[ Status Effect : Fatally poisoned due to bodily fluids, 50% poisoned, death ending countdown – start ]

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‘Ah… While I was off guard… Since I’m going to die anyway, let me just suck it and then drop dead I guess.’

Sylvia moved Luca’s face away as he was in the middle of fondling her chest, then she leaned down.
His stiff pillar, standing to the fullest, was hitting his hard abs.
She grabbed his hardened arousal, its tip overflowing with sticky fluids, then stroked it up and down without batting an eyelash.

“…Agh, mmh! Without hesitation… You, you’re an outrageous woman.”

The countdown was now less than five seconds away to zero.
Sylvia stroked Luca once, twice in a hurry as she looked at his face closely.


A sultry moan leaked from Luca’s red lips.
As soon as Sylvia lowered her head and tried to take his manhood into her mouth, something unexpected happened.

“Aaaht… huu.”

“Ugh, what the hell!”

The s*men that burst out from his member splattered all over Sylvia’s face.
The manhood, which felt a woman’s touch for the first time, couldn’t control its excitement.
After being stroked just a little, he already came.

“Ah, sorry.
I couldn’t keep it in anymore…”

Luca hurriedly apologized, but because she was feeling emotional, Sylvia got angry without realizing it.

“This, fu…”

“You don’t have to swear… If we do it again, I’ll do better…”

Luca was upset by Sylvia almost cursing, and he eventually cried.
His golden eyes shed tears.

But regardless of whether she slighted a man’s pride or not—Sylvia didn’t care right now.


[ Status Effect : Fatal poison, 100% poisoned ]



Along with the notification sound of the pop-up message, Sylvia covered her face as she collapsed to the ground and spat out blood.
When white c*m and blood combined inside her mouth, she was hit with an even more immense wave of pain.

Twelve days after reincarnating into 〈 Leveling Up By Devouring Handsome Virgins 〉, rather than properly capturing a handsome virgin man and beating the game, Sylvia died once again.

‘Just how did it come to this?’

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She recalled the first day she reincarnated into the game.

Everything started when she drunkenly bought the game from a street stall.


* * *


“Until when are you going to sleep?”

‘Ugh, I think I drank too much last night.
I’m hearing things.’

She grimaced as she closed her eyes shut, feeling an oncoming headache.
When she stayed still and didn’t answer, an unknown voice urged her to wake up again.
It was a nice voice that was pleasant to listen to, but there seemed to be a hint of irritation mixed in that tone.

“Player Sylvia, it’s time to wake up.”

‘Who keeps trying to wake me up…’

Frowning, she slowly opened her eyes and sat up.
As soon as she did, there was a dazzling bright entity in front of her, and when she fully opened her eyes with a clearer mind, what she saw was a man with a statuesque, muscular figure, his upper body exposed right in front of her.

Down, lower, he was covered with a fluttering piece of cloth that seemed to appear only in Greek myths.

She stared at the man’s upper body with squinted eyes.
The dazzlingly bright skin made his muscular body look more sculpted.

Then as she raised her eyes further, she saw a sharp jawline and plump red lips that seemed to have been carved.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t see his face in its entirety because it was too bright.

‘I’m probably so sexually frustrated that I’m having a good dream.’

“If I could just touch your chest…”

“Sylvia, this isn’t a dream.”

“Sylvia? Not a dream?”

When she tilted her head to the side as she asked, the corners of the man’s lips tugged up.

Wait… Sylvia?

As soon as she heard that name, she recalled yesterday’s memories.

She found out that her third boyfriend was sleeping around, so she broke up with him, met up with her friends, got blackout drunk and lamented the end of this relationship.
Her friends comforted her while she was feeling down and gave her some advice.

’Handsome bastards just use their looks to cover their ugly insides.’

‘Don’t be so picky about the face and just look at the personality.’

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She nodded silently as she listened to her friends’ advice and pretended to agree, but really, she thought differently.

What did they mean, just look at the personality? What about those who are ugly but still as equally rotten inside? If a handsome man would cheat, she’d only be sad after breaking it off with him.

