The magic element value and strength value was as the name implied, the agility value was speed, and the durability value was probably… Stamina or something like that? A more specific meaning would need to be experimented with before it could be determined.

20 was so powerful, if it was at 100… Ning Chu didn’t dare to imagine, and his heart was vaguely excited.

It wasn’t that Ning Chu didn’t care that he was too weak before, but the fact that his only source of income had been burned to the ground made him even more anxious.
At the same time, he also found that the contract made through the game wasn’t the same as the one that existed in this world.

Ning Chu had never experienced what a normal contract was like, but he had happened to look through books on the subject, and the contracted beast only assisted in the battle, so the master couldn’t utilize the abilities and powers of his contracted beast.

There was also the ability to take the contracted beast into the mental power space and communicate with it directly in the mind, but these two abilities weren’t in the contract service.
But Ning Chu didn’t dwell on this, he only cared about one thing; whether he could go to the arena.

Ning Chu opened the game again and pulled the magic element value to 2.
He raised one hand, and with a mere thought, a flame burst out of his palm.
Ning Chu sucked in a breath and hurriedly extinguished the fire.
However, he remembered one more problem.

This body was a wood-water double innate skill, he… How could he use fire magic in a reasonable way?

The next day, Ning Chu came to Crow Market early.
He came alone, and Third Cub was left in the dormitory to guard the incubating Fifth Cub.
It was the time when most of the students were in class and the arena was almost empty.
Ning Chu went to the inner room in the back and found a middle-aged man who looked like a staff member.

After listening to Ning Chu, the middle-aged man asked, “So you want to participate in the arena, but you don’t want people to know who you are?”

Ning Chu nodded in response, “Yes.”

The middle-aged man looked him up and down, “Yes, that’s possible, but why do you want to do that?”

Students who come to participate in the arena do so for the glory of winning and ranking in the standings, to get themselves noticed and admired by the crowd, but Ning Chu didn’t want to reveal his name.

Ning Chu simply said, “I have my own reasons… And I want the arena to keep my identity a secret as well.”

He seemed to have only one concern, and was so confident that he could win the sparring match that the middle-aged man was immediately interested in this first-year student.
He said readily, “Okay, I promise.”

The middle-aged man, Donald, one of the arena’s directors, ordered a new outfit and a mask for Ning Chu.
He noticed Ning Chu’s special pupil color, and the mask he prepared for him was equipped with inky lenses, so that nothing could be seen from other people’s viewpoints, but it wouldn’t affect Ning Chu’s vision.

Ning Chu thanked Donald and registered with him.

When asked for his alias, Ning Chu thought about it and wrote down the word “Ning” with a pen.

There were several small training rooms in the arena for the students to use, but they were empty at the moment, so Ning Chu went to one at random.
He wanted to check whether his guess from last night was right or not.

There were sandbags and iron stakes in the training room, so Ning Chu opened them and adjusted all the values to different levels, and then tested them one by one.

As expected, the magic element value represents the use of fire magic, the strength value was the physical attack power, the durability value was the stamina, and the sensitivity value was related to the five senses in addition to speed.

Ning Chu wasn’t sure what the strength of the students on the scoreboard was, so he temporarily adjusted the magic element value and strength value to 30, while the durability value and sensitivity value were directly pulled to full.

After getting everything ready, Ning Chu went to the bottom of the leaderboard and picked his opponent.
There were 80 students on the list, and Wuuth was in first place, with a huge lead over the second place.

It wasn’t appropriate to choose a high level of difficulty right away, so Ning Chu finally chose the fiftieth ranked person, someone named Goran.

After choosing a good player, the arena would help Ning Chu inform the other party that the match was scheduled at 7 PM.

Since Ning Chu was a newcomer and he challenged a high ranking, if he won the match, he would not only get 300 gold coins, but would also directly take away the opponent’s points and squeeze into the top 50 in the standings.

Ning Chu made a decision before he knew there was this rule, and vaguely sensed something was wrong, “Robbing points?”

Donald smirked, “Yes, I thought you knew? Don’t worry, people do things like that all the time.”

Ning Chu had already signed off on it and couldn’t make any changes now, so he had to say, “Okay.”

It was still a long time before 7 PM and before Ning Chu left, Donald reminded him, “Remember to bet on yourself.”

