Chapter 23

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Luca’s body had a different feeling from Noel’s bulging muscles.
She could feel the rather thin lines of his artistic muscles.

‘I thought he was a washboard, but look at his hard muscles.
I’m sure they’ll be amazing when he takes off his shirt.’

Though she thought she wouldn’t get a dead-ending if she didn’t touch Luca’s bodily fluids, she was in a hurry just in case.

In the meantime, Luca pulled Sylvia’s face closer and kept trying to kiss her.
As she was still refusing Luca’s face as he was about to approach her, he opened his mouth, going from an excited to a scowling expression.

“You don’t like kisses, do you?”

Sylvia nodded roughly at his words in a hurry.

She felt thirsty and slightly licked her lips with her tongue before pulling down Luca’s underwear.
An embarrassed Luca tried to stop her, but his underwear had already gone down.
As soon as his underwear went down, Luca’s erection, which was at its limit, was freed.
He was so excited that his manhood moved up and down as if it would touch his belly button.

“Ah, wait…”

Luca looked embarrassed and tried to cover his lower body, but Sylvia said it was alright and removed the hand covering his p*nis.
Luca’s p*nis looked as pretty as his face.
The tip of his shaft, reddish due to the blood rush, was dripping pre-c*m as if showing how excited he was.

‘Touching it would be too much.’

Meanwhile, Luca’s hands continued to fumble around Sylvia’s side.
Frustrated by the situation, Sylvia grabbed a flinching hand and quickly led it inside her dress.

“You can put it inside.”

The hand that went inside her clothes wandered for a moment before tracing up Sylvia’s flat stomach and touching her over her underwear.

‘Why are you so naive? You have to put your hand inside the underwear.’

Sylvia laughed at Luca’s innocent behavior, which was different from what he had said, and unfastened her bra.

“Now, you want to touch this, don’t you?”

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When she put his hand, which was slightly touching the lower part of her chest, inside her unfastened bra, his golden eyes blinked quickly.

Her dress went up to her chest, and the space between Sylvia’s legs was clearly visible.
Hidden by her silky underwear, which was shining slightly between her thighs, it was too much of a stimulus for his eyes to handle.

With his mouth foolishly open, Luca stared at the place between Sylvia’s thighs, as if he were bewitched.
He gulped roughly and raised his gaze, as if he didn’t know whether he could touch it or not.
Then, he shook his hand and slightly gripped her protuberant chest.
He grabbed her soft breast with his hand, then slowly squeezed it and released it, looking at her reaction.

Sylvia sighed and gave him an expression that she was liking it, and Luca, who had gained courage, looked her in the eye while grabbing her chest with both hands.

“I want to… see it with my own eyes.”
“Look as much as you like, as much as you like…”

Sylvia took off the bra that had been unfastened.
In front of Luca’s eyes, a white, pale chest was revealed.
As if he was bewitched, he gazed at the pale chest that was being squeezed by his gesture.

“Ah… It’s really pretty.”

‘My possessed body is pretty nice.’

She understood Luca’s admiration.
She also admired it when she first saw it.
Although her body in her real life was also sensual, her possessed body was incomparable because she was a female character inside a game.

A white skin without blemishes, a desirable, protuberant chest that was neither too small nor too big, and a slender waist that curved smoothly.
It was likely to be admired by everyone who saw it, whether it was a woman or a man.

“It’s soft and warm.”

Luca, who was carefully touching her bouncy, protuberant chest, slightly touched the light pink nipple that rose with excitement.
Sylvia moaned weakly at the gesture.

“Does this feel good?”

‘Ah, I’m going to go crazy… A rude guy is naive when having sex.’


She let out a hot sigh and slowly stroked Luca’s red hair.
Luca, who was in a better mood, did something unexpected.
He put his mouth on Sylvia’s chest while she temporarily lowered her guard.
Without giving her a chance to stop him, Luca bit her nipple.
Sylvia gasped in surprise at the sudden touch.


As Luca lightly bit her nipple, erect with excitement, a strange feeling spread throughout her body.
Although it felt good, that wasn’t the problem.
A warning sound was heard, and a message popped up.

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[Status Abnormality: Fatally poisoned due to bodily fluids.
50% poisoned, starting dead-ending countdown.]


‘Ah… While I let my guard down…’


As Sylvia shed tears as she saw the message, Luca, who looked up with her chest in his mouth, looked sexy.

“Are you crying… because it feels good?”

He sucked her chest again as if he had misunderstood Sylvia’s reaction.

‘Oh my God! I didn’t expect him to suck on my chest between being out of his mind due to horniness…’

The amount of sweat was so small that it did not affect her, but Luca’s saliva seeping into her chest seemed to have played a decisive part in the dead-ending.
Fortunately or not, she didn’t die at once.

