying to clear up the mess in his head.

Going back to the basement, she saw big men at the entrance of the venue distributing pamphlets and letting people in, unlike before.
When she peeked into the hall, every round table was filled with invited guests.
They seemed to be bosses and madams that exuded elegance from head to toe and handled a lot of money.

‘Why are they so flashy? Isn’t this a simple jade floors promotion event? Something’s suspicious.’

Though it was suspicious, she couldn’t go back now.

Sylvia followed Luca to the back of the venue as he walked in big strides.
There, there were women in luxurious dresses, such as Sylvia, and men in white uniforms or luxurious suits.
Both women and men looked glamorous.

Luca patted their shoulders once and encouraged them.

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“Now, now! Fighting!”

‘It’s f*cking suspicious that he’s acting out of character.’

Sylvia opened her eyes like a flounder at the sight of his mismatched appearance, and heard a strange conversation.
Luca approached the man with a red ruby, patted him on the shoulder, and spoke.

“Ah, Ruby Team Leader! How many have you gathered this time?”
“Ten people.
I did as Mr.
Luca said, and it went very smoothly.”

‘That’s weird.’

Sylvia watched silently as people shook hands with Luca and exchanged suspicious conversations.
There was something strange about it.
Was it because each of them had a sapphire, ruby, or diamond brooch on their chest?

Sylvia’s eyes widened as she looked at the brooch they were wearing.
It was something she had seen a lot somewhere.

‘Oh, it’s like what I saw when I was dragged to Gyodae Station when I first joined the workforce.’

Sylvia was taken to Gyodae Station by her sister at the age of 20, when she was naive and knew nothing about life.

When she entered an unidentified building, some people dressed in glamorous clothes were telling their business success stories.
Under the podium where they were, she could see young people who looked just like her, middle-aged women who looked naive, middle-aged men and elderly.

Her sister, who brought her to the building, looked at Sylvia with lifeless eyes and said, “What’s the point of college life? Let’s turn our lives around together.”.

A man with a fancy appearance sat next to her, who was bewildered, and persuaded her in a soft voice.
Eventually, she looked at the Head of the Department, who outshined a celebrity’s appearance, and brought her hand to her purse as if she were bewitched.

When she came to her senses, she had purchased tons of healthy food in 24-month installments.
She was led for a while by the handsome Head of the Department, who invented a sad story while standing on the podium, crying out about the effects of healthy food and showing his health improvements.

She belatedly started realizing that it was a fraud, but, as an illegal pyramid business, refunds were not allowed.

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Fortunately, with the sincere advice of her friends, she didn’t even reach the phase of working in the pyramid.
However, she couldn’t refund the healthy food, and she couldn’t throw away expensive food, so she only gained weight after eating it diligently on her own over the course of one year.

‘How much did I struggle to lose that weight…’

In that pyramid business, there were also classes like diamond, sapphire, and ruby.

‘Don’t tell me, is that bad guy Luca conducting a pyramid business on naive people?’

A drop of cold sweat flowed behind Sylvia’s back.
If this was the site of a pyramid scheme, Sylvia was playing a part in doing something bad.
No, it wasn’t about playing a part.
They pretended to recruit her for a sales part-time job, giving her money only at the beginning, and in the end, Sylvia might fall into the depths of the pyramid.

‘Those bastards at Gyodae Station also took my soul with their handsome Head of the Department and delicious steaks…’

Sylvia bit her lips in anxiety and looked around.
At the entrance of the waiting room behind the podium, there were big men whom she could not oppose with her current strength.
Sylvia glanced at the entrance, and the men looked at her with ferocious eyes.

Luca, who had a stronger and more evil-looking energy than anyone here, including the big guys, was the most problematic.
Not only could she feel his strong energy, but he was also a poisonous man who could kill her just by spitting.

‘How can I get out of here? I should have just gone with attaching the dolls’ eyes, but because I’m blinded by money…’

Sylvia anxiously rolled her eyes and made eye contact with Luca, who was wearing a brooch with five diamonds on one side.

He noticed her anxiousness like a professional swindler, and his eyes looked cold and vile.
Sylvia’s body trembled slightly as she saw his eyes, which were like those of a hyena wandering around a dying antelope.

She wanted to put off her work and run away at this moment, but his eyes were so fierce as if he would snatch her at any moment and bite her throat that she just gulped.

Luca approached her, who was nervous, and patted her shoulder gently.
Originally, she would feel thrilled by the touch, but that was not the case now.
As Sylvia trembled in anxiety, Luca gave a somewhat fishy smile and looked her in the eye.

“Is something the matter? You look like you saw something weird.”

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