But if it was an ugly man who’d cheat on her, she wouldn’t be able to live down the shame that would come with it, and she’d be left to wonder what possessed her to date a man like that.
Her eyes would have suffered enough, if she’d also needed to go through an icky mood…

‘Is there no handsome and pure man in the world?’

Of course, she didn’t say this to her friends and quietly just kept her head down.

After the third round of drinks, she separated with her friends.
Walking and stumbling aimlessly, she found a street vendor and bought a game CD with the last of her money.

It was 100,000 won.

From all the alcohol she gulped down, it was only natural that her judgment was shot.

When she came home, she found out that the game’s title was 〈 Leveling Up By Devouring Handsome Virgins 〉.
Laughing in vain as she imagined what kind of punk thought of this kind of title, she took out a can of beer from her refrigerator and looked at the game CD.

‘Do people still sell games as CDs?’

And when she opened the case, she found a booklet.
As she read it, just like any other game being sold in street stalls, it was clear that it had ignored so many copyrights by combining all sorts of game mechanics.

’What the, it’s like I’m looking at all the games I’ve seen before.’

In the first place, it shouldn’t have been necessary to get a game through a CD when this was an age where so many games were available by just browsing the app store.

However, she used all the money left in her wallet to buy this and she laughed at the men on the CD case because it looked like all the game’s production costs were spent on their faces.
So eventually, she sat in front of her computer out of curiosity.

She tried to get the CD into the slot as she sipped her beer, but because she was so drunk, it took a few tries to get it in.

On the title screen, the handsome guys in the booklet could be seen surrounding and embracing the female playable character.

‘These handsome men are supposed to be virgins? A game is a game after all.’

Perhaps because she took out a can of beer and drank it while her head was already spinning, but the spectacular illustrations even made her heart flutter.

When she grabbed her mouse and clicked « Start » the player name input showed up.
The first name she thought of was ‘Sylvia’ and so she typed that and barely moved on from the first player screen, but then she couldn’t stand it anymore—her head dropped down to the desk.

After she opened that can of beer, she got so dizzy that she was in no condition to play any videogame.

But despite her increasingly blurring consciousness, she muttered, ‘It’d be great if I can be the main character of this world’ before she fainted.

And then she woke up to this.

Was she still dreaming? The man in front of her was shining and glittering all over as if he wasn’t a man from this world.

No, actually he looked like the male god in the game’s opening sequence…

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“Am I… Am I still dreaming, or am I hungover…”

“You’re not hungover and you’re not dreaming.
I am the male deity of the game 〈 Leveling Up By Devouring Handsome Virgins 〉.
Sylvia! Because you’re the first player, I’ve chosen you.”

This wasn’t a dream? Feeling the realistic sensations around her, Sylvia was dazed.
How could she wake up from a dream?

She raised one hand and slapped herself hard.


If she wouldn’t wake up even though it was stinging so much like this…

“There’s no use in trying, you’ll only hurt your cheeks.
You’re really inside the game.”

“Oh my gosh… Seriously? Is this really inside 〈 Leveling Up By Devouring Handsome Virgins 〉?”

The male god nodded wordlessly as he stared at her.

Yes! It really happened!

Novel transmigration.
Game transmigration.
She had only heard about something like this, but she couldn’t believe that it finally happened for her.
It’s even the kind of game where she had to capture handsome virgin guys! Her heart fluttered in excitement.

She had a broad smile, but as she was suddenly hit with one concern, she opened her lips slowly.

“No, but… I didn’t even play this game properly… Handsome virgin men… Yeah, okay, that’s good.
But it’s a little complicated if I have to teach each one.
I hate clumsy guys.”

Looking at the woman’s darkening expression, the male god only smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, Sylvia.
The target characters basically all have the key word ‘unparalleled’.
There are some characters that aren’t good at it, but fundamentally, they’re the kind of geniuses that if you teach one thing, it’s like they’ll learn ten things.”

“Ah, then that’s a relief.”