‘Since I’m going to die anyway, let me just suck it once and die.’

Sylvia hurriedly moved Luca’s face away, as he was in the middle of fondling her chest, and leaned down.
His pillar, which had been erect to its fullest extent, was pressing against his firm abs.
She grabbed his erection, dripping with pre-c*m at the excitement, and stroked it without hesitation.

“… Agh, hng! Without hesitation… You, you’re an outrageous woman.”

The countdown was now at less than five seconds.
Sylvia stroked him once, twice more in a hurry, and then got closer.


A sultry moan leaked from Luca’s red lips.
The moment Sylvia lowered her head to take his manhood into her mouth, something unexpected happened.

“Aack… hnn.”
“Ugh, what the hell!”

The s*men that burst out from his member splattered all over Sylvia’s face.
His manhood, which felt the touch of a woman for the first time, couldn’t control its excitement.
He came after being stroked just a little.

“Ah, I’m sorry.
I couldn’t hold back anymore…”

Luca hurriedly apologized.
Sylvia unconsciously blurted out a curse word as she was pissed off.

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“This, f*ck…”
“You don’t have to swear… If we do it again, I’ll do better…”

Luca wept, hurt by Sylvia’s cursing.
Luca’s golden eyes filled with tears as if he were sad.
However, a man’s pride or whatever it was didn’t matter to Sylvia right now.


[Status Abnormality: 100% poisoned by deadly poison.]



Along with the message notification sound, Sylvia clasped her face and rolled on the floor.
She coughed blood.
When the white c*m and blood mixed inside her mouth, she was hit with an even more intense wave of pain.

“Ugh… aaack…”
“What’s wrong? Celia? … Celia!”

“Ugh… You still haven’t memorized my name.
Well, since I’m dying while getting a facial, will I get post-s*x blues…’

She could feel Luca shaking her as her conscience drifted away, but her eyes did not open.
A violent abdominal pain came to her as if she had been stabbed with a thousand needles in her stomach.

After a while, everything in front of her eyes turned black, and a message appeared along with a gloomy ending song, like the last time.


[Ah, you who are a 〈righteous beggar〉 met the ending 〈die from poison caused by a facial after received a chest fondling and absorbing saliva〉, 〈12 days〉 after the start of the game.
You must have known that Luca’s body is poisonous… Was it that urgent? In the end, you returned to dust without eating anything, let alone a handsome virgin.]


The pain that felt like she was being cut by a knife came again along with the somehow teasing message.
Sylvia lost consciousness again.

When she woke up, she was in front of her house, the automatic save point.

Remembering the vivid pain she had just suffered, Sylvia clung to the wall and retched.
Sevis patted her back with a worried expression.

“Miss Sylvia, are you alright? Can you work today?”
“Ugh… I can’t cancel it, right?”

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“I heard that if you cancel on the same day, the compensation is 10 times the reward…”

Sylvia sighed at Sevis’ reply.

‘Wow, I can’t do this a third time.
I feel even more pain because I died again.’

With a dark expression, Sylvia headed to the Sigmund Hotel again.
Unlike before, this time she showed the business card before having a scuffle with the staff and walked right in.

As she was waiting at the entrance of the cafe again, the middle-aged man from before guided her, and she soon saw Luca sitting on the sofa.
Luca tilted his head, touching his chin at the haggard look on Sylvia’s face.

I am Sylvia.
I came to do the part-time job today.”

Unlike before, Luca stared at Sylvia without replying.
That allowed her to continue talking.

“My clothes are a bit of a mess, aren’t they? I’m going to rent some clothes.
You’re giving me the money, right?”
“I’m glad you know what your clothes look like.”

When Luca tried to get up, Sylvia raised her hand to stop him.

“I’m not holding anything suspicious, so you don’t have to search me.
I’ll go to the dressing room and change my clothes alone! If you have any doubts, please use someone else.”

At Sylvia’s firm words, Luca twitched one eyebrow and opened his mouth again.

“Ah, really.
What do you mean, search? Who do you think I am!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and signaled to Luca as he was getting angry.
The daily part-time job was absolutely necessary due to the shortage of manpower.
Looking down at Luca’s arrogant face, Sylvia clenched her teeth inwardly.

‘You were going to search me, you rude bastard.’

“Ah, I apologize.
It was just in case.
Then, can you just guide me to the dressing room? Since you have to pay for it.”

Luca grunted and led Sylvia into the dressing room.
This time, she was able to enter the dressing room by herself.
Luca sat on the waiting room sofa, waiting for Sylvia who had gone in to change her clothes, and touched his chin.

‘Where have I seen her? Ah, the alleyway! I see… So she was the one who passed by me that time.
But, I feel like we’ve been more deeply involved.
Am I mistaken?’



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