The First Cup of Coffee Part 1

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When Jiang Ying left the office building, it was raining from the skies to the earth.
There was a cold snap this spring.
The temperature had recently warmed up, but then it suddenly plummeted.
It was like winter had returned for a moment.

The street lamps lit up the night, and the spring rain fell to the ground with the pink and white petals.

She took the phone out of her pocket and looked at it.
March 12 23:48.

There were still twelve minutes left before her birthday was over.

After working all day, her plans had not changed.
If she had not been urged by the security man locking the door to go, she might have spent the night there.

The rain was appropriate for the occasion.

Jiang Ying heaved a long sigh and opened the long purple sticky rice colored umbrella to step into the rain.

How could a company slave1 be worthy of a birthday? It was nothing more than a reminder that she was one year older and had spent another year in a chaotic state.

She went out this afternoon, and when she came back, the parking space was occupied and she had to go around in circles to find a place to park.
Jiang Ying walked listlessly with her head down and her shoulders hunched over.

When bad luck fell on a person, there really wasn’t a good thing found anywhere.

She was about to reach the corner of the street when she looked up and was attracted by a small nearby café with its lights on.

In the quiet, dark hours of the morning, the sparkling lights from the place were like a treasure box that had accidentally fallen from a magical world, hidden between trees and tall buildings.

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Jiang Ying’s footsteps stopped and so did her eyes.
She was unable to withstand her curiosity to approach it.

She had heard from her colleagues that a new café had opened nearby and it was beautifully decorated.

Was it still open at this hour?

Jiang Ying could sort of see a person’s shadow inside, so she went under the covering and shook the water off her umbrella after closing it.
Then, she gently pushed the glass door open.

There was a bell hanging on the door.
When it was hit, it made a clear sound that disrupted the quiet rainy night and the person behind the work table.

He was a young man with a white button up under a loose sweater and gold-rimmed glasses.
His attire was mature and sophisticated.

He was wearing a deep blue barista apron, but it was clear with one glance that he was not a shop assistant, but the owner.

When the man saw Jiang Ying, he was a little surprised.
After he came to his senses, he nodded, politely smiled, and said, “Hello.”

Jiang Ying also nodded.
She looked away and quickly examined the shop.
White was the primary color.
The tables and chairs were wood, and there were a lot of green plants.
On the left side of the door was the reception desk and the back kitchen, and there were five or six tables in the room.

The room had a clean and simple Scandanavian style, but there were many cosy areas.
The lights were a warm yellow, and the tablecloths were either a light green or a yellow plaid.
Each table had a small pot of flowers and plants, and the chairs had floral printed pillows.


“It’s so late, but you still haven’t closed?” she asked.

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The man only gave a “mhm” and continued to look down to tidy up the dishes.

Yun Xian was the owner of this café.

It was raining today, and the drip-drop sound would make it more difficult for him to fall asleep since he suffered from insomnia.
He might as well stay in the shop to prepare for tomorrow and kill some time and energy.

But he didn’t expect a customer to come in so late.

“Can I still order right now?” Jiang Ying put her umbrella on the door frame and walked over to the reception desk.

When she took a closer look, she realized that the young man was quite handsome.

He was very tall.
Jiang Ying herself was 1.7 meters.
He must be at least 1.85 meters.

He had thin lips, a high nose, and double eyelids.
His skin was very white and he appeared gentle.

It’s a handsome café boss.
I met such an ordinary, handsome guy. Jiang Ying put her hand up and rubbed the tip of her nose.
She was covering her mouth where the corners wanted to rise.
She was secretly happy.

It could be said that they were already closed, but Yun Xian hesitated, and then nodded.
“Yes, but we can’t serve all food items.”

Without looking at the menu, Jiang Ying immediately asked, “Do you still have cake?”

There happened to be one piece of cake left today.
Yun Xian wanted to take it back home for himself.
He told her to wait a minute, then he turned around and went into the kitchen.
He came out with a slice of cake in his hand.

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“There’s this.
It’s a cheese ice cream flavor.
Is that okay?”

Jiang Ying was ready.
“Okay, I’ll take it.”

The shop’s cash register was already turned off, so Yun Xian asked her, “22 yuan, do you have any cash?”

Jiang Ying had not brought her wallet with her since mobile payment became popular.
She shook her head and thought of something.
This was a good opportunity to get his Wechat.

She was afraid that he would say “I’ll turn on the cash register” in the next second, so she rushed to suggest, “Should I transfer the money to you on Wechat? I’ll scan your code?”

“Okay.” Yun Xian took out his cell phone from his pocket.
It had a dark blue rubber phone case.
His taste was very much in line with his persona.

When he unlocked the screen and clicked on the Wechat app, Jiang Ying cheered on the inside.
The heavens were kind to her and gave her a birthday peach blossom buff2.

—Until she saw the other person open the QR code for payment.

Jiang Ying: …

That little plan in her mind was mercilessly strangled by convenient and user-friendly app technology.

The smile on Jiang Ying’s face became stiff, and then she paid the 22 yuan.

The screen showed that his name was ***Xian.

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Jiang Ying didn’t know the word, so she asked without thinking, “Jiàn?”

Yun Xian was dumbfounded for a moment, but then he thought about what she was saying and replied, “Xiàn, my name is Yun Xian.”

Jiang Ying murmured the name Yun Xian in a low voice to herself.
It rolled off the tongue when she read it, and it had an ethereal quality to it.

Oh, so even handsome guys have unusual names. 

After receiving the payment, Yun Xian took out a box and was going to pack it for her.

Jiang Ying reached out to stop him.
“You don’t need to pack it.
Aren’t you in a hurry to close the shop? I’ll just eat it here.”

“I’m not in a hurry.” Yun Xian put the box back and took out a blue porcelain plate from the shelf.
He put the cake on it and handed it to Jiang Ying.
“Please take your time.”

“Thank you.”



社畜(shèchù) – comes from a Japanese internet term to ridicule employees who obediently work for the company at the expense of their private lives. it means they gave her good luck in love for her birthday

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