After saying this, Sylvia looked closely at the god in front of her.
Although she couldn’t look at him directly because of the blinding light, it could be expected that he had good facial features just by looking at his lips and judging by his overall appearance.

‘If he’s the god of 〈 Leveling Up By Devouring Handsome Virgins 〉, then is he also a virgin?’

Sylvia decided to squash her curiosity right away.

“Then… are you also a virgin?”

“Haha… I didn’t think you’d ask that.
Usually, people would deny reality and demand to be sent back home.
That’s right.
This is a game depicting virgin men, so it wouldn’t make sense if I, the god of this game, am not a virgin as well.”

No less than the god was also a virgin… She hesitated before speaking again.
She had been talking informally without honorifics with him before, but now, she decided to speak more politely.

“A game tutorial package… Is there something like a tutorial for beginners? For example, if you teach me this and that personally…”

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As she licked her lips while staring at his chest, the male god slightly froze up.
Seeing the corner of his mouth twitching slightly, it seemed like she took him by surprise.

“Ha… You keep surprising me… I’m the god of this game world—there’s no way that you can have me when you’ve only started playing.
But… you never know.
If you become the strongest in the game, my route could get unlocked and you might be able to capture me.”


“Not now.”

At the resolute words of the male god, her expression became sullen and she stopped insisting.
Along with the firm rejection, the male god took a step back from Sylvia and crossed his arms over his torso.

In the atmosphere that felt a bit awkward for a while, he opened his lips again.

“Well, I still like your enthusiasm.
Even if you can’t have me, don’t worry—you can capture many handsome virgin men in the game.
Sylvia, as a player, you have to capture the main characters, collect the seeds you can acquire from them, then plant them in the ground.
The world tree will sprout, and if you climb it, you’ll be able to ascend to heaven.
Once that happens, I’ll be waiting in front of the gates of heaven to grant you a wish.”

“Heaven? Why heaven? Can’t I go back home? After reincarnating into a game, isn’t it like a rule that I should go back home after finishing it?”

But Sylvia’s words seemed to fluster the male god.

“Oh… You can’t remember? You… You’ve already died from alcohol poisoning.”


When her eyes widened in shock, the male god slightly clicked his tongue as though it was something regrettable.

“You drank too often.
And on Earth, your funeral is already over.”


“Hm… Through clairvoyance, I saw that your body had already been cremated.
Sylvia, you were so lazy throughout your life that you were supposed to be sent to Slothful Hell.
But since you played this game before you died, I was able to catch your soul with my remaining power before you went to hell.”

“What? Slothful Hell? What’s wrong with living however I want?!”

“It’s no use trying to figure that out with me.”

She didn’t work so hard to the extent that she’d have lingering feelings towards her life.
No, actually, she lived so roughly that she sometimes wondered if she really was living, but she didn’t know that this would kick her straight into Slothful Hell.
It’s not like there are just one or two other people living the YOLO life like her.

Her parents passed away as soon as she turned twenty years old, and it’s been a long time since she fell out of touch with her other relatives.
It was her friends who were with her through thick and thin, and it’s only with them that she had lingering feelings.

Feeling depressed as she remembered her friends’ faces for a moment, she quietly shed tears.
She mourned her sudden death.

As tears flowed down her cheeks, the male god flinched in surprise and closed his mouth.
She thought that he would scold her right away, telling her to get a grip, but he waited patiently as Sylvia stopped crying.

After a period of silence passed, she thanked the male god for saving her before she was thrown into hell.
When she had calmed down again, the male god sighed in relief and spoke once more.

“Ahem… I’m sorry to tell you this when you’ve just calmed down, but… Right now, this world is getting polluted by an unknown contamination.
There are dungeons that serve as a medium to spread this pollution, so it will be necessary for you to clear them.
Then, you’ll also gather seeds from the main characters for the world tree to grow.
The world tree will be the source of purification, and it must be planted to get rid of the pollution.
That way, I can recover my strength and I’ll be able to help you ascend to heaven.”


“However, if you fail to clear the game, you’ll be thrown back into Slothful Hell.”

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