The students could hardly hide anything from each other, and soon word spread that a newcomer was going to cross the line today and grab the fiftieth place points, and after dinner Bowen asked Ning Chu, “There’s a lot of action in the arena today, do you want to come along?”

Ning Chu made up a random excuse, “You can go.”

At the same time, he took out a purple gold coin and handed it to Bowen, “Just place a bet for me.”

“Who to bet on to win?” Bowen asked, “Goran?”

Ning Chu curled his lips, “Bet on the newcomer.”


It was almost 7 o’clock, and Ning Chu was nervous.

Bowen had gone out and he was alone in the dormitory.
He squeezed Third Cub’s dragon horn, “San San, what if I lose?”

Third Cub gave him an “awou” to cheer him on, meaning that he couldn’t lose.

Ning Chu sighed, before crossing over, he had only studied taekwondo for half a month, and then stopped going because his body couldn’t take it.

The students here were all good fighters, and he wasn’t sure how many times better they were than himself.

Ning Chu thought it over, and raised his strength value by a few points.

When it was almost time, he told Third Cub to stay in the dorm and went to the Crow Market arena.
Ning Chu entered quietly from the backstage, changed into a gray suit and put on his mask.

Donald came to him, “Are you ready?”

Ning Chu nodded and followed Donald into the arena.

The stage was already full and it was just as lively as the last time Ning Chu was here, except this time he wasn’t in the audience.
As soon as he appeared with his mask on, the noisy crowd around him quieted down for a moment, and then got noisy again.

“Is this the newcomer? How come he’s covering his face?”

“Is it because he’s afraid of losing and embarrassing himself?” Someone said with a smile, “Or he’s too ugly to face others.”

“Goran will win! Goran will win!”

Ning Chu steadied his mind and looked across the stage.
Goran was wearing the blue uniform representing the second years, and raised his hand to summon a tiger with horns on its forehead.
For a moment the atmosphere on the field became more heated and the crowd turned their attention back to Ning Chu.

However, Ning Chu didn’t do anything, he didn’t even have a contracted beast.

“So presumptuous…”

“I was hoping I could win money today! I should have bet on Goran!”

There were boos outside the arena, as if they had already seen the end of Ning Chu.
The two approached to shake hands and bow to each other.
Goran’s eyes were contemptuous, he only thought that Ning Chu was too ignorant to challenge him.
He saw Ning Chu’s outstretched hand was white and thin, and lowered his voice, “Don’t cry later.”

Ning Chu didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and his eyes under the mask carefully watched Goran’s contracted beast.

Both sides took a few steps back, the bell representing the start of the battle rang, Golan stood still, waving his hand for the contracted beast to attack.
He was too confident, so confident that he thought he could defeat Ning Chu with his contracted beast alone.

The tiger lunged at Ning Chu, which was so large that it was almost as tall as Ning Chu’s shoulders.
Ning Chu’s sensitivity was turned up to maximum, and in his eyes, the tiger’s running movements continued to slow down, and Ning Chu could even make out the distinctive hair on the edge of its sharp claws.
When it got close, Ning Chu grabbed one of its front paws and did an over-the-shoulder slam.

The spotted tiger hit the ground hard, and the arena instantly went silent.

Goran’s face was blue, as he commanded the tiger to break free and continue the attack, while pulling out his magic staff.
He mumbled an incantation and countless green vines sprang from the ground, twisting into several strands and attacking Ning Chu together.

However, before the vines touched Ning Chu, his body lit up with red light, flame instantly burned the vines into ash.

Goran was shocked, he had never seen such a dominant fire magic before.
He tried to recall someone like this ‘Ning’ in the Academy, but in a moment of inattention, Ning Chu had dodged and stood in front of him, extending his white hand towards him.

With a bang, Goran was thrown to the ground by Ning Chu as he had just done to his tiger, covering his heart and saying, “I admit defeat!”

Ning Chu paused in his movements, seemingly surprised, then nodded at him and turned around and left the arena.

The crowd behind him had already exploded.
They originally thought that Ning Chu would definitely lose, but who knew that he would win… The crowd behind him had exploded.


Three days later, Wuuth finally returned to the Academy with his teacher.
As soon as he returned, he learned two pieces of news.
The Scarlet Flame Dragon had burned Enigma Forest to the ground and there was a very powerful newcomer in the arena who was going to compete with him for the top spot in the rankings.
The newcomer’s name was “Ning”.

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