w and watched the people passing by that were probably in a group or alone.

He said in a gentle, courteous and calm tone, “Before I came to Xi City, someone asked me why I was in such a hurry to get out of my comfort zone.
Didn’t you work hard in previous years for your current life?”

“Having a stable job, a home, and a car, and getting married at the right age may be an ideal life for many people, but that’s not the comfort zone I want.
After living life the proper way for 30 years, I don’t know why, but I suddenly wanted to rebel.
I quit my job, packed my bags, and didn’t even think about where I was going when I got to the airport.
I came to Xi City because my good friend from college was here.
I just wanted to not be bored, and I opened a café on a whim.”

Jiang Ying listened to the hints behind his words and asked, “So Cloudside is just you trying something new?”

Yun Xian nodded.
“It made me happy without realizing it.
I’m very satisfied with my current way of life.”

Jiang Ying became nervous and asked carefully, “So when you feel bored again, will you go somewhere else? Don’t you want to settle down in Xi City? ”

The light in the restaurant was dim, the bowl of congee in the earthenware pot created a barrier of steam between them.
Jian Ying could not tell how he was feeling through his eyes.

Yun Xian continued to have a vague smile.
I’ll have to see if there is any reason for me to stay.”

Jiang Ying asked, “Is Cloudside not enough?”

Yun Xian shook his head.
“I just wanted to have fun.
After a few years, when the business is dying, I’ll stop doing it.”

Jiang Ying frowned, but not at what he just said.
She still felt the jealousy expanding in her heart because Yun Xian could easily disappear at any time and anywhere.

She made a poor attempt to get him to stay.
“Xi City is next to mountains and lakes.
The air is good, and it’s a good place to settle down.”

The waitress gathered the new customers to sit down.
All kinds of voices in the restaurant mingled together.
Jiang Ying heard a short chuckle from Yun Xian.

“If I marry a girl from Xi City, I may have to stay.”


He was half-joking and half-serious.
His eyes landed straight on her, with a bit of subtle probing.

The hot steam curled up on the table, and Jiang Ying blushed.


The author has something to say: Jiang Ying, he is desperately hinting at you.



社畜(shèchù) – comes from a Japanese internet term to ridicule employees who obediently work for the company at the expense of their private lives.

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