nses.” Jiang Ying finished painting the last stroke.
She clicked save, but did not quit the drawing app.
She created another canvas.
She had an idea in mind, and drew it very smoothly.

Yun Xian listened to her show off, and his smile grew.

Jiang Ying continued while drawing, “In fact, if I hadn’t met my boss, I would be a freelance artist.”

Yun Xian asked, “Is it your dream?”

Jiang Ying shook her head.
“Not really, I just think drawing is very interesting.
Because of Fu Chen in high school, I was a little lonely and had low self-esteem.
Of the things that changed me, one is Shen Xuan, one is my…”

Jiang Ying paused and quickly spoke the next few words, “One is my ex, and there was also drawing.
When I was in college, I would post my drawings on Weibo.
There were about 10,000 fans.
They always called me madam, which gave me a lot of confidence.”

Yun Xian frowned and repeated, “Madam2?”

“Oh…” Jiang Ying realized that although she and Yun Xian were both born in the 1990s, there was still a generation gap between someone born in 1990 and 1995.
She patiently explained to him, “Madam is a kind of title, which means someone who is a little more powerful than Dada3.
If I draw fan art, there will be fans of the original work who will follow me.”

After listening to the pop culture explanation, Yun Xian couldn’t fully understand these children’s brain holes, but he still felt it was very interesting.
He then asked, “Then does your fanart… have a format?”

“Hmm…” Jiang Ying thought for a few seconds and tried to explain it in terms he could understand.
“Fanart is something where if you really like a work, such as manga, movies, or novels, you can draw the characters or scenes with your own style.
It is a type of creation based on the original.”

Yun Xian vaguely understood and laughed.
After a while, he laughed at himself, “Do you think I’m an old man?”

Jiang Ying quickly denied, “How can I? It’s normal that you don’t understand these things.
It’s like how I don’t know any C# or any programming language, and you are also really skilled with your hands4

This word was ambiguous, and Jiang Ying suddenly realized it was inappropriate.

Awkward silence unfolded in the car for a few seconds.

Jiang Ying coughed and said, “What I mean is you’re skilled with making coffee by hand.”

Yun Xian couldn’t hold back any longer.
He held the steering wheel with one hand, and covered his mouth from the low laugh coming out with the other.

The man’s voice was pleasant and clear.
His laugh had a su5 feeling.
He rarely laughed like this, his eyebrows and eyes were curved, and his little mole was shaking at the moment.

Jiang Ying was ashamed that she had accidentally said something dirty.
While her heart was pounding from his laughter, her ears turned red.

Yun Xian laughed for a while.
After the laughter stopped, the smile lines on the corners of his eyes and eyebrows couldn’t stop.
He returned to the topic just now and asked her, “Then why did you choose to be a game planner later?”



It’s something like this Pic 太太 (tàitài) – madam or wife, but also a form of address to the female creator of a work 大大 (dà​dà) – refers to heroes or gods.
It’s used by fans to refer to the celebrity they like, super talented people, etc. the word she used here also means jerking off Meaning the voice/laugh is so sexy that it makes you feel like your ears are pregnant and that your body has become soft